Unfriended (2014) Poster


Courtney Halverson: Val



  • Val Rommel : Ken if this is you I swear I will burn you alive.

  • Ken Smith : [when they were bothered by the unknown account: billie227]  It's probably a glitch.

    Val Rommel : [a message came from billie227, which Ken and his friends thought was a glitch]  Well, the glitch just typed!

  • Val Rommel : Fuck this! Nope... I'm calling the police, that's a threat

    [pulls up her mobile and dials 911 whilst disconnecting from skype] 

  • Val Rommel : Hey billie, why don't you give me your address so I can come over there and knock the trash out of your mouth.

    Ken Smith : Oooh fight!

    Laura : You wouldn't like it here...

  • Val Rommel : Hey did you guys order your tickets two weeks ago like I asked youse to do...

    Blaire Lily : Wh-... what seats are better... balcony or orchestra?

  • Val Rommel : Hi billie, listen sweetheart you're a fucking asshole if you don't take these down right now, i'll come over there and knock the trash out of your ears.

    Laura : Sounds great, But you wouldn't like it here.

    Val Rommel : Who the fuck is this guy?

  • Val Rommel : [In response to her tagged photos on Jess' facebook entitled VAL GETS SH*TFACED]  Jess, what the shit?

    Jess Felton : [Confused and laughing]  Wow, I didn't...

    Val Rommel : These just came from your account, why did you post these?

    Jess Felton : [laughing and still confused]  I've never seen these before but Val these are incredible, I didn't know you were so much fun.

    Val Rommel : Delete them Jess.

    Jess Felton : I don't what to say but I've never...

    Val Rommel : Oh my god Jess you trashy little bitch delete them.

    Jess Felton : [laughing in disbelief and curling back]  Wait a second, did you just call me trashy, seriously?

    Val Rommel : Yes Jess, yes I did.

    Jess Felton : [Angry and defensive]  Okay so you're asking me to do you a fucking favor by taking down these photos which I didn't post in the fucking first place.

    Val Rommel : Oh my god, I'm asking for you a favor! I'm asking you for a favor really?

    Jess Felton : Yeah, so you can either be nice to me and I can help you, or you can suck my fucking dick and piss off.

    Val Rommel : Can you just close your trashy little mouth for like one second.

    Jess Felton : Okay I will beat your goddamn ass any day if you come over here bitch.

  • Val Rommel : Hey Billie, sweetheart you're a fucking arsewhole, so why don't you take down the photos.

  • Val Rommel : [upon seeing the tagged photos of her on Jess' facebook]  You trashy little bitch delete them.

    Jess Felton : Oh wait, did you just call me trashy seriously

    [taken aback in laughter] 

  • Val Rommel : [In response to Ken's statement of her meant to be acquiring the group's tickets]  No, No so I heard you were meant to be buying them and now three of us will get to sit in the balcony and three of us will have to sit in the orchestra.

    Blaire Lily : What seats are better, balcony or orchestra?

    Val Rommel : Balcony.

    Blaire Lily : Balcony!

    Val Rommel : Okay so we can take one more in balcony.

    Jess Felton : [laughing and swaying on chair side to side]  I'll take it in the orchestra.

    Val Rommel : I'm sure you will.

    Blaire Lily : [laughing and covering mouth]  Jess that's...

    Jess Felton : [laughing in unison]  I can't believe you're the only one that got that.

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