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Hilarious and so much fun to watch!
ahill-4743315 August 2017
I had been anticipating watching this movie since I first saw the trailer. I love this movie!! I saw it with my closest girl friends and we laughed out loud throughout the entire movie. I will definitely watch this again and again. The story was great and the characters were a lot of fun to watch. The cast was absolutely perfect and I don't think they could've done a better job casting this movie. I had no idea Tiffany Haddish was so funny! I appreciate a great FEEL GOOD story like this one and I love that the bond of the characters is one that inspires women to stick together and support one another. Well done!
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kepeb23 August 2017
After witnessing what can only be described as a 'car crash' of a movie, I was surprised to find so many glowing reviews?! However, clicking onto the majority of these profiles reveals they are new members whose accounts were coincidentally created around the time of the films release, or appear to be used to push specific movie titles with a political agenda. Why? This is a Movie Database not a platform for terrible politics.

One of them even goes so far as to mention her son by name (and highlights this) in every review, regardless of whether or not he saw the film.

Anyway, The movie is terrible, technically it is average looking and it would be hard to fault the quality of the medium, given that most people have HD built into their smartphone now.

Each scene was as desperate as it was cringe-worthy, using every common, overplayed cliché and trope from last year. People getting covered in urine is not comedy, And I think it's fair to say the ignorantly confident and 'sassy' girl power thing has been done to death. The story failed to convey any moral or real emotional weight. Uncomfortably, the cast was almost entirely and purposely 'Blackwashed' with the exception of some 90's Spike Lee style reverse tokens if you look hard enough. Just why? Shameful.
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missyjoy2524 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have walked out of 2 movies in my entire life. This is the 2nd. considering how expensive going to the movies has become it takes a lot for me to get up out of my seat and say my time is more valuable than my investment.

I stayed a little over an hour thinking somehow it might get better. The people in the audience I was in all laughed at every joke so I came to realize that I was not the target audience and the jokes would continue on this level.

This was the story of a "girls trip" with old college friends. The trailer looked pretty cute and I always liked Queen Latifah, Jayda Pinket I thought this could be another Bridesmaids or something vulgar but cleverly vulgar (I'm not against vulgarity).

This movie was unbelievably juvenile. And not like that's such a bad thing. Juvenile humor CAN be quite hilarious (if it's clever), which imho this was definitely not.

In Bridesmaids "Annie" took valium chased with hard liquor and questioned the flight attendant as to why his name was "Stove" (even though it was Steve) and drunkenly told him that "this is the 90's. It's civil rights" and he told her "you're in the wrong decade". Yeah, this was juvenile too, but imo it was very clever and hilarious.

The "spoiler" was when Jada's character got into a harness (though she revealed that she had to pee) in New Orleans to zip line from one building to another with thousands below her. Her zip line got stuck halfway across and big surprise she projectile peed on the people below. Of course the audience laughed hysterically. I was not amused. Instead I was pretty depressed that this is what people find funny.
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Cringworthy The Movie
mitchel19865 October 2017
One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Period.

Nothing but flat, unimaginative, repetitive, cringe-worthy scenes glued together.

The story is absolutely terrible. Four women: the Queen (who's is kinda done), Mrs Smith (who is really too old for this movie), the Party girl (who over-acts in every scene) and Ryan (who's emotional scenes are worse than a school play and who's voice cuts through steel). Going on an trip, to have a good time, to fight, to get back together and to happily live ever after.

There is NOTHING new to this story. Nothing interesting. Nothing funny. Really...nothing...funny. Just stereotyping. A lot of stereotyping. And what is the added value of all the 'blackwashing' in this movie? I don't get that at all.

In conclusion: every, bloody, second of this movie is so cringe worthy, so annoying on so many different if the makers and actors really tried to make a s*cky, boring movie.

Shame on you! Avoid as the plague
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Haddish havoc
SnoopyStyle18 October 2017
Ryan Pierce (Regina Hall) has the perfect life. She married her nice college football player boyfriend Stewart. She wrote the book "You can have it all". The couple is on the verge of a big media deal to be the next cultural icon. She has drifted from her longtime friends "The Flossy Posse" and decides to bring them on her speaking trip to New Orleans. Sasha Franklin (Queen Latifah) has abandoned her journalistic dreams and is struggling as an internet gossip columnist. Lisa Cooper (Jada Pinkett Smith) has turned into a safe stay-at-home mom. Dina (Tiffany Haddish) is a wild crazy girl. Sasha gets a tip that Stewart has cheated on Ryan.

