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Season 2

Cell Mates
Alan and Carter go on a citywide manhunt when they suspect someone has stolen Alan's cellphone. Tanya's desire for a mirror in her bedroom pushes her into an unwise bet with Alan. Wayne Brady guest stars.
3 Sep. 2015
The Promposal
Carter gets surprised by an anonymous invitation to a high school prom - but who it's from is an even bigger surprise. Alan makes the misguided decision of picking a fight with Tanya over whose renovation project should take priority. Lance Bass guest stars.
10 Sep. 2015
Different Strokes
Alan, Tanya, and Carter are each forced to speak out against injustices in their family. For Carter, it's the new security cameras Alan has aimed directly at his room. For Alan, it's a friend's novel attempt to cheat at golf but for Tanya, it's Alan's habit of taking her on "romantic getaways" to celebrity golf tournaments that are anything but romantic. Russell Peters guest stars.
10 Sep. 2015
Tattoo You
Both Alan and Carter are forced to confront things they'd rather not think about. For Alan, it's the amount of germs in their house, and for Carter it's a tattoo anywhere near Tanya's swimsuit area.
17 Sep. 2015
Silence of the Goats
The Thickes are forced to take desperate measures when their war with a noisy neighbor escalates. Robin extends a special invitation to Carter, which Carter completely misinterprets. Robin Thicke guest stars.
17 Sep. 2015
Last Tango
Alan thinks about hanging up his spurs after his new gig as a spokesman for "age-appropriate" products has him contemplating his own morality. Tanya gets so caught up with her upcoming kitchen renovation that she almost forgets about Alan's 68th birthday. Cedric The Entertainer guest stars.
24 Sep. 2015
Gilbert Gets a Rash
Alan's dream of becoming the "Guacamole King" of his community is thwarted when a visiting friend makes a public spectacle of offending everybody in town. Gilbert Gottfried guest stars.
24 Sep. 2015
Home and Native Land
Alan's efforts to land an insanely profitable gig as spokesman for a native casino hits a snag when he discovers he must first prove his native ancestry (no biggie, except for he has none). Carter's preparations for his forthcoming Canadian citizenship test are hampered by some highly unusual anxiety dreams. Alex Trebek guest stars.
1 Oct. 2015
No Ifs, and or Butts
The Thicke's PG-13 dream of a little house on the beach turns into an NC-17 nightmare when they realize their new neighbor - an old 'friend' - is working on an "art project" that would be illegal in some countries. Jon Dore guest stars.
1 Oct. 2015
The Road Warrior
To escape their seemingly endless kitchen renovation, Alan takes Tanya away on a weekend road trip and quickly re-discovers his pathological hatred of California traffic. Carter is less than thrilled to find out Alan has gotten him a babysitter, until he meets the babysitter. Kato Kaelin guest stars.
8 Oct. 2015
Father of the Bribe
A failure to communicate ends with Alan and Tanya double-booking events at the ranch for the same day. Carter and Alan decide to build a storage room for a friend, and they refuse to let anything get in their way, including the fact that they've never built a room anywhere, for anyone, at any time.
8 Oct. 2015
All Shook Up
Alan and Tanya's arrangements for their ranch manager's wedding are jeopardized when the Elvis impersonator they fired from the festivities decides to crash the party.
15 Oct. 2015
Growing Strains
A family friend makes an offer to Alan that he should probably refuse. Tanya's life turns into a fight scene from a gang movie after her war with a cyber-bully suddenly jumps off of Twitter and into the real world. Dave Foley and Wayne Brady guest stars.
15 Oct. 2015
Bucket List
Alan pushes his luck when he creates a 'bucket list' of things he thinks Tanya wants to do most for her 40th birthday. Cat Cora and Lou Ferrigno guest stars.

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