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  • As Will Lexington's album climbs the chart with the help of Jeff Fordham's deep pockets, Rayna enlists Teddy's help to plan a huge, free concert at LP Field to draw attention to her Highway 65 debut. She will perform with Luke Wheeler and duet with Juliette before thousands of fans. Zoey, Avery and Gunnar rock out at a benefit for Deacon's favorite charity, Sober House, and Avery plans to serenade Juliette with a song he wrote for her. But when he attempts to sing it, he doesn't understand why she is not present. And Scarlett makes a decision about her future in Music City.


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  • "Nashville" - "On the Other Hand" - May 14, 2014

    Rayna, Bucky, and Tandy are strategizing about how to make her album land at number one. Deacon and Maddie are batting around great outlaw country singers and laughing. Deacon tells Rayna that he's having a guitar re-strung for Maddie who is getting really good, better than Rayna. She said she never needed to be good with him around. Maddie presents them both with framed photos of the three of them performing for the troops with Daphne. Maddie suggests Rayna signing them to Highway 65 and touring as a family band. Rayna says nice try and they'll have that conversation after she's done with school. Maddie gets angry when Deacon takes Rayna's side. Luke arrives and tells Deacon he's sorry he can't play the benefit for his recovery house but he's sending over signed guitars because he'll be in NYC supporting Rayna on "GMA." Deacon says he'll be buying her record and leaves. Luke notes the photo and calls it a nice family picture. She says it wouldn't have happened if they hadn't been in a great place.

    Juliette walks in on a new song Avery is writing for her as a gift. She says she loves him. Jeff Fordham calls Avery and he ignores it noting he's been calling a lot. He assures he's not calling him back because he doesn't want to "get into bed with Jeff Fordham." D'oh.

    Will is in a cranky mood because he and Rayna are going head to head for number one. He's conflicted because he likes and respects Rayna and thinks it's karma and the universe is on her side. The TV producers show up. Layla tries to reassure him.

    Scarlett packs up to go back to school at Ole Miss and studying poetry. She sees the photo Maddie gave him and makes a face. She wonders how things might've turned out. This rankles Deacon.

    Gunnar shows Zoey his new house. It is beautiful and she already has decorating ideas. She hopes he has a bed by the time she gets back from the first leg of the tour. He tells her to stay off the bills and booze. Zoey tells him that Scarlett is moving back to Mississippi. He guesses it's for the best.

    Juliette calls Jeff telling him to stop calling Avery. She came clean and he understood. She knows he's lying because Avery would never understand. He says she has to break her contract with Rayna to make the calls stop.

    Jeff than pops into the Will and Layla show to announce that he got Will on "GMA"--bumping Rayna and guaranteeing Will a number one album drop.

    Bucky shows up with the news of the bump from "GMA." She is livid. But she comes up with a plan: she gets Teddy to help her pull together a quick show at LP Field to showcase Highway 65 that will include a download with every ticket sold.

    Juliette arrives and tries to get herself out of her contract. Rayna says no. Juliette won't tell her why and says Rayna is ruining her life.

    At Deacon's benefit, Avery looks for Juliette. Zoey and Gunnar skittishly say they haven't seen her. Rayna wishes Scarlett well in her journey and tells her she will be amazing at whatever she does. Jeff shows up. Scarlett rolls her eyes. Jeff accuses Rayna of using her "personal connections" for the LP show. She notes he did the same with "GMA." He also says he'll soon have Juliette back and is all creepy about it.

    Teddy and the girls are supposed to be having movie night but Maddie sulks out. Daphne asks to take music lessons too, make ukulele or drums, since Luke plays drums.

    At Deacon's benefit he pays tribute to his family-- Scarlett and Maddie-- and talks about not being defined by his past. Luke leans over and tells Rayna it's a good speech. Zoey, Gunnar, and Avery play his new song for Juliette which he dedicates to her wherever she is.

    Currently, she is drunkenly trying to watch the show. Rayna sees her and then so does Deacon who is livid that she showed up to his recovery event wasted. She whines this song is for her and he escorts her out noting the last thing she needs is one more public scene.

    Rayna shows up at her house and is all "WTF??" Juliette spills that she slept with Jeff, who is now blackmailing her, and is going to ruin her life. She admits to being a self-sabotager. Rayna holds her hair while she pukes and tells her that she has to come clean, before Avery finds out from Jeff, and that one way or the other it will work out and tomorrow they are playing LP Field and Jeff will be livid and that will be great. And then Juliette throws up again.

    Will smiles for the cameras at the hotel after "GMA" and heads into his room. Back in Nashville, under the camera eye, Layla calls Will. His phone rings but it is not her, it is Tony the gym guy. They talk about looking forward to their session. He ignores Layla's call and she is embarrassed on camera she admits that sometimes things are tough.

    Avery asks Zoey and Gunnar what's going on. They finally tell him, not in so many words about Jeff.

