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Using All Their Tricks
readjacksonporter17 March 2014
How I Met Your Mother has known to be quite an emotional comedy. I've watched every episode, and most of them even twice, and there have been many, many times where it's gotten more than just laughs out of me. Sometimes it's made me happy, sad, and scared. Sometimes it's filled my heart up. And I don't really know how to describe that emotion, but it just fills my heart up and leaves me feeling warm.

More than once it's made me cry.

People criticize this final season and I see why, but I've enjoyed it all. I've enjoyed this show in its entirety. And I wouldn't change a thing.

Since the legendary episode "How Your Mother Met Me", this show has rallied up nearly every type of emotion in me. I've cried probably in every episode, my hearts been filled up, I've laughed, I've been sad. It's scared me. And for those of you who follow these forums you'll understand what episode I'm talking about. When Ted chokes up. Yeah, that *scared* me. This comedy show has scared me because it's managed to create these characters that I've grown to love.

This show . . . this show is incredible. All of its nine seasons are amazing. Most people think of it as a romance, even I think of it as a romance, and sure it's a love story. But it's not just one. It's multiple love stories. And this show isn't only a love story, no. It's about friends and family and following your dreams.

I was hesitant, as many others were, about this episode. Why bring back Gary Blauman? Most viewers don't even remember who he is. Even I had to look him up as a refresher. But that's just another slightly brilliant thing about this season. It's moments before the wedding, and someone that they all had an experience with shows up, and I guess what I'm trying to say is that everybody comes into your life for a reason. This show proved it. Gary Blauman didn't play even a slightly big part in any of the character's lives, but he played a part, and any part is important.

That happens to me every now and then. I'll run into someone I maybe talked to at a party, but I remember them.

I don't know what I'm trying to say with this review, what point I'm trying to get across, but people are important, and this episode told us the stories of all the minor characters that we've forgotten about, but realized that we still cared about them.

This show is brilliant. It's romantic. It's plain amazing. And this episode brought me to tears. The scene that Ted and the Mother share in the end - that filled my heart. This entire episode did.

Bays and Thomas have spent 200 episodes creating these characters and this show, and they've been doing it with an end in sight. They knew from the beginning what they wanted us to feel in these last few episodes.

And boy is it working. They're using all their tricks.

I can't wait to see what the next three episodes have in store.
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The end is near
plizeeee17 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have to start off by saying that the writers have really surprised me with this second half of the season, i had almost lost hope, the criticism on social networks almost felt contagious. I was wrong to try and conform with the hate because these are the amazing writers that brought us some amazing episodes like slap bet, the naked man, three days of snow, ten sessions ,which the last few minutes of this episode seem to callback some of the awesome elements of that two minute date.

With most loose ends tied up between secondary characters, it really does feel like the end is near. This episode strikes hard near the end because Teds lesson is true, you do loose contact with people that once played a part of your life, and it almost felt like this lesson was intentional this late because this might be the last time we see some of these characters.

With the end so close i wish nothing but success for these actors, and hope that the love spreads just like the hate did.
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Gary Blauman (#9.21)
ComedyFan201016 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Once again they bring in a nice and clever episode at the end to give us a sweet message mixed up with humor.

They use Gary Blauman, a character I didn't remember to well to make a fun story with a joke on who likes him and who not by bringing in significant moments in their lives that he was part of, even though we wouldn't expect it.

To this they also talk on how one can still keep in touch with people from the past and give us a fun series of small characters and what happened to them. Loved how Robin's old colleague moved to Russia and also that Barney's brother got his marriage back. Was also fun to combine Ted's crazy ex and Robin's shrink ex as a happy couple in the future. All the other ones were also a great thing to see.
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I really hope that they pull it off...
rjsand17 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I would like to say that Ted and the mothers relationship on their first date was great, I feel like they really are meant for each other, but I haven't quite seen enough yet. Other than that, this episode wasn't solid. I don't think that anyone likes the fact that the gang is drifting apart, when we've seen them together for 9 years. I might feel more comfortable with this situation if the script was better.

This episode did have it's laughs and moments, the main problem is pacing. This episode and a few other episodes this season have horrible pacing, and that's the reason why everyone is always disappointed with these episodes. I am not giving up hope though, this is my favorite show and I've always loved it!

-14 year old from Kansas
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