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Tragic perfection
dmny929 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The season finale managed to touch me as very few other series did. It was pure, tragic art. And it was beautiful. I love film noir and this second season was as noir as it can get.

While the season started slowly, as a whole, I consider it to be masterfully crafted. I liked it even more than the first season, and I thought that was amazing at the time (the Mccounaghey - Harrelson duo was perfect but the story wasn't as exciting overall as this season). It was daring, it was consistent in tone. The characters broke away from the apparent stereotypes in the second half of the season, being defined by both the writing and the acting ability of the cast.

The casting couldn't have been better. I've read a lot of complaints about Vince Vaughn. I was doubting him but he proved me wrong, I'm actually wondering why he's sticking to romantic comedies, seeing him act in True Detective. He has more to show than that. During the first few episodes, I thought Taylor Kitsch is trying to fill in for Rust Cohle in this second season and it wouldn't work. His character was actually very different and he brought much more than a cheap imitation of Mccounaghey's style. Colin Farrell was basically born to play Ray Velcoro and Rachel McAdams was a great fit for the powerful Ani Bezzerides who was able to keep up in a world dominated by dangerous men.

The photography and the music (most of it was very subtle, but noticeable, creating a constant tension) were beautifully intertwined and have really helped to create this gloomy, dark, hopeless atmosphere that seemed larger than everything and everyone. The city as a whole and some locations in particular (the bar deserves a special mention - Lera Lynn's music!) became characters themselves. Frightening characters.

It was very daring for the writers to have all the male leads die. And it worked much better than a predictable, boring happy ending. Their deaths weren't accidental, they were the result of their beliefs, the consequences of their actions. Each death felt significant and tragic and that isn't easy to achieve.

There are a lot of subtle touches in this series that some people, myself included, really appreciate. Everything is pieced together on a deeper scale than it might look at a glance (a good example from the finale is the irony of Frank dying in the desert while Jordan was on a boat).

I'm glad I wasn't as vocal as the majority in the first few weeks, I was confident in the season as a whole and my expectations weren't just met, they were exceeded. And that's such a good feeling. I hope there will be a third season, with a different setting and different characters. I think it's a brilliant formula, having high caliber actors, great writing and several hours (instead of 2 or 3 for a feature film) to develop the story and the characters. I'm absolutely sure that it would be just as good. Maybe better. In a different way.
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Life doesn't always have a happy ending. SUCK IT UP.
szlinyc22 January 2019
A great season overall. Compares to the S01 Finale when Matthew McConaughey says "light is always more than darkness" (or whateva) S02 is just a simple "there's nothing you can do bout it". Just like the title "True Detectives", there are solved cases, there are dead good detectives, the only difference is S01 focuses on what is a good detective, S02 focuses on what is the cost of being one. Overall, awesome episode.
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A stunningly dark conclusion to a generally solid second season
ryanjmorris10 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
After a season filled with ups and downs, True Detective has succeeded in delivering three stellar episodes to go out on. Due to episodes six and seven making the most of advancing a ton of narrative work on their own, this finale had enough room to breathe to focus on the characters we've actually grown to care about. True Detective has delivered a finale that exceeds the rest of the season in terms of emotion , character work, themes and just general television quality.

There were some smart touches to this episode which helped to elevate it above the standard of the rest of this season, which, while generally impressive, suffered from occasionally poor writing and a story too big for its own good. Ani and Ray's story telling sequence opening the episode was one of the season's greatest scenes, proving how good this show can be when two main characters just sit and talk. Season one had Rust and Cohle in the car, this season gave us Velcoro and Bezzerides in the bed.

I particularly appreciated Ani's story, and how her description of the moment she was led into the woods by a stranger ultimately reflected the setting and mood of Ray's death towards the episode's close. Ray's brief encounter with his now proved to be biological son was also a touching moment, something I never believed season two was capable of achieving. Frank's death scene was also beautifully photographed, and the constant barrage of hallucinations was smartly handled.

It might have been a rocky path, but True Detective's second season came into its own these last few episodes, and gave us one of its all time best to close on. Bring on season three.
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A great ending to a ride of emotions Warning: Spoilers
The first time I watched the first episode of this season, I was already sure it was not going to beat it's predecessor. You'll say why, well here's my explanation: We don't want a story about dirty cops and corrupt politicians! But (fortunately) I was wrong, from the final scene of the second episode, till the show's last scene, this season was definitely a thrilling ride. We got to see the stories of: A war veteran, a molested cop, a dirty (yet caring) cop and a gangster that now just wants to settle down. Even though in the end only one of these survives, I got to say, it was a great ending. For how can there be a good ending in such a blood-filled and twisted