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Unique but flawed one-room drama
DAud_IcI28 March 2016
This film is certainly a breath fresh air in its genre. The execution is very unique for a full movie but even it you disregard that, it can stand on its feet as one of those "small group of people stuck together and they have talk to figure things out" sort of dramas. On the other hand if you expect a serious horror, you might be disappointed. This is about creating tension by exposing secrets at a figurative gunpoint. Not about scary supernatural things or jump scares. In other words the horror is in the theme, not the presentation. If that's what you are after it's as interesting and surprisingly satisfying story.

In terms of technique, the film is presented as Blaire's computer screen and this allows for the kind of multiple media (Skype, YouTube, Facebook, etc) storytelling that's usually limited to alternate reality games. It enables the characters to communicate each other privately which would be impossible if they were physically in the same room. It also means that every time someone is in trouble the helplessness of the others adds to the drama. Not all is perfect though. There are some cringey parts related to the scene, like Ken's anti-Trojan program looked about as authentic as the virus uploader from Independence Day and when you consider that Laura is not really a hacker it makes zero sense to find hundreds of infected files on a damn OSX! The question "what is a troll" and the answers were equally embarrassing in this day and age. The corrupted video compression that plagued the Skype calls served little purpose. It signified nothing and it was way too random. Usually effects like this exist to telegraph some "presence", but here the corruption started way too early. Another downside is that the cinematography was even more non-existent than with the usual found footage films, because it's face-time all the time.

They used an interesting technique to bring in music which is usually absent from found footage: Blaire has a Spotify player running in the background. Unfortunately this excellent idea was way underused and when it was used it was very on-the-nose. If you've ever watched an ARG like EveryMan Hybrid, where (distorted) music is used to communicate subtext or hidden messages you know what a missed opportunity this is!

Overall it's worth a shot. If you only watch films you might even find this ground breaking. But let me assure you - there is nothing here that hasn't been thoroughly explored by various web series you can find freely. Sadly this movie is another instance of old media trying to play catch-up with new media and not quite getting it.
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DHKR: Unfriended- "Skype-net Demon"
Darkhorse_Knight12 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Unfriended isn't about killing your most hated adversaries over a ghost-possessed computer programming. It is, however, about a possessed computer screen killing the most idiotic and despicable people in the worst ways possible, so that warrants a recommendation in my book.

The story is rather simple; on the anniversary of a bully's death, four to five of the most disgusting teen "bros" and the sort get up on Skype doing Christ knows what you do on the Skype before the Skype starts to not act like the Skype. Did I mention Skype is in this film? 'Cause it is. Anyway, the ghost of the bully posses the internet and instead of ruining the lives abroad and giving Miguel Arteta and Lily James the glorious TMZing of their life, she instead just goes and psychologically tortures each worthless waste of life one by one.

What makes the film a lot better than most of the watered down Found Footage films is that both A) Each of the human protagonists being assaulted by the ghost of 17-year old Skynet girl is a no-good scumbag you actually want to see perish in the worst way possible, and B) The film's central theme of cyber bullying being a harsh evil of our own making gives this a terrifying feel that seems oh so close to feeling real. If not, well, the ghostly Skynet girl part of it.

Well, those of you who only want to see the film for reason A) will be glad because the film certainly delivers in that. However, I appreciate an actual moral that genuinely feels scary, much like those old PSAs about drugs, nukes, and texting while driving. And the fact that our killer ghost is hidden behind the veil of an anonymous user with a generic, imageless face hammers in a real dreadful sense, stating that anyone can do this, anyone can cyber bully and anyone can turn your life upside down.

However, near the end, where we're losing the amount of people to kill, the story noticeably sinks into oblivion and becomes "just another Found Footage Horror film." Complete with a liar's subplot and an ending that, while I'm trying not to spoil it, ruins the message and any sense of dread. So, if you want to watch Unfriended, be sure to either the leave the theatre near the end or push pause on the DVD remote before turning the DVD player off.

