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9 Sep. 2014
A Twisted Affair
Alex takes a pregnancy test. Randal is having an affair with Alex, but he finds out that her husband Brad had a vasectomy. Marcie and maybe Randal want to have children but they're having a hard time. Esperanza deals with her ex-husband Eddie who wants to control her life. Kelly wants to buy a house for her and her boyfriend.
9 Sep. 2014
Shots Fired
Brad suspects Alex of cheating. Lushion tries to ask Eddie for a job at the police station. Marci tries to become one of the girls, but she feels the group are distant towards her. Kelly views a house and buys it, only to find out Travis could be hiding something from her.
16 Sep. 2014
Alex Is Pregnant
Esperanza questions Eddie. Meanwhile Brad suspects Alex of having an affair. Natalie calls the parole board to get her son Joey out of prison. Kelly and the girls move her things into the new house.
23 Sep. 2014
The Colombian
Natalie meets a parole officer regarding Joey; Randal presses Brad; Esperanza fears Eddie is in danger; Travis returns from Haiti.
30 Sep. 2014
The War Begins
Joey returns home. Randal tries to make Alex jealous, meanwhile Alex tries to confirm that Brad is the father of her unborn child. Travis has some news for Kelly that she isn't expecting. Eddie continues to act irrationally.
7 Oct. 2014
Game Night
Eddie investigates Julius. Lushion finally gets an interview at the station and Natalie is encouraged to get Joey a job at the burger joint. A games night at Brad and Alex's leads to some awkward moments with Randal and Marcie.
14 Oct. 2014
After Heartbreak
Kelly makes plans to sell her house; Marcie and Brad become more suspicious of their spouses. Eddie is lured into a meeting with Julius' father; Joey makes a big mistake at work.
21 Oct. 2014
14 Weeks
Alex finds out that she's further along in her pregnancy than she originally thought; the burger joint is robbed and all fingers are pointing at Joey.
28 Oct. 2014
Marcie finds out Randall is sneaking around with a woman named "Peppa" . Eddie attempts to take on the Kartel.
4 Nov. 2014
Look Closely
Kelly discovers who Peppa is. Alex is desperate for help to end the affair. Travis makes a decision about Justice and Eddie makes plans to retaliate against Julius. Kelly tells Marcie to 'look closely' to figure out who Peppa is.

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