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  • No. All that is known is that this show will take place in the same apocalyptic world, but with a different setting and characters. We now know from an interview done with series co-creator Robert Kirkman during a Creator Activism panel at SXSW Interactive on March 15, 2015 that there is not any plan for the two series to crossover with each other. Kirkman said that the new show will "stand on its own" and that "you won't need to have watched the original series to watch the new one; other than existing in the same world, their stories will be independent of one another." Kirkman also said during season 1 there will be no characters from the original series in the new one, and there are no current plans to change that for the upcoming seasons.

    One reason for this is a running feud between the creative team and developer Frank Darabont. Darabont's contract stated that any 'spin-off' shows fall under the conditions of his contract and as such, he is entitled royalties for them. AMC have stated that the program is not a spin-off, but a 'companion series', and as such, no royalties are owed to Darabont. If characters from the original cross-over, it officially becomes classed as a spin-off, and royalties (possibly retrospective royalties also) are then owed to Darabont. Edit

  • Thus far, no. Whether this show and the original will ever share the same timeline or not is expected to be revealed as the show develops. The audience will only be aware of it if there is a crossover of any kind between both shows. However, this new spin-off vaguely introduces us to how the zombie apocalypse happened. As revealed by the show, the first trailer thereof and in a before-premier interview with show co-creator Robert Kirkman, the pilot for Fear the Walking Dead takes place in Los Angeles, and takes place before the original series. The pilot reveals the events that occur right before and during the outbreak. So from these things, we know that the pilot for this show take places after the shooting of Rick Grimes but before he wakes up in the hospital. Kirkman has also stated that this series will eventually catch up to the timeline of the original series. Edit



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