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  • When Tony seeks to question a man who appears to impersonate a Naval officer, the man draws a pistol; Tony kills him. The dead man proves to be a private investigator who had become involved in international intrigue. The gang sort it out.

  • When Tony meets his father at the Adams House, he seeks to question a man wearing a suspicious dress-blue uniform of a Naval officer; the man draws a pistol and threatens Tony and his father; Tony kills him with two shots. Abby says that the impersonator was an infamous private investigator; Tony deals with an unlikable investigator from the office of the inspector general; at the hotel McGee and Ellie find the body of an executed man, who worked on the staff of a woman senator. Abby gives the investigator a cold treatment; Tony and McGeek check out the PI's office; Gibbs and Ellie meet the senator and her staff; Senior lays news on Junior. The gang uncover international wealth, influence, and bribery, then Gibbs and McGee meet with the senator and several of her staffies; McGee places a phone call, and everything falls into place. Tony sees an old friend, and he and his father share a happy goodbye.


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  • Tony meets his dad, Anthony Dinozzo Sr., outside the Adams House hotel. His dad arrived in town last night but only called Tony this morning. He has great news.

    As they're standing outside the hotel, a man in a Navy commander uniform bumps into Tony. Tony recognizes his rank and asks to talk to him, but the man makes excuses and keeps going. Then he runs. Tony follows him down an alley, but the man draws a gun on him. Tony draws his and tells him to take it easy, but Mr. Dinozzo runs up.

    When the man aims at his dad, Tony fires, killing him.

    Later on the scene, Duckie finds nothing on the man but a key. Tony tells Gibbs the man's uniform stripes were Lt. Cmdr. but his visor was full Cmdr.

    Tony says he didn't look the part, his shoes were scuffed. McGee can't find the man's prints in any military database.

    Gibbs notices Tony's dad talking to local police and has Ellie corral him as the only witness.

    NCIS Special Agent Eugene Coyle is heading up the Inspector General's investigation into Tony and the shooting.

    Later, in the conference room, Coyle asks Tony Sr. who drew first. Tony Sr. says they both had their guns when he got there. Coyle asks him to repeat who was aiming at whom.

    The hotel surveillance was hacked and not recording during the time the bogus Commander was there.

    Next, Coyle comes for Tony. His dad is annoyed he can't leave town. Ellie offers to give Tony Sr. a ride back to the hotel.

    Abby arrives, excited to announce the dead guy's identity. He's Nick Bodeen, a famous private investigator to the stars.

    Tony says he drew his gun because Coyne drew on him. Coyne says Tony's own father isn't sure it happened that way. Tony explains that his dad's memory isn't what it used to be.

    In the office, Ellie and McGee make apologies to their significant others for not being available on a Sunday.

    Victim rundown time: Bodeen was a Metro cop, then became an investigator for lobbyists and lawyers. He was arrested for wire tapping, but got off, but the arrest ruined his business.

    When Tony comes back, they hide the information on the case from him.

    Down in the morgue, Duckie reports Bodeen has gunshot residue on his hand and his gun is missing a bullet.

    Tony is annoyed he can't track down his father. The Adams House says he was never staying there.

    Gibbs sends McGee and Ellie to find evidence of a gunshot at the Adams. They start by searching the rooms the maids haven't cleaned. Standing in the hallway they see Tony's father escorting a very pregnant woman into one of the rooms.

    McGee advises Ellie not to tell Tony.

    In the office, Tony plays Solitare, appropriately, alone. Palmer brings up the autopsy report. When McGee's phone rings, Palmer answers. He reports to Tony that the search warrant for Nick Bodeen's office and residence came through. Which is how Tony learns who he shot.

    McGee and Ellie check another room and immediately know they're in the right place. There's a pillow with a gunshot through it and, more importantly, a dead man in a chair.

    With everyone else on the scene, Duckie puts the time of death between 9:30 and 10, which fits because Tony shot Bodeen at 9:50 a.m. The victim's wallet says Michael Elliot, but he checked in under an alias.

    Back at NCIS, for the second victim rundown. Elliot worked for Senator Denise O'Hara and was single

    Coyle drops in on Abby in her lab and gets her fierce Mama Bear routine over investigating Tony. She tells Coyne that the bullet in Elliot matched Coyne's gun. But Coyne points out Tony didn't know that when he shot him.

    McGee goes to Bodeen's office and is surprised to find Tony already there. They find an extremely sophisticated computer system in the closet, including one strong enough to hack the hotel's security.

