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Back from the dead
Tweekums23 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
After the apparent assassination of protagonist Nessa Stein the motivation for the attack becomes clear; the American's, believing she was killed by Israeli terrorists, announce that they will no longer block Palestinian demands for UN recognition. There is a problem though; Nessa is not dead and she was able to make a phone call after the explosion and thanks to the various phone taps MI5, the Israelis and the Americans know she is still alive. She is back in the hands of her Palestinian captors and is in real danger. There is no chance of an armed rescue mission but Hayden-Hoyle has a plan; he will send Atika to explain why it is in the interest of the Palestinian cause for Nessa to be freed; it will be dangerous for all involved.

Having enjoyed Hugo Blick's previous drama 'The Shadow Line' I knew nobody would be safe in this final episode; this served to keep the tension high right up until the end credits began. As well as high tension there was high emotion as Nessa learnt that the woman she trusted most in the world, Atika Halabi, had been working against her from the moment they met and had aided in her brother's murder; this was a tragic scene, brilliantly acted by Maggie Gyllenhaal and Lubna Azabal as Nessa and Akita respectively. As the end approaches it looks as if things could end tragically for almost everybody involved; it isn't quite that bleak but don't expect an excessively happy ending; the series does not pretend that the problems in that part of the world can be easily solved.
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