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(I) (2017)

Jake Gyllenhaal: Jeff Bauman



  • Jeff Bauman : I'm a hero for just standing there and getting my legs blown off?

  • Jeff Bauman : They keep trying to make a hero out of me.

  • Kevin : So I ran to the fire, and there you were. Helping you made me feel like I had helped my son. And for that, I am grateful.

    Jeff Bauman : You are grateful?

    Kevin : Yeah. You help me as much as I help you. and I came here to say "Thank you."

  • Jeff Bauman : [voice over]  And now it's just about healing, getting better, and showing the world I'm fine and that, you know. I'm not gonna let this hold me down, you know, because maybe if they see that, then maybe they won't let stuff hold them down, either. And, you know, there's always gonna be pain, I think, but, I don't know, I just wanna, like... live.

  • Agent Morrell : What do you remember after the blast?

    Jeff Bauman : Uh... there was, like, this smell. Like, it smelled like...

    Agent Morrell : Take your time.

    Jeff Bauman : Like the Fourth of July.

  • Uncle Bob : The whole world is watching you, kid.

    Big Jeff : Yeah, you're like a symbol to a lot of people.

    Jeff Bauman : For what?

    Big Jeff : You know, you're Boston Strong, right?

  • Jeff Bauman : [talking to Erin on the phone] 

    Jeff Bauman : [stammering]  I hope... I hope I didn't get you at a bad time, but I, uh... You know, it's the, uh... Bruins playoff game against Chicago next week, and they... asked me to come out there on the ice.

    Erin Hurley : [chuckles]  On the ice?

    Jeff Bauman : Yeah, I'm not, like, on the... Not to play but, you know, to be the banner captain and, like, wave the flag and shit. It's kind of like singing the national anthem, but for people who suck at singing.

  • Jeff Bauman : Shouldn't you be leaning on me?

    Agent Morrell : Hmm?

    Jeff Bauman : I wish you were leaning on me.

  • Jeff Bauman : You've just got to work, like, you know, your core strength and everything and then you've got to stand up on them and get your balance right. But they're like... They have... They're like feet. They're like feet and legs. They are attached to shoes and you can just, like... and you can just, like...

    Agent Morrell : Are they cool?

    Jeff Bauman : I'm gonna walk. You know, I'm gonna walk with you again someday.

  • Uncle Bob : Very small apartment for three people, Jeffrey.

    Jeff Bauman : Yeah, but technically it's only like two and a half.

  • Jeff Bauman : I don't wanna meet Carlos. I don't wanna relive the worst day of my life.

  • Jeff Bauman : [to Carlos who is pushing his wheelchair on the way to make the throw in at Fenway Park]  A hero and his hero, right?

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