This could have been a standard black girls' wild out on their lives fitting into the BET rotation with countless others. It's elevated by a couple of factors. The first is the wild performance from Tiffany Haddish. She's a comedian working her craft and getting some notice as a supporting character in The Carmichael Show. She's the wildly inappropriate character every broad modern comedies need but she does it with a smile and an inner joy. She's half clueless and half callous. The fruit fellatio scene is hilarious. The second is the writing from Kenya Barris, Black-ish creator, and Tracy Oliver. This creates some compelling characters which these experienced actors are able to inhabit. It is a broad comedy with heart. It's got the gross-out, highly-inappropriate jokes which really works here. The actors bring a humanity to their roles. They are ready to come out and set it off.
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So. Awful.
carolmk23 September 2018
Save your time, your sanity, and your gag reflex. This was AWFUL and disgusting. One childish joke after the other.
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I made an account to write a review about this....
tdmcs10 September 2017
I was actually getting anxious to leave mid way through but tried to toughen it out as i was with a friend that really wanted to watch this movie. She later admitted it was probably the worst and most predictable movie she's seen. I second the predictable nature of the movie but was second to blues brothers 2000 for being coined "worst" movie. Only reason i gave it a 1 was that there were a couple, or dare i say maybe a few, funny parts. Save your money TRUST me.
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Great comedy full of laughs.
Marvelous-grant9 August 2017
I just saw this yesterday with my wife and I wanted to see it more than her. It was absolutely hilarious. I grew up watching Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett, and Regina hall. Tiffany Haddish was amazing as the funny as hell / silly friend she portrays. Haddish had some of the funniest lines / scenes I've ever witnessed and she played them very well. I needed a good laugh and this film delivered. I laughed every minute for a long time, unless something more serious was going on, and even then, I had a smirk on my face. The whole theatre laughed as well, it felt good to laugh in conjunction with a bunch of other people.

This dramedy was just what I needed and it brought me back to the days when I too had a crew to roll with. Now that I'm approaching 30 I only have one real friend from my high school / college days and the nostalgia the film invoked within me was much appreciated. This film is full of dancing, laughs, and great depiction of what friends and people actually go through. Check it out for yourself! I cannot wait for it to be on DVD/Blu-ray so that I may add it to my collection and laugh once more.
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Wanted to walk out. Tries too hard and fell way short
alixxxxxx5 August 2017
I really wanted to like this film and I'm completely baffled that so many people have enjoyed it. The storyline was weak, the humour juvenile, some scenes were downright ridiculous (i.e. the pee scene), there were some strange borderline racist comments and some of the characters were annoying as f**k. I can't believe how weak the script was, there was a scene where they walk into a bar and spend ages talking about how nice this very average looking bar was? Very odd directing.

For me, it didn't remotely compare to the sophisticated humour of Bridesmaids.

Complete waste of money and I never want to sit through it again.
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the only part that is more stupid than this movie is the people laughing at it
tomsters6 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It wasn't funny. It was not smart. It was full of clichés and stolen old over used plot devices. predictable. It spent most of its time acting over the top stupid thinking the audience will laugh at extreme stupidity. other movies have done this much better. even with the old and tired plot devices and clichés, because they were funny, i enjoyed the humor. i didn't enjoy this movie and wanted to leave.
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Filthy and disgusting
trinaboice22 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Grade: F for FOUL

Rating: R, 122 minutes

In a Nutshell: I guess I just don't get this movie. In fact, I hated it. Audiences are loving it, but I thought it was one of the most crude, trashy movies I had ever seen. I'm honestly surprised that the talented cast would want to be part of such a disgusting, filthy script.

Uplifting theme: Friendship, forgiveness, loyalty

"Realize your own truth." – Ryan (Regina Hall) Power to rediscover your own voice It's better to be alone than with someone who disrespects you.