    At NCIS, Ellie lets Gibbs now that Colonel Lionel Saxon is waiting to talk with him about Michael Elliot. Saxon didn't know Elliot, but Elloit called his office Friday saying he wanted to talk. Saxon helped prepare a report on the strategic military value of several military ports in Asia for Elliot's boss, the senator. Saxon went to meet him at the Adams Sunday but got there after the shooting. He asks about the other shooting and Bodeen. "You think he was impersonating me?"

    McGee and Tony have no luck cracking a giant safe in Bodeen's office. There's a knock on the door and Tony steps out to deal with Liz Allen, posing as Bodeen. She thinks her husband is having an affair. Tony leaves when his dad calls, asking him to meet in the hotel bar.

    At the senator's office, Gibbs and Ellie find the senator's receptionist, Jennifer Morrison, crying over Michael Elliot.

    The senator says her chief of staff Will Pritchard mostly dealt with Elliot. She knows the name Bodeen but doesn't think Elliot would have anything to do with him. The senator asks Jennifer to help NCIS.

    Tony meets with his dad, worried about him. His dad tries to evade but Tony forces his "great news" out of him. "I found my soul mate, I'm getting married," Tony Sr. says.

    In the office, Ellie goes over files in her customary research position: the floor.

    She finds that O'Hara's office was working on a budget bill that would close several military bases in Asia, which could be why Elliot wanted to talk to Saxon about the same bases.

    Tony returns and tells McGee and Ellie his dad is getting married. Ellie does a terrible job being surprised and Tony pumps her for information. She tells him the woman she saw was "very beautiful, very young, and very pregnant."

    In her lab, Abby works on cracking Bodeen's safe. She finds a .357 Magnum, a burn phone and nearly $50,000 from the bank of Macao.

    Back in the office, Gibbs sends Ellie to the State Department to see if Bodeen has been to Macao. Tony blurts out that Bodeen has, then he has to scramble to cover.

    He says Coyne told him Bodeen was the victim and that McGee has photos from Bodeen's office on the big screen and he saw a photo from Macao. McGee pulls it up. The photo is signed by Calvin Ling.

    Later that night, Tony Sr. stops by Gibbs' basement, hoping he'll talk to Tony. Gibbs mentions the much younger pregnant fiancée and Tony Sr. explains that's his fiancee's daughter, Taylor.

    The next morning at the office, McGee says he can tie Bodeen to Senator O'Hara. The burn phone made 17 calls to O'Hara's cell.

    Calvin Ling has controlling interest in a casino in Macao, but he also own a company that sells fuel and supplies to the military at several Asian ports. Ling would lose a fortune if Senator O'Hara's committee eliminates the ports.

    McGee wonders if O'Hara took a bribe and Elliot found out about it but was killed before he could tell.

    Down in Abby's lab, she has found Bodeen was tapping people all over Washington, including Michael Elliot. He has the conversation of Elliot calling Saxon and asking to meet, and Saxon saying Elliot can recognize him by his Navy commander's uniform.

    Ellie has found that the Navy ports owned by Ling were moved up the rankings for the bill O'Hara is presenting this morning.

    Agent Coyne arrives and announces Tony has been cleared, but Gibbs still won't let him work the case. He tells him to go talk to his father.

    At the Adams House, Tony Sr. tells his son he was hesitant to tell Tony who he's marrying because he's known her his whole life. It's Linda Turner, Tony's godmother and his late mother's best friend. Her husband died last year and Tony Sr. reached out to console her and they "rekindled their friendship." Tony asks point blank if his dad had affair with her while his mom was alive, but his dad say he didn't.

    On the Hill, Gibbs intercepts Senator O'Hara on her way to the vote. He tells her Bodeen killed her staff member and they have evidence he called a cell phone registered to her office. O'Hara can't imagine who would have reason to be talking to Bodeen. McGee calls the number. Jennifer, the receptionist, rings.

    She had access to all the senator's mail and easily could have changed Saxon's report. She asks for a lawyer. McGee learns Jennifer has $25,000 from the bank of Macao in her apartment, and was dating Bodeen. She wasn't crying for her coworker that morning, she was crying for her boyfriend.

    Gibbs checks in with Tony about his dad and points out that his father is seeking his blessing.

    Back outside the Adam's House, Tony runs into his dad's fiancee's daughter, Taylor. She agrees their parents getting married is weird, but once she saw them together, she could see they were in love.

    Tony tells his dad he's happy for him and his mom would approve. His father is relieved. Tony suggests his dad and Linda catch a later flight and they all go out for a family dinner.

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