London Has Fallen (2016) Poster

Aaron Eckhart: Benjamin Asher



  • Mike Banning : [hands Ben a pistol]  Point this end towards the bad guy.

    Benjamin Asher : This is not good, Mike.

    Mike Banning : Stay in here, stay down, and if anybody but me opens that door, you empty that into him.

    Benjamin Asher : What if you don't come back?

    Mike Banning : You're fucked.

    Benjamin Asher : Mike...

    Mike Banning : Don't jinx me.

    [closes the doors] 

    Benjamin Asher : That was inspiring...

  • Benjamin Asher : [after Banning kills a terrorist as his brother listens via radio]  Was that necessary?

    Mike Banning : No.

  • Mike Banning : [the President just saved his life by killing a bad guy]  I was wondering when you were gonna come out of the closet.

    Benjamin Asher : That's not funny.

  • Benjamin Asher : [out jogging]  What are you made of?

    Mike Banning : [starts running backwards]  Burbon and poor choices sir

  • Kamran Barkawi : Not many people get to have their death witnessed by billions.

    Benjamin Asher : I'm not the only one who's gonna die today, Kamran.

  • Benjamin Asher : [after a narrow escape]  What took you so long?

    Mike Banning : I had a couple errands to run.

  • Benjamin Asher : We should go for the embassy.

    Mike Banning : No, they'll be expecting that. There's an MI6 safehouse near here. I have a contact there. We go there, we wait it out, and we get an extraction.

    Benjamin Asher : Do you trust them?

    Mike Banning : Yeah.

    [indicating a dead terrorist who was posing as a police officer] 

    Mike Banning : The fact is, every single one of these guys is a terrorist asshole until proven otherwise. The only person you trust right now is me, okay?

  • Benjamin Asher : [about a drone strike on Barkawi]  We didn't know his family would be there, his daughter was among those that died.

    Mike Banning : Well it looks like he got his revenge

  • Benjamin Asher : How many do you think died?

    Mike Banning : I don't know. A lot.

    Benjamin Asher : All those innocent people. Dead, because of me.

    Mike Banning : No, not because of you. Because of them. They're trying to kill you, sir. And they've killed all these people just to make everyone else a little more afraid. Well, fuck that and fuck them.

  • Benjamin Asher : Mike, you don't let them take me.

    Mike Banning : I'm not going to.

    Benjamin Asher : Let me finish. If it comes to it, if it's going to happen...

    Mike Banning : Sir...

    Benjamin Asher : [cutting him off]  Mike. If it comes to it, I want you to kill me. That's an order. I will not be executed for propaganda as my son and the American people see me on fucking YouTube for the rest of their lives.

  • Benjamin Asher : I will not be executed as propaganda.

  • Benjamin Asher : Just thinking about my son. He sends me these jokes every day. It's kind of our - I don't know, our thing, or... A little off color. His mother wouldn't approve, but... I tell you something, Mike. These little messages I get from him every day... they mean everything, you'll see. Most important thing, never criticize, always encourage. You just want them to be passionate. That's what I always tell my son. Find something you care about and care deeply. That and the golden rule. Treat others as you'd like to be treated.

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