Final Results: 2 and a Half Stars- C-Ranking
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Saiph9013 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
First I wish I could give this a lower rating 1 simply does not reflect how bad this film is, I wish I could use another word as it is simply not a movie or film. Ten minutes in and the only horror involved was my realisation that the whole film was teenagers screaming as they skyped each other. Laughable plot, girl gets s### faced at party and then s#### herself which is filmed. Girl kills herself, girl haunts their skype chat and each one dies, film over. 82 minutes of watching what at times appears to be an instruction video that appear on the web of how to use a piece of software, other times you are simply reading what someone types, how this cost a million is a bigger mystery than who shot JFK, it could have been shot over a day. There are films were I have got up and walked out only to find I am watching at home and I am standing in the garden in the cold pouring rain which is more preferable than watching the rest of the movie. This film makes them look like Citizen Kane, this by quite a distance is the worst I have ever endured.
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Argemaluco24 September 2015
Unfriended is a "desktop horror" film (I have just invented that term; if it becomes popular, please don't say it's my fault) in which the screenplay is developed on the screen of a computer with multiple applications employed as narrative tools in order to gradually build the story, which we see from the user's perspective. Unfriended employs authentic programmes and services as an integral part of the screenplay. The use of Chrome, Google, GMail, Facebook, Skype, Spotify and Chatroulette (among other ones) ends up bringing a moral lesson of a double intention: first, it points out the insecurity of "living" online, sacrificing privacy for convenience and amusement; and in second place, it's a strident manifest against "cyber-bullying", which has become one of the most serious social problems in 21st century (at least that's what the TV news want to make us believe -"TV news? What is that?", the new generations must be wondering). For the rest, I found Unfriended a tedious and repetitive experience which doesn't generate any horror, suspense and even less any concern for the antipathetic characters, uniquely identified by the flaws in their webcams and the volume with which they scream insipid dialogs. The "technological ghost" concept had previously been exploited in Asian films such as Pulse and One Missed Call, but Unfriended badly copies the ideas implemented in those movies. Its raising of "cyber horror" consists on an arbitrary hacking of applications and social networks, which magically works in order to avoid screenwriter Nelson Greaves the effort to solve a monotonous premise in a logical or interesting way. And this film definitely feels monotonous. Unfriended is basically the same as watching someone using the computer for 83 minutes. Sure, the Skype video-calls add a variety of characters and locations, at the same time they allow us fleeting glimpses of "terrifying" (translation: confusing) deaths, but the drama is so insipid and predictable that it would have been more entertaining to watch the main character playing a video game while her friends discuss with each other who lied to whom, or which one of them went to sleep with another one's girlfriend, or who published offensive comments on Facebook. Well, even watching someone playing Minesweeper would have been more interesting than that parade of foolishness. On the other hand, my advanced age might have avoided me from recognizing the realism of the digital interactions which are increasingly more important in the social life of contemporary young people. Maybe, the youngsters who live like the characters, conversing and insulting with each other through Skype, Facebook or Twitter might appreciate the details which were invisible to an old man like me. Talking about details, something which truly impressed me was the digital manufacture of Unfriended. The "screen on real time" illusion is amazing; the behavior of menus and windows is perfect; the cursor movements are fluid and very human. I even thought that Unfriended was truly "shot" through carefully planned screenshots, with some edition tricks to simplify the work; but the numerous credits of animators and composers (not of music, but digital compounds) reveal that everything is a perfect simulation. An excellent work of edition, design and animation; pity that it's included into such a boring and uninteresting film, which I can't recommend.
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Skip it.
sbackfisch10 July 2015
Guys, here's a tip if you want to see this movie. Instead of shilling out actual money, just get 4 people you know with Skype accounts, get in a group call, and then just scream for 2 hours straight. You know have the entire plot, line of events, and premise of Unfriended. Just another painful to watch, stupid found footage horror that decided to go from a normal camera to the most boring and ugly way of showing it, Skype chat, because why would you want the camera to be enjoyable? Skip the movie, just go watch a PewDiePie video, it's the exact same amount of obnoxious screaming, but you can also watch a video game instead of focusing on the screaming idiot.
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kosmasp10 January 2016
Or "Unknown User" as it is being called in Germany. Before you come up with things like innovative and never seen before, let me refer to something called "Open Windows" (which by comparison might feel like a masterpiece and it isn't either). That's just one example there are others too (The Den to name another which is also slightly better than this).

That doesn't mean you can't have "fun" with this movie too. It's just that it feels weird to say the least. I still was curious to see where it would go, but at times it felt like watching someone type ... which it sort of is too (literally at points). Also teenager drama can be annoying, characters swing their moods more often than a pendulum and the "twist" is so mad, that it almost destroys the whole movie ... A shame for some more than interesting points the movie has.
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Obvious Troll is Obvious.
Krackoon16 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Social media for the most part, is a complete nightmare, so it's nice to finally see it through the eyes of the horror genre.

I don't know about the rest of you, but whenever I log on to Facebook, the last thing I have to worry about is a vengeful demon. No, I have to deal with something far more sinister - countless number of meme posts, depressed 'friends,' whom I don't even know, and parents of all ages posting pictures of their ugly children. You know, children that only parents find beautiful? Yes, those kind. 'Unfriended' gives a nice look at many of the horrors of social media, and allows us, the viewers to enjoy watching the consequences of these actions, even if only fictional. Still somewhat enjoyable. In fact, the next time I log on to Facebook, I think I'll remove all of you from my 'friends' list, so I don't have to look at your meaningless, unfunny memes any longer. What do you think about that? Thanks, Billie, for showing me the light.