Things I liked: The cast includes Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall, and Tiffany Haddish. I thought Tiffany's character was the most disgusting and disgraceful, so I guess you could say she did a great job. Some music celebrity cameos. The Essence Music Festival occurs every year in New Orleans. I got a kick out of all of Queen Latifah's hairstyles.

Things I didn't like: TONS of nasty, crude jokes, foul behavior, offensive language, and repulsive images. The girls do horribly crude things and have a night of extremely bad behavior and then they kneel down to pray. So, praying makes all of their bad character, foul language and trashy behavior OK all of a sudden? I believe in repentance, but the very next day they go out and do it all again. The girlfriends scream profanities at each other and are constantly fighting.

Two of the women pee all over everyone from a zip-line above a crowd. Disgusting. I'm not talking about a little dribble either. Think full-on spraying hose. Gross. Not funny. Ryan's husband cheats on her, yet she flirts with someone else and thinks it's OK. The two token white girls were both painted as idiots. Why are so many movies coming out that glorify girls behaving badly? I love a good comedy, but the jokes in this movie were juvenile and disgusting.

Tips for parents: Pure garbage. If you wanted your kids to watch this movie with a filter, it would be about a 10 minute movie. Extreme profanity and offensive language. That's not even including the 429,871 F-bombs. Drugs, alcohol, sex, fighting Full-frontal nudity of an old guy. Yuck. Dina opens her shirt up at a concert to reveal pasties. Very immodest clothing.

MOVIE REVIEW MOM @trinaboice
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Girls Trip
kangolk10 August 2017
I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard at a film as I did with this one. It was great the whole cinema was crazy with laughter. They all worked well together none out shining the other. It was a great cast.I hope they really do another together. They got everything right the laughs the sadness and back to laughs. Great Film
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hodgki3 August 2017
This was the first film I have ever walked out of. If your idea of humour is seeing someone spray onlookers with pee, then this film is for you.

I expected a lot more from Queen Latifah, but I guess its about the box office and playing to the masses.
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jarodpitmon-7084825 November 2018
Tiffany Haddish is overrated. The scene that got the most laughs in the theater was when she urinated all over a crowd of people. Yeah, and they say comedy is dead.
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Great Funny Movie For Adults Only. I Saw It Without My Son Muhammad.
muslimbellydancer31 July 2017
This movie is absolutely funny from start to finish. The Black actresses are cute and multi-talented.

Girls Trip is an adult movie with nudity scene and adult language and not suitable for anyone whose age is below 17.Nevertheless,it will make you laugh out loudly and definitely will cheer you up if you are sad.

The film's plot follows the story of four lifelong friends on a long- overdue weekend getaway trip to New Orleans for the annual Essence Music Festival. Their sisterhood is rekindled and wild sides are rediscovered, with nights of partying, hook-ups and bad decisions, as well as raw and vulnerable moments that strengthen their bond.

Recommended for audience whose age is 17+ NC17.
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Girls Trip: The female 'Hangover' though not funny at all
brankovranjkovic4 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Shocking (but not in a good way) the story of 4 friends who reunite and have a crazy weekend in New Orleans. I am not the target audience, demonstrated by the fact that I was in my local packed cinema attended by only 4 blokes (incl. me).

This film is interested in money, the media world, portrays the worst of black culture stereotypes and women as property. The film is 2 hours of total nonsense, but it felt like 4.

Not funny, terrible attempts at adult humour, endless vulgarity, endless f-bombs, gross, disgusting. In fact I wish I could un-see some of the scenes. It's the worst film this year.

Please stay away from this rubbish or they'll make a sequel 'Girls Trip 2 – Another Delightful Weekend Away' AGHHHH!
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i have never walked out of movies, but i walked out of this one
themoonorbust8 February 2019
Made the terrible mistake of seeing this movie instead of Dunkirk (a mo ur infinitely better than this one) Comedy should not only be verbal jokes but also situational and somewhat realistic, the scenes in this movie could be done literally anywhere on the planet. The script was garbage. I know it's only a comedy, but the cinematography was complete garbage. Also, FYI, women screaming is not funny, and talking about getting dick really isn't either. No joke worst (part) movie i have ever seen.

