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  • Single father and Deli owner Daan tries to find love online. Katje a beautiful yet self absorbed designer opens a store next door, they instantly dislike each other. Daan daughter Saar loves swans, and the fact that they are monogamous for life. She sees her dad as a swan looking for his lifelong mate. Daan falls in love with a woman online, but when they meet she is not who he expects. *Subtitles


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  • Saar (8) loves swans. Swans are monogamous for life; they dont believe in divorce. Her father and mother do. They got divorced when Saar was three. Daan (34), Saars father, owns a deli in the Hartenstraat and has a dream to one day open his own restaurant. Saar would like for her father to find his swan girl but he hasnt been very successful. Like every other single person these days, he creates a dating profile and starts to look for love online. But he is not the only person in the Hartenstraat struggling with love. The gay couple, Jacob (39) and Rein (33), who own the coffee shop around the corner, have gotten a little bored with their relationship and want to use Grinder. Or rather, Rein wants to use Grinder and Jacob reluctantly agrees to this plan to spice up their relationship.

    The beautiful designer Katje (29) who just opened a new store in the Hartenstraat, seems to have it all. She owns a very successful fashion label, five stores, a brand new apartment with under floor heating and a very attractive hip boyfriend. But for someone who should be content and happy, she gets pretty riled up by Daan, whose deli is next to her store. He seems to know exactly how to push her buttons. For better or for worse. Aart (75), born and raised in the Hartenstraat finally knows what it feels like to have butterflies in his stomach. He has fallen head over heels with Bep (78), Katjes grandmother. Bep on the other hand has no interest in men ever since her husband died, and is just waiting for the day she can join him. Saar cant choose whether she would like Tim or Vaes as a boyfriend. Isnt it possible to have both? And then there is Bas (34), Daans best friend, who is a lawyer and used to be able to get any girl he wanted. These days no girl will give him the light of day. Could it have something to do with the fact that all girls in Amsterdam are aware of his peculiar sexual preferences?

    When Daan meets a crazy girl online, gossip about his online dating adventure spreads through the Hartenstraat like wildfire. Katje, who has become intrigued by Daan but is too afraid to act on it, ceases this opportunity to be in touch with him anonymously. She sends him a message online, posing as a potential date, and the two of them connect with each other in a way they never thought possible. They both enjoy and notice the small details that make life beautiful. Daan, however, has no idea that the woman he has fallen in love with on his computer screen, is really his arrogant neighbour with her over the top fashion store. When Katje dumps her hip but superficial boyfriend on her birthday, she has no choice but to acknowledge her infatuation with Daan and expose her true identity to him. Nobody ever said love was easy, but some moments, when its summer and girls in summer dresses bike through the Hartenstraat, you would like to think it is. When the nights are gentle and cold white wine is waiting for you on every corner. And perhaps it all doesnt have to be so complicated, as long as we try to be like the swans.

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