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Building up for an Explosive Finish
vb-grest14 October 2014
We're Halfway into the Final Season and it's all building up for an explosive finish. Jax's demons keep getting bigger and with each episode, he gets more ruthless. The transformation in his character is remarkable from the first few seasons to this one.

It's interesting to see how all the alliances will shift and how each group reacts to the events from the previous episode. This was a great episode that merged two parallel plots together and I for one can't wait to find out how it all comes to an end. It's been a great journey from season one and I'll miss Samcrow. SOA, it's been real.

What a great show.
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Smoke, yes, but unless you can know who...
searchanddestroy-19 December 2017
I appreciate this amazing show, of course. But I must confess that I am literally lost in all those gang war and gun traffic between SOA members, Chinese, Aryans, Irish, Blacks, Chicanos, only Italians, Albanese, Ukrainians, Russians or Sicilians miss...I am lost now since season 2...Only the editing, acting performances and all the rest retain me. But my intellectual capacities don't authorize me to understand those so complex vengeance, alliances, treason or set-up in chain topics where a female cat would not find her own babies...Too much complicated for me, sorry. I appreciate the characters, especially the female ones, far easier to follow and understand.
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Smoke 'em If You Got 'em (#7.6)
ComedyFan201021 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It looks like the next episode will be a big thing. So much is about to come out! What will happen now.

I feel bad that it might be the last episode where we see Juice. We saw him try to survive a lot in this episode. And the ending was blood chilling for me to see him basically being walked to his death. Although I hope something might still happen. Maybe he will use his knowledge about Tara to get himself out.

This is also what Gemma is worried about and I wonder how she will be acting now.

So much killing in it. I remember Jax being a guy who has never killed before. He is way worse than Clay
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