Also for people who will say "you just didn't get it" I watched 173 movies in 2018 I think i'm seasoned enough to understand an idiotic film like this
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Ratchet movie!
jimgraphicsvn13 December 2018
Most people in here laughed bcs they are ignorance or low IQ. The movie is horrible and cringy.
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Horrible characters, unfunny, dross
Seacar2515 October 2018
Hated it - turned it off after 15 minutes. Not funny in the slightest, on any level. I was cringing every time Haddish spoke. If this is what womanhood's become, represented by these characters, God help us. Loud, shrieking harpies with no manners. Only concerned with their next lay, or getting high, or being as obnoxious and rude as possible. Just watch the Hangover or Bridesmaids.
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Common and disgusting
preciousharris-1671515 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was caught totally off guard with this movie. The nudity, language, over the top vulgar language, bodily fluid shower, and the fruit act were all just way too much.

I love a good laugh, but I found it difficult to muster up a significant amount laughter during this movie. It was just not funny on so many fronts. I'm usually not very vocal if a movie is bad, but I felt compelled to add my two cents.

I expected more especially from the actresses involved. If the goal was to demonstrate just how much debauchery women are capable of, then the goal was met many times over.

I get it that not every woman wants to go on a much needed get-away to attend needlepoint and advanced cake decorating. However, the goal of encouraging your "sister/friend" to have multiple sexual encounters with anyone who's willing, is just a bad depiction of the "sisterhood" that this movie attempted to create.

As a woman I was disgusted. As an African American woman I was embarrassed.

The warm and fuzzy feelings that the director attempted to evoke was lost in the sea of the disgusting.
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What an unpleasant movie
maxnexus-9714424 October 2017
I can't remember a time when I watched a more disgusting movie than this. Once again an over-rated rubbish that seemed to have done well at box office for unknown reasons! By the way I did not understand half the spoken words as the actresses seem to speak a language other than English!!! Either way I Don't think I missed much.

One final word: this movie is not funny. In case anyone needed clarification.
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A Script Of Contrived Lines And Choppy Scenes
fibromatters15 August 2017
I expected some profanity, but I had read reviews of this movie in advance and some noted the powerful "chemistry" between the actors. Well, maybe I was too distracted by the over-the-top vulgarities at times to notice the chemistry. To me, the actors all seemed to be trying too hard to time their lines...they were 'acting' and I was all too painfully aware of that the script was way too forced.

For some reason I endured almost an hour of this movie. I kept thinking that maybe I just could't didn't. End of story.
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TERRRRRRIBLE MOVIE - Do not waste your time!
starmeadow-8495023 October 2017
What drags this to a zero star (I wish I could give) rating is the ridiculous use of profanity. Character refer to their friends as "B**ches" ...f bombs....gross out jokes that fall flat. Why do screenwriters, directors and producers keep adding F bombs and swear words where it is totally unnecessary? When I trained in Improvisational comedy at Second City swearing was banned in class as that was considered a cheap laugh which cut short any character development. If you have to use that language to get a laugh you do not have any comedic skill whatsoever.

This movie showcases a total lack of imagination by the screenwriter and director. It insults black culture with clichéd characters, an unbelievable plot...whoever is responsible for this movie please go into a different line of business.
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A Truly Terrible Film
jrbond-576244 October 2017
After being subjected to the torture that is "Girl's Trip", I felt compelled to leave it a review, my first by the way. Whoever sanctioned the budget for this movie at Universal Studios needs to be fired. Fired into the orbit on a large rocket and kept away from movie production!! The acting was shockingly bad, the plot is non-existent and that's before I get started on the characters. They were so stereotypical it was laughable. As has been mentioned on another review, every scene is as cringe-worthy as the last. 10 minutes in and I thought "this film can't get any worse", but it surpassed my expectations and it did. If I could have given it zero, I would have and that would have been kind to it. The one to avoid, A truly terrible movie.
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Laugh out loud funny..loved it!!
kristalclear-8048222 July 2017
Yes it had some raunchy scenes but it was funny as heck!! And most women can relate, you will put up with anything to keep a man so you won't be alone..lying, cheating, drug, jail...but in the end your real true friends will always have your back and tell you the truth.. even when you don't wanna hear it. I'm gonna see it again
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