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Sex & Nudity

  • Peanut says "I'm gonna joust you in the knight hole!" to McSweats. But this was meant for insult.
  • Pickle says "nobody cuts my Lil Pickle". While is was very suggestive, as Mandarin Chinese refers it as "small penis", but didn't mean that, because Pickle's pet bird is called Lil Pickle.
  • Pickle twerks when he got a zit on his butt (to show off for more attention). Even Peanut encourages him to do it, just for the fame.
  • Both P&P admires the wearing of a woman, saying "yoga pants" repatedly.
  • Peanut shares his kiss to another woman when he has grown up. McSweats shows his body seductively (though it is disturbingly disgusting) to his ex-girlfriend to win her heart back.
  • Butt crack are always visible throughout the episodes.(especially Pickle's)

Violence & Gore

  • Dr. Craig gets eaten by Mr. Mjart (when turned into a monster). Peanut stabs Mr. Mjart in the heart to save him and the rest, and blue blood splatters all over the floor and Pickle. Some characters are injured badly when being attacked by Mjart himself.
  • P&P gets whacked by a bunch of sleeping men.
  • Peanut always park his car by slamming into objects.
  • A granny's head being sliced off when P&P plays the hose as somekind of a lightsaber. (but this is more intended for laughs, more of a dark death joke.)
  • Banjo Beaver dies in a horrible way when building a damp.
  • Peanut dies (but saved) when doing the bike jump stunt.
  • Cyclo Cyclops rips off a hand of another prisoner. Alot of characters died in the show.
  • Peanut stabs Mr. Mjart.


  • The word "God" was used once. But instead of using the word in vain, it was instead referencing the "Wink Gods", as Peanut hears the wink sound coming from Pickle's whistle.
  • Most of the languages sound simillar to real strong language, and some name-calling and insults. Words as "what the fart", "heck", "dang", "jeez louise", "dumb", "stupid", "fool", "haters", "dungbags","scrub", etc. A phrase "sweet Maria" was used as an exclamation. "Oh my gosh" was used alot of times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • After Pickle drinks a potion made by Ragga, Pickle has gain strange ability to talk to dogs, and this references drug usage effects.
  • A bunch of men drinks at a bar.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the episode "Broken Arm", a water park incident rendered a main character (Peanut) injured to the point where they are only a head.
  • It is very intense when the duo and Rat King tries to cool off the firey volcano with super cold frozen peas, as the volcano may have taken their lives.
  • Some episodes are very scary, take "Gory Agnes" as an example, because this is a horror episode. This episode contains alot of demonic imagery.

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