So, anyway, now that I have moved over to Twitter - what about the film? Not a terrible concept, but not something I'd watch again. I found myself with a slight headache during the film, because this is one of the reasons I avoid Skype and all voice chats - Idiots. 'Unfriended' puts you right into the call for about 80 minutes, and while the demise of these people is enjoyable, getting to that point in the film is a bit exhausting. The acting is fine, for what was asked from the actors - just be as annoying and obnoxious as possible. You know, be yourself.

Random Ramblings of a Madman: 'Unfriended' isn't a terrible film, and while I do enjoy the concept of mocking social media, and the idiots that use it, even the fictional idiots will keep me from viewing it for a second time.
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Mostly irritating
begob10 October 2015
Following the suicide of a schoolmate, six skyping teens find their regular session invaded by a malevolent troll intent on revealing their dark secrets.

Well, it had to be done. I guess the editing of this is extremely clever, and why not try it on a standard ghost story? Windows layered on windows, real time typing and clicking, octobox web cammery, buffering youtube vids, pixellating feeds. It's more pure than Open Windows, but still it doesn't work.

First problem is it's just boring to watch information typed out on screen, even when the deletes suggest the character of the typist. Second is that information jumps around so much you worry you're missing out. And the webcams are so tight on the characters that it becomes really stuffy, creating a constant desire for the relief of wide shots and physical interaction. At the same time I did miss well lit, full screen close-ups.

The director failed to take a lot of short cuts - I really don't need to see everything typed, to have characters say What? to a clear question that then gets repeated, and a few other things. I guess that's down to real-time realism, but hey - it's a ghost story.

The story is OK, similar to Smiley, but the characters do become really irritating. The main girl and her boyfriend start out sympathetic, and there is an overall decay as the secrets come out, but I wasn't really interested, and of course we had to have macho guys shouting and gurning in full "Game over, man!" melt-down. Some of it was down to the limitation of the form - how are actors expected to react in a skype scenario? - but please get some better dialogue.

Music very limited, couldn't be woven into the storytelling - so that cuts out half the usual effect of a horror. The computer squeaks and beeps didn't add anything. A couple of weak jump scares generated purely through silence/NOISE.

The one sequence I did enjoy and which really suited the form and the story was the chatroulette, so that's something to think about.

Overall, it's worth a watch if only to confirm the computer screen is not the movie screen. So far.
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I Saw It And Hated It
maykennon-6463917 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie with a few other people who came in (mostly teenagers) and none of us were scared. We were all miserable after seeing this.

1. This is not a horror film. This a movie that tries nothing new or different in it's scare. I never once got scared during this. This is just filled with jump-scares and that's it. That didn't leave any impact on me and just became annoying after a while.

2. The story could've been done well but this movie gets so boring. We have to see these characters Facebook messages, watch the computer buffer and see their text messages. That drags out the movie with needless padding. This wasn't scary it was long and loathsome. Plus why don't they get offline? Yes I know the ghost told them they shouldn't or else one of them dies but at the same time someone is going to die anyways so what's the point? For a movie that was suppose to be creative it's very uninteresting.

3. The characters are all hateful. I didn't once sympathize with anyone in this movie. They all have to play 'Never Have I Ever' and one of the characters biggest worries is that his buddy soled him out on the cops for weed. That's his biggest worry? Two people were already dead at this point so why did he say that? The issue he should be focusing on is that one of you is going to die.

I am not going to waste my time explaining how bad this movie is and I thought the ending was terrible but I won't go THAT far with spoilers. Just watch Chronicle for a good found footage movie or It Follows.
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Unfriended's cyber haunting works because of it's story rather then scares
RforFilm20 April 2015
When I sat through Unfriended, I kept asking myself whether modern teenagers would really communicate this way. To those that don't know, the movie in it's entirety is portrayed through a computer desktop; as in all the characters are communicating through Skype, text messaging, social media messaging or even random chat sites. My argument was that teens would rather communicate face to face rather then link their electronic devices together. But I underestimated how much our youth loves technology and can adapt pretty fast to the new hip thing, and therefore, ready to exploit it as much as possible.

Teenagers may be the best candidates to become tomorrow's online engineers, but when a smart writer comes to Facebook, we also attract a couple of rotten viruses. I'm not talking about infections to ones software or system, but those bad apples that only want to start a fight or make someone else's life miserable by bullying them. This cyber bullying epidemic is so much of a problem that the things said about others or worse, videos posted about others, has led to mental problems and even suicides. One case of cyber bullying gets their revenge in the online set, Unfriended.

