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23 Oct. 2017
Huge Reward; Bear-I-Cade
L'il Pickle is lost! Pickle and Peanut are really looking forward to a "We-Weekend" of just the two of them together for 48 hours straight.
23 Oct. 2017
Camp; Freeway Island
The duo finds a campground and decide to get the summer camp experience they never had. Pickle and Peanut crash their van onto a freeway island.
24 Oct. 2017
Wet Wedding & Tweenage Lupinus
When 90s Adventure Bear's wedding cruise gets into trouble, the boys take over as captains to save the day. When Peanut thinks he's a werewolf, he tries to make Pickle one too.
25 Oct. 2017
Candy Factory; Funwagon
The boys journey through a crumbling candy factory. Pickle and Peanut bring a car to life.
26 Oct. 2017
Chalk Graffiti; Birthday At Wayne's
The boys start a graffiti crew to help a local artist. Pickle and Peanut save Wayne's birthday party.
27 Oct. 2017
Mobile Aquarium; Shaving Primate Ryan
Pickle trains the lobsters at Mjärt Mart to do tricks. Pickle and Peanut take over Pizza Slop.
30 Oct. 2017
Runaway Train/Cop Car Graveyard
The boys give McSweats' choo-choo costume an upgrade. Pickle, Peanut, Lazer and McSweats hunt for treasure.
31 Oct. 2017
Fast Food Pirates/The Drone
Pickle and Peanut liberate toys from a fast food restaurant. The boys save their drone from Wayne's booby-trapped yard.
1 Nov. 2017
When the Mjärt Mart runs out of turkeys on Thanksgiving, Pickle and Peanut must get more. After Pickle wakes up in the body of a dog, he tracks down his old body.
2 Nov. 2017
Watchin' Darlin'/Petting Zoo
Pickle will do whatever it takes to make McSweats' dog "Darlin" like him. Pickle and Peanut use Mjärt Mart's rats to open a petting zoo.
3 Nov. 2017
Merrytime Fellows/Foot Bangers
Peanut forms a musical group with Lazer. Pickle loses his sneakers to McSweats, and must win a deadly footrace to get them back.
6 Nov. 2017
Little Olden Town/90's Adventure Bear And The Sword Of Songs
Pickle and Peanut must save Mr. Mjärt from being eaten by a puma. 90s Adventure Bear must save his good friend Yuk Yuk from the evil Major Manslaughter.
7 Nov. 2017
Magic Dragon/Sync Or Swim
When a lonely Dragon shows up in East Reno, Pickle and Peanut help him make friends. Pickle and Peanut go up against the Sugar Bees in a Synchronized Swim competition.
8 Nov. 2017
Pre-School Reunion/Bobsledders
The boys reminisce with their classmates about the time they found a sand elf. When L'il Pickle gets terminal hiccups, the duo joins Lazer's bobsled team to win money for a cure.
9 Nov. 2017
Fugitives/Granny's House
The duo is accused of stealing and try to clear their names. The boys must save Peanut's Gammy's house from being demolished after the Inspector learns that she has too many cats.
10 Nov. 2017
Gregazoids/Meat Ballers
When Peanut finds his childhood collection of Gregazoids, the boys search for the last figure he needs to collect them all. Pickle and Peanut turn the van into a food truck.
2 Dec. 2017
Tree Lighting/A Merry Mocap Musical
Pickle and Peanut drive Scampi across the country to the Christmas tree lighting in New York City. Pickle and Peanut challenge Lazer and a gang of snow people to a dance off.

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