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Season 4

2 Jun. 2019
The Boy's Story
A money order salesman is brutally murdered and two teenage brothers and their friend are arrested. They spend almost four decades behind bars, until a journalist takes notice of the case and uncovers evidence of the men's innocence.
9 Jun. 2019
Web of Lies
The shooting of a newspaper carrier in rural Mississippi lands Marlon Howell on death row. Convicted on the word of two co-defendants and the identification of an eyewitness with a checkered past, Marlon maintains his innocence.
16 Jun. 2019
A Prison of His Own
Nick Yarris's uncanny knowledge of a gruesome kidnapping and murder makes him a prime suspect and eventually lands him on death row. Twenty years and one escape attempt later, new evidence emerges that offers Nick one last hope for freedom.
23 Jun. 2019
A Woman Wronged
A man is found dead in his rural Mississippi home, shot four times with his own 9mm pistol. His 19-year-old son names his hospitalized mother, Michelle Byrom, as the mastermind of the murder, claiming she hired the boy's friend to shoot her husband, and promising to pay him from the life insurance payout. Sentenced to death, Michelle spends 14 years awaiting execution - until a determined team of lawyers unearths a dark history of domestic and sexual violence, and a confession that points to an alternate suspect.
30 Jun. 2019
Body of Evidence
After a month-long search, the body of missing nineteen-year-old Melissa Trotter is recovered in a Texas forest. Local police quickly zero in on Larry Swearingen, who was last seen with Melissa just before she disappeared. After physical evidence and the murder weapon tie Larry to the murder, he is convicted and sentenced to death. Twenty years later, Larry maintains his innocence, pointing out flaws in the State's case - including incomplete DNA tests, an alternate suspect, and forensic evidence that suggests Melissa may have been killed after Larry was arrested.
7 Jul. 2019
Murder in Broad Daylight
A case that has sentenced a reformed gang member to death unveils the corruption in the criminal justice system.
14 Jul. 2019
Caught on Tape
A Spaniard is sentenced to death for the murder of a young Florida couple. His family appeals to the international media to fight his conviction.
21 Jul. 2019
Memory of a Murder
A masked attacker shoots up an apartment in Bucyrus, Ohio, leaving three dead and two young children clinging to life. After witnesses report seeing a "large black man" near the scene, police close in on Kevin Keith, a local drug dealer who was recently busted based on information offered by a snitch. It was the snitch's family that was murdered, leading prosecutors to argue Kevin's motive was revenge. Despite the lack of physical evidence, Kevin has spent 25 years locked up - but a young public defender believes long-hidden case records will shed new light on the ...

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