The movies setting (a computer desktop) takes places on the screen of Blaire, a high scholar who is chatting with her other friends, boyfriend Mitch, alcoholic Adam, guy friend Ken, Jess, and Val. It is the one-year anniversary of the death of a fellow high-scholar, Laura Barnes who committed suicide over an embarrassing video that showed her drunk along with the message "Kill Ur Self Laura". The set of kids continue to talk about this, siding with the rest of the internet that the actions against this poor girl were awful. Things get weird when they notice that another person has joined their conversation.

The blank screen that is the sixth person chatting never shows their face, cannot be hung up on, and sends messages demanding justice for Laura. Then Laura's old Facebook account is re activated with messages demanding that Blaire and the other kids spill their secrets. Blaire simply assumes that one of the other kids may be pulling a sick prank, but that theory is disproved when the ghost hacker starts to spill the secrets for them. None of the kids are allowed to leave their computers, as they must figure out a way to outwit the mysterious sixth caller or answer to their sins.

As I've said, I've wanted more variety in the horror genre besides constant found footage features. Though this is similar, Unfriended managed to keep me on the edge of my seat. Not because of the scares I was about to face, but for the secret that each teen had to confess to. Unfriended clearly built up their characters and their history behind the cyber bullying death in a smart way that it's never spoon-fed. The revelation behind our characters is out of order and even with the computer screen facing the audience, we have to pay close attention to know what's going on.

You know your sitting in an enjoyable movie when the teenagers watching Unfriended with you are loud during the trailer, but do not even peep a whisper during the majority of the film. The people were screaming in my theater, and though not everyone works, I did jump at a few of them. Even the reveal of the hacker was a little weak. I won't spoil it, but you'd wish it was more techno based then supernatural based. But the scares weren't the point of the movie; it's a revenge thriller first and foremost.

I'll give this eight dead online accounts out of ten. Perhaps Unfriended will make you think twice before posting an embarrassing photo of someone you know; it just may come back to haunt you!
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This is a review for the actual movie, not the trailer...
david-CD8 April 2015
OK, I usually don't write reviews for movies, but as of today there are only reviews for the trailer and I find this to be quite stupid...similar to judging a book by its cover or by its summary...

Anyways... I just came out of the first screening of this movie in Canada. What is my first impression? My first reaction to it? I am entertained! For those who want to watch something profound, deep, meaningful or even something you will remember...this is not the right movie for you, but if you just want to get entertained for 2 hours, get some cheap scares, some good laughs (this movie is currently my #1 in most unintentionally funny movies made) and just forget about the world, this is definitely it.

Pros: - Entertaining. For me thats the most important thing. It's nothing great, but entertaining. You will have a lot of laughs and some scares. - A rather new and interesting concept. It's not as shaky and unsharp as found footage movies but isn't a normal filmed movie either....also it embodies the whole social network very well. It's feels like you are on your computer.

Mehh: - I believe it's a movie that you either watch at the cinema or not at all. I feel like it will loose most of its (already very little) tension and effect if you watch it somewhere else. - Quite forgettable. It's nothing special. It just isn't...

Cons: - The acting is quite lousy. Sometimes it's distracting, but maybe I'm too critical. - Predictable. You know from the beginning what's going to happen... - Stupid reactions...OK...this is a horror movie, so...if everyone made everything right in horror movies, half of them wouldn't exist, but I just couldn't stop thinking why they behaved the way they did...

Overall: 6.5/10 If you get a ticket, if you can convince a group of friends to join you, if you just want a date flick or are just bored and want to be entertained, this is the perfect horror movie for you. If you expect more than that, you will get disappointed.
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Waste of money Warning: Spoilers
I was under the impression this was a completely different film when my husband and I decided to try to see it. However, it wasn't long before my husband and I knew it was time to go home before the movie was over. I'd say we left at the half-way point and don't regret it one bit. Our only regret was wasting our money seeing this in the first place. Never in my life have I left a film before it was fully over (aside from the quick trip to the restroom.) Not only was this film predictable, it was horrid. It started off like what I was expecting, then turned into an ongoing Skype chat between the cast. I don't have anything against horror stories or ghost stories, but this was neither. No suspense. No build up. Just stupid. I have warned my friends to not see this film as it's truly a waste of time, film, and money.
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Did you guys not get it?
bax1215 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I just don't understand how people don't get what this movie is trying to accomplish. This movie has a lot to say, but I think that people are thrown off because it's a horror film.

