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Jan. 2014
Raging Bull
A bull lunges into a crowd, a stuck gas pedal endangers a woman, and a wave washes tourists away.
Jan. 2014
Disaster in the Sky
How to escape a skydiving accident, an angry octopus and being trapped under a burning car.
Jan. 2014
Choking to Death
How to save a choking friend, survive a disastrous BASE jump and fight off a 600-pound marlin.
Jan. 2014
Killer Tsunami!
A tsunami floods a car, a polar bear traps a victim, and a tree well traps a snow boarder.
Jan. 2014
Deadly Rapids
Kayakers get stuck in a vortex, a wildfire engulfs a highway, and a small plane plummets to earth.
Jan. 2014
Shark Attack!
Confront a great white shark, experience a deadly avalanche and come face-to-face with a rattler.
Jan. 2014
Up in Flames
A snowmobile sways on a ledge, an elephant rams your car, and a gas station patron goes up in flames.
Jan. 2014
A Gory End
How to survive being trampled by bulls, an 8.0 earthquake and being washed away by a river.
Jan. 2014
Falling Through Ice
Ice gives way on a frozen lake, dogs surround victims on a remote road, and a boat ride turns grim.
13 Feb. 2014
Deadly Ocean Pull
Swim for your life as an ocean current sucks you down into the abyss. Escape from a burning five-story building by hanging precariously from a window ledge. And take cover on the tracks as a thundering locomotive passes just inches above your head.
Feb. 2014
Icy Highway Crisis
A big rig slides on black ice, an alligator crushes its next meal, and an escalator goes rogue.
31 Jan. 2014
Disaster on the High Seas
What would you do if you'd fall into the frozen lake? What would you do if you'd find yourself surrounded by the pack of angry dogs? What would you do if you'd be on the flooded boat heading toward the construction barge?
13 Feb. 2014
Fire in the Sky
What would you do if you'd loose control of your car on an icy road? What would you do if you'd find yourself face-to-face with the alligator? What would you do if the brakes of the escalator you are on stops working?
Feb. 2014
Terrible Twister
A tornado charges a car, a surfer is nailed by an epic wave, and a dirt bike wrecks an 80' jump.
Feb. 2014
Antler Assault
A hostile stag traps you, a glacier dispels icy water on your boat, and a bike jump drops you 80'.
Jan. 2014
Deadly Mudslide
Fight through the crowd when in a stampede of over-anxious shoppers heads straight towards you. Escape two snarling German Shepherds bent on tearing you to shreds. And act fast when a crowded escalator goes rogue, resulting in a human pile-up.

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