    He returns to Juliette's house and asks her to tell him it isn't true. She breaks down and says it is and asks for forgiveness. She says it was a mistake, she hates herself, and it meant nothing. He says that almost makes it worse and he wonders if anything means anything to her. He tells her she has no clue what it means to love someone because when you do you would rather die than hurt someone. She insists she loves him and that he loves her. He says he does but it's something he'll have to get over and leaves.

    Tandy convinces Rayna to call Sam Boone -- the Walmart-type guy-- and basically convince him to not do download cards for Will but for her.

    Teddy tries to talk to Maddie but she is being bratty and awful. She tells him about the Highway 65 thing and Teddy takes Rayna and Deacon's side. She says he's not musical at all so he can't understand how much it hurts to shut down her dreams.

    Scarlett packs and she and Zoey go through a scrapbook. Zoey says she can't believe she's about to go on a big tour and Scarlett is going back to school. Scarlett says she just wishes she hadn't wasted time being mad at them when she should've wished them well. Zoey gives Scarlett a thumb drive with a song from Gunnar.

    The producers show Will a Layla confessional where she talks about worrying that he's already tired of her. He says he does love her but the pressure of the album is getting to him and he wishes she wasn't hurt.

    Rayna comes to pick up the guitar for Maddie. She runs the Sam Boone thing by him. He tells her to do what she needs to do and that the business has changed and he won't judge her for screwing over Jeff. She says she wishes it was the way it used to be.

    Will and Layla are doing the show crowing about the Boone download cards when Jeff calls with the news that the deal is off and it's Rayna now.

    Backstage at LP Field Rayna is fielding flowers from Luke and Sam Boone. Juliette shows up and says she told Avery and he's probably not coming back. Rayna says she doesn't have to play. She wants to and says she'll have her back just like Rayna had hers. Jeff shows up and Rayna tells him that Juliette is staying at Highway 65. He worries she told Luke. She says she's holding off on telling him about Jeff's adventures in blackmail for when she needs a trump card.

    Teddy and the kids show up at the show and he notes it's amazing. Maddie is a sourpuss. Deacon shows up and says it's amazing and she agrees and Teddy rolls his eyes.

    Luke gives Rayna a kiss before the show and says he has a surprise for her later.

    Rayna prays before the show thanking God for her children, Luke, for making her strong and for so many blessings. She thanks him for letting her live.

    She heads out to the stage.

    Will shows up at Gunnar and Zoey's in tears. He's upset about the Boone deal going south and is worried he's going to lose his record deal. He's in a full-fledged panic. Gunnar tells him being on the country charts will not make everything okay and he has to stop living this lie where only Gunnar knows the truth.

    Juliette and Rayna sing their duet and have a great time.

    Scarlett goes to see Avery who is drunk. He tells her he broke up with Juliette. She asks what happened. Avery says he thought she was a good person and she's not. He finally hears that she said she was leaving town and is taken aback.

    Rayna and Luke sing their duet-- "Ball and Chain"-- and at the end he gets down on one knee and proposes. She says yes as Maddie, Daphne, Deacon and Teddy look on in varying degrees of upset. The crowd, however, is thrilled.

    At the after-party Deacon looks said looking at Rayna and Luke. Luke says he has to go pick up his kids at the airport but will see her in the morning.

    Avery goes back to Juliette and says he believes her when she says she loves him but can't understand why. She explains about her damage, her dysfunctional childhood, her father's death, her mother's skeevy boyfriends. She says if she thinks someone is going to hurt her she hurts herself or others. She says Jeff saw her for what she is trailer trash in rhinestones. She feels like she doesn't deserve him and at the end of the day she will make sure she will get what she deserves, nothing and nobody. She says she knows she needs help but begs him not let her be alone again.

    Scarlett goes to see Gunnar at the Bluebird. She thanks him for the thumb drive she says it didn't feel right leaving without saying goodbye. He apologizes for everything and says it was him that pulled her up onstage. She says he didn't make her do anything and he even loved her for awhile and she loved him too. He plays the song from the thumb drive for her. She begins to sing along and cry. He tells her he thinks she shouldn't leave.

    Will comes home, brings Layla into the bedroom, bursts into tears and confesses he's gay. And then he hugs her. She is flabbergasted. Above them is a clock. Upon closer inspection we see the clock is outfitted with a microphone and camera.

    Deacon goes to Rayna to congratulate her but he says he can't because it's a lie and says he has to say something. She says he doesn't. He says he knows that he broker her heart 1,000 ways and he's sorry but now he's the man she always wanted him to be and can be a good man, husband, and father and he doesn't want to lie anymore. He says "You and me Ray that's how it's supposed to be, you know that." He touches her faces and kisses he. She lets him. He gives her back the engagement ring she threw at him all those years ago and says he never should've taken it back and tells her not to answer him now. And he leaves. Rayna is clearly tortured.

    And that's a wrap on "Nashville."

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