People have got to stop cyberbullying. People really do kill themselves because of it. This movie shows the effects that it has on the people that pushed others to kill themselves. I would like to say that this movie pertains to high schoolers and young adults the most, but I believe nowadays everyone needs to see this movie. Nearly everyone is on Facebook or some social media. I have seen grown adults online saying awful things to each other. Social media has ruined people's lives yet people continue posting terrible things about each other.

I feel this movie is attempting to show people that we all need to grow up and realize the dangers of social media.

*Possible Spoiler* This movie uses the fact that the person from the dead can come back and get people to kill themselves. While this is a little ridiculous, it actually makes sense, because the thought of knowing that you made someone kill themselves would definitely make you question whether you really deserve to be alive. Being responsible for someone's death would definitely affect a person's mental health.

I think people should see this movie as a lesson about social media rather than a horror/thriller.
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Old-fashioned scares, new methods
StevePulaski17 April 2015
I suppose I find the concept of "internet horror" or "cyber thrillers" more intriguing than a large number of my peers do. I say this because the latest entry in the genre, "Unfriended," has been met with a great deal of scrutiny before its release like few horror films I can recall. Immediately after seeing the trailer, I was mesmerized by the shooting style, as I am with a great deal of these kind of internet-based horror films, like "The Den" and "Untraceable." "Unfriended" is a stylish, taut thriller that uses incredible realism to create its online world, and predicates itself off of continuous mystery while simultaneously leaving you within arm's reach of everything happening.

With this process, the audience becomes voyeurs into the lives of six souls, all of whom are active in a Skype videochat. We are focused on Blaire's (Shelley Hennig) laptop screen, who was a close friend of a girl named Laura Barns, who killed herself due to persistent harassment and cyberbullying she received from a video taken of her a year ago. While Blaire misses Laura, her other friends - her boyfriend Mitch (Moses Jacob Storm), her girlfriends Jess and Val (Renee Olstead and Courtney Halverson), the smartass Ken (Jacob Wysocki), and equal smartass Adam (Will Peltz) - who are in the Skype chat with her do not recall her with such fondness.

The group notices an unknown person lurking in their chat - a user named "billie227," whom they cannot hang up on in the chat nor get away from. The user, who turns out to be Laura Barn's old Skype account, doesn't have a microphone or a camera and communicates through text in the Skype chatroom, and begins to harass and threaten the group of friends. The user starts by posting incriminating videos and photos to the Facebook accounts of the friends before gradually turning more and more sinister over time, getting them to turn against their own peers with the secrets and provocative information it releases and taking a fatal twist.

"Unfriended" builds with a terrific sense of urgency, never allowing things to happen too quickly and allows the characters to pragmatically go about the situation by doing things like messaging others in secrecy, using other online links to try and discover what's going on, and so forth. The realism in the characters' behavior on the internet and the actual operation of the internet is some of the strongest I've seen in this genre. Director Levan Gabriadze nails the glitches, lags, and common social patterns of virtual communication here, right down to the way characters type out messages before erasing them in frustration.

Nuances lurk everywhere in "Unfriended," be it in the aforementioned aesthetic sense or the personal sense (cast and crew can be seen as Facebook friends, Blaire's computer always has a "Teen Wolf" tab open, as Hennig is in that particular program, etc), all of which effective in the way that they add to the realism of the picture. Even the actors, while playing contemptible people in general, get their character traits right and wind up being intensely watchable. Probably the most charming is Ken, played by Jacob Wysocki, who is finally playing a comedic character and clearly having fun with the persona. After starring in two films boasting a sulky, morose protagonist, one can only hope this propels him to even more great projects in his career.

Above all, "Unfriended" is frightening because with the internet brings limitless possibilities, especially in the way this particular films blends the online interaction element with the supernatural but not in the cliché-ridden, terribly predictable way we've seen it done before. "Unfriended" doesn't pull punches, for it wants its suspense to build to something in the long run and jump scares aren't the payoff it's looking for. It's too savvy for that, especially after conjuring up such perfect atmosphere. It was written, directed, and made by people who get the internet, understand the genre and the minefield of pitfalls they're working on, and respect it and its audience enough to deliver old-fashioned scares in a relatively new manner.
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Interesting, Modern Twist, but Still Disliked
rgkarim17 April 2015
The age of technology! It is a wonderful time where the Internet allows so much to be shared with a push of a button. The media shared can bring lots of happiness, or quickly become a portal terror just like the theme of today's movie review Unfriended. From the trailers you might expect:

1. Found footage bologna we've grown accustom too 2. A simplistic plot with more drama than actual story 3. Gruesome kills that will chill you to the bone 4. Acting that is simple

So what do you get? When it comes to found footage films, we have come to expect erratic, dizzying shots of our cast running from some unknown entity. Often we get more headaches than information, leading to frustration and lackluster films. Unfriended is told through the web camera of Blaire (Shelly Hennig), as she skypes, messages, and texts her beloved troop of friends. Being on the computer, the film was limited to mostly stationary footage of Blaire multitasking between instant messaging and video chatting. Many audience members I feel will relate and appreciate the portrayal of teenagers juggling communication with other websites, as the group participates in cheesy exchanges of humorous dialog. That is until the terror starts and the social media becomes an instrument of torture that shrewdly forces our group to confess. Now I can appreciate the ingenuity of using computers and the relevance, but this movie sometimes took this angle a little too far. One particular annoying part was watching Blaire try to phrase her messages, constantly retyping the same message and hesitating to press send. A good lesson indeed for the teenage population, but I didn't need to see this five times in the movie.

With the interesting camera angle, perhaps the story had some quality to it. Unfriended does have a unique twist, cleverly manipulating the internet to develop the characters and dish out the terror. The biggest strength of this movie is the mystery of the hacker, the suspense of who will uncover the secret keeping me interested in the tale. Unfortunately it still suffers from the predictable Slasher formula starting with the convenient timing that all of their parents aren't home, on a school night. A majority of the plot is based on uncovering their "Mean Girl" like secrets, horrible, and typical, high school antics that are old hat. It does add further depth to the characters, perhaps even adding some relatable qualities that high school students may latch on to. I however couldn't stop laughing at how stupid these kids were and the mistakes they kept compounding. I wish I could say the revelation at the end made up for some of the lackluster elements, but the ending didn't deliver the satisfaction I looked for, and quite honestly seemed like a cheap write off.

Let's get to the kills you are most likely seeking from the trailer. Unfriended manages to think outside the box in terms of spilling blood, using mundane objects as the means for death. Two deaths in particular are disturbing, the web came giving you enough of the carnage to piece things together without dropping into extreme torture territory. I will admit many of these deaths are ridiculous, overdramatic messes that made some of the audience howl with laughter. Yet I can't help but applaud their integration of the murder devices into a casual conversation, with the exception of one or two that were obvious foreshadows to their demise. I can't say much more, or I might ruin this quality, but keep your eyes peeled. Oh well, at least the deaths are fairly "justified" by the mysterious hacker's actions.

Acting wise, the cast does a good job capturing the stereotypical teenager role. They capture the emotional spectrum of their characters, from shallow minded gossip to the fear and terror of uncertain death. The dialog is definitely "realistic", but my friend and I agree that all the petty arguing and screaming got old. We did however enjoy the mannerisms of CAPS LOCK and emoticons being used in the movie to mimic the current cyber chat trends. While the acting is okay, the limited characters were not ones I could grasp onto. They all were annoying idiots, whose cruelty and selfishness were over the top, taking away any sympathy I might have felt. Perhaps a good character might have helped balance the bad, but this movie held no moral spectrum other than teenagers being teenagers. Either way the acting is fine for the characters given, and some of the characters (who aren't teens) were really cute.

Unfriended is not the best horror movie by a long shot, but it has taken an interesting tangent from the normal thriller movie. Teenager and young adults alike will find relevance in the modern technology used, but others may find this more of a comedy than a horror. This rather loud and obnoxious tale fails to deliver on a lot of other levels, and I can't really recommend this one for a theater visit. Perhaps a Redbox rental is in your future for this one, otherwise let the intended audience tell you how it is.

My scores for Unfriended are:

Horror/Thriller: 6.0 Movie Overall: 4.5-5.0
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Total Rubbish
charles-712249 May 2015
Absolute clap trap from start to finish! Best advice to anyone over 15, don't bother I'm both infuriated that anyone dare charge for this tripe and amazed that it actually got to cinema screens to begin with. The acting is more scary movie than scream and the whole one shot perspective fails to create any atmosphere. OK so there's the underlying tale of the effects of bullying, save it for the school kids. I'm a grown up. I'd discuss further regarding storyline etc but to be fair it's so ridiculous and tiresome that giving this 'film' any further credit would be criminal.

Shocker avoid!
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claudio_carvalho18 September 2015
Six high-school friends are chatting through Skype when they receive a message from their former friend Laura Barns, who committed suicide after watching a footage in Internet showing her completely wasted. They believe it is a troll, but soon they learn that something supernatural is happening. Further, their dirty little secrets are exposed while they are mysteriously murdered one by one.

"Unfriended", a.k.a. "Cybernatural", is among the worst movies ever made. The idea of a group of friends in front of monitors is only to make an extremely annoying low-budget movie. The great mystery is how there are viewers that write reviews promoting this terrible flick. My vote is one.

Title (Brazil): "Desprotegido" ("Unprotected")
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A tight little horror film with quite a lot to say
moviewizguy19 April 2015
IT FOLLOWS​ and THE BABADOOK​ may be more elegantly made and filled with allusions that go beyond the surface of things, but in terms of pure scares and effectiveness, UNFRIENDED​ has those two films beat by a long shot. High in relatability and a critical snapshot of where we currently are in modern society, UNFRIENDED uses every trick in the book that you could possibly think of - and never even thought of - for a film that takes place entirely on someone's desktop screen. And yet: the film is always compelling and never really boring. On top of that, it's ambitious and creative and an ingenious way of storytelling that hasn't been done quite as well in the past. To top it off, the performances by the young actors are very good, though some might say downright unlikable (we'll have to disagree there). While the film may be dated in the next couple of years, it's the here and now that makes the film so timely, relevant, and ultimately unsettling.

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A unique and perfectly crafted thriller with an insane attention to detail!
slyjose10119 April 2015
I was hyped for this movie from the moment I saw the trailer, despite the overwhelmingly negative reaction that trailer got (people saying it looked stupid and gimmicky while complaining about the lack of creativity in modern horror movies... oh the irony). Tonight, I got the chance to watch it and I'm glad to say it didn't disappoint. I got exactly what I expected to get: a tense, well-acted, unique, and perfectly crafted thriller with an insanely high amount of suspenseful entertainment packed into its short run time. Without a doubt, Unfriended is one of the best thrillers to come out in the past few years.

Despite what people might be saying, this isn't a found footage horror movie. This isn't 80 minutes of a bunch of bozos shaking a hand-held camera while loud, cheap jumpscare noises play to startle the audience. This is 80 minutes of tense, realistically handled supernatural "horror"(I put that in quotes cause the movie isn't actually as scary as it is tense, suspenseful, and stressful) with characters who actually behave like real teenagers would instead of the generic cardboard cutouts we get in most modern horror movies. Yes, the characters aren't particularly likable (with the exception of main character, Blair), but that's not the point. The point is that, for once, we get characters who actually behave like human beings and don't make stupid decisions just to lead the audience into another cheap jumpscare. Granted, there are a few jumpscares here, but they're not the focus. The focus is the relationship between these characters, the way the killer drives them apart by revealing secrets, and the increasing tension as more and more people die.

Unfriended kept me glued to the screen for the entirety of its short run time. Not once was I bored, not once did I feel the movie was going nowhere. The tension escalates and escalates until the breaking point finale, and by then you're already on the edge of your seat. Check this one out and ignore all the negative comments. Most of them are either from people who expected the movie to be absolutely terrifying, people who despise gimmicks in movies (no matter how well they're executed), or people who simply aren't interested in the idea of a movie being told through a computer screen, facebook messages, and primarily skype chats (people who have zero interest in modern computers and social media). Even if you're not a computer freak, Unfriended will probably hook you as it did me. Give it a chance. It deserves it just for being brave and ambitious enough to try out something entirely new.
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A Well Done Horror Movie
GIRFanatic30 April 2015
I saw Unfriended in theaters with my friend and her boyfriend and went in excited to see the movie because I can relate being on my computer on Skype and Facebook a lot. From a social media standpoint I thought this film was very well done and a creepy and interesting way to have a found footage horror film. The cast was very good in their roles and the overall atmosphere was very creepy too! The only complaint I have with the movie was the ending which I won't spoil, but it sort of ruined the overall meaning of the movie for me. I do recommend this film for anyone interested in seeing something different and unique in terms of horror.

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Somehow, it was good
kate120919 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see this movie with a very open mind, and I didn't know much about the premise. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Unfriended. Seeing it in the theater instead of at home was advantageous-- it was suspenseful since there were no distractions.

The acting was one of the bright spots. There was no blatantly terrible dialog and their reactions weren't cheesy or unbelievable. The editing was also pretty seamless, and the premise of it being shown entirely through Blaire's perspective was unique and interesting. We could see her thought process, as she was typing and retyping things to figure out the best wording to use.

If you like horror/suspense films, give Unfriended a chance!
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Something New for the horror genre
doofuspoofus18 April 2015
I have to say this movie reminded me of plenty other films such as Sorority Row, Tamara, Cry Wolf or the most recent remake of Carrie and yet Unfriended held its' own pretty damn good. When I heard how the film was going to be shot I was a little skeptical as to whether or not it would work or just be really boring.

Typically in these type of supernatural films there's a lot of wandering slowly down dark halls with figures appearing in the shadows so I was skeptical but this was really creative. I think the storyline was a pretty basic ghost revenge story and yet with a modern twist. The internet offers a new form of bullying that unfortunately is all too real and this movie shows the consequences of such actions to the extent of driving someone to commit suicide.

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this the characters were interesting but it really got annoying listening to them argue like little elementary kids. Some of it was okay for humorous reasons but after awhile it was annoying. I do also think it would've been better with adults instead of teenagers simply because if this Laura ghost had gone after them years later they would have had more reason to have forgotten the details of "the video" and the "incident".

Which in that case I think the incident would've had to have been something more serious than it was such as her being raped and being shamed for it and made fun of afterward. That really would've given the story more depth but it was a good scary movie that for me would've been more intense if I hadn't seen it in theaters. The audience I guess found the character's fighting hilarious and couldn't take the movie seriously after awhile which made it hard to enjoy the scares. My advice see it alone to really see how you feel about it.
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don't cyber bully or you'll die
mrcs_dede15 April 2015
Unfriended is a new form of horror kind of like found footage but it did please me as a film. The story is very simple an old school mate kills herself due to cyber bullying and in person and some how haunts the people some what responsible for causing her to kill herself. This may have not been the greatest horror film but it is very well done. It feels grounded and real as the whole movie takes place all over a computer screen and they product place almost everyone to facebook, google, and apple. But the best thing is that it doesn't use the fake Hollywood kind of computer screen placement stuff its actually how you would do stuff on the computer. But the story is very basic and new aged almost a new breed. My fear is that new movies will come out like this and they may make a sequel to this because it may actually make some money. My biggest problem with this is the adult supervision and something else isn't explain about the killings but I'm not going to spoil it. But in all honesty i thought this movie was going to be crap but it wasn't to bad and very funny at times.
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A Standalone In Horror!
crimsonnaire26 April 2015
This film may not seem like much from the trailer, but it delivers. The actors all perform admirably, especially given their recent arrival to the big screen. Moreover, the cinematography is done very cleverly to capture suspenseful images and vantage points. There is hardly any redundancy, which makes the plot progression unpredictable, keeping you on the edge as you anticipate what's to come next. Overall, due to the seamless meshing of sheer performance into a horrific cyberspace environment while at the minimal expense of realism, Unfriended is an unmistakable standalone in its genre that does not fail to captivate and shock even the most seasoned audience!
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The perfect horror film for today's generation
Ramascreen16 April 2015
You're going to have so much fun watching UNFRIENDED. It's the perfect horror film for today's generation. It's inventive and it's this year's first scariest film. Blumhouse uploaded the supernatural into your Skype and social media and the result is UNFRIENDED.

The initial title for this film was "Cybernatural" which was appropriate, but I understand the change into UNFRIENDED, which does sound less a jargon and it's a more familiar term, and the characters desperately try to unfriend a mystery somebody in this film, so UNFRIENDED fits just fine. Six high school friends are chatting on Skype and before I go any further, let me just say that I have never done Skyping with more than probably a couple of people, so six is a crowd to me. Anyways, in this story, there was a girl named Laura Barnes who committed suicide one year prior, and when those six high schoolers are skyping, they notice that somebody may be listening in. However, they can't figure out who that person is, even worse, they can't seem to kick him out of their chatroom. And then slowly but surely, the mystery person reveals its identity and those six high schoolers realize that they're dealing with an entity that has an agenda, an entity that seeks revenge from beyond the grave.

I'm a huge fan of Blumhouse's horror films, I think what makes those movies great is their desire to keep pushing the envelope, and coming up with creative ways to scare the living daylight out of you instead of the usual predictable moves that you could see coming a mile away. In the case of UNFRIENDED, director Levan Gabriadze and screenwriter Nelson Greaves wonder what if they could tell an entire film by the view of a computer screen. The method is still found footage, but it incorporates every aspect that has pretty much taken over the attention span of our society, because we live in day and age where we don't meet our friends straight up in person at a mall anymore, and our eyes are always fixed on our phones, and we can multitask chatting with someone and texting another at the same time. I don't know if UNFRIENDED will do to social media what "Jaws" did to the ocean, but it sure as hell is a damn good effort on their part.

For those of us fans of horror films, who've watched this genre ever since we could remember, there's some formula that UNFRIENDED follows through, like having the demon, or whatever villain, picking its victims off one by one, but the movie also has tons of surprises around every corner. The characters would try their best to outwit this mystery person and there'd be times when they think they could, but the supernatural ultimately prevails.

There's also an anti-cyberbullying theme embedded in the film, which is an important issue, it's sad when cowards become internet trolls and victimize a person, but I think UNFRIENDED can somehow make us more aware or at least make us be more careful of what we're putting out there for the world to see. Just because you delete your 'history' on your computer, doesn't meant that it's gone forever. What we did in the past can come back to haunt you.. and in the case of UNFRIENDED, it can kill Read more at Ramascreen.Com
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