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3 Feb. 2011
The Country Bears
Tackles the very first theatrical movie ever based on a park attraction, 2002's fascinatingly terrible "The Country Bears."
8 Mar. 2011
Ten Years of Disney's California Adventure
Ten years after Disneyland paved a parking lot and put up Paradise (Pier), Some Jerk With A Camera examines the first decade of the evolution of Disney's California Adventure Park, and why they're doing very little to celebrate their tencennial.
28 May 2011
Star Tours: The Original 1987 Classic
What happens when a Jerk, an Idiot and a Spazz team up to review the greatest defunct Tomorrowland thrill ride EVER? No, not that one. No, not that one either. I'm talking about the original STAR TOURS! Join Some Jerk With A Camera, The Wire of The Idiot's Lantern, and SpazzMaster on a thoroughly confounding mystical journey through a galaxy far far away, but somehow right over there somewhere.
28 Jun. 2011
The Top 11 Florida Attractions Not in California, Part Two
Wrapping up Central Florida with the top five attractions I Wish we had on the west coast. Featuring a guest appearance from Phil Buni of
12 Sep. 2011
Captain EO Part One
At long last, Some Jerk With A Camera tackles the single most bewilderingly inexplicable 3D movie Michael Jackson, George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola EVER created for the Disney parks! Fasten your non-existent seatbelts, 1980s fans, and get ready for CAPTAIN EO to change the freakin' world!
18 Oct. 2011
Halloween Time at Disneyland
Examines Disneyland's annual celebration (or lack thereof) of Halloween, and such seasonal makeovers as Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday.
23 Dec. 2011
It's a Small World Holiday: Part One
They said it couldn't, wouldn't and shouldn't be done, but damned if that's ever stopped Some Jerk With A Camera before. In his season one finale, Jerk finally swallows his pride, casts his doubts into denial, and plunges headfirst into the holiday overlay of "It's A Small World," unquestionably the single most psychotically annoying ride ever devised by man or beast, and lives to tell the tale.
12 Jan. 2012
It's a Small World Holiday: Part Two
Theme park reviewer Some Jerk With A Camera and theme park ride It's A Small World Holiday continue their fight to the death on each other in part two of what is (with ever-increasing inaccuracy) being called Some Jerk's three-part holiday special!
15 Jan. 2012
It's a Small World Holiday: Part Three
The conclusion of the epic trilogy of struggle against the force of pure darkness and evil in the universe that is It's a Small World.
17 Feb. 2012
Season One Outtakes Special Hosted by Kill Bosby!
Some of the best unused footage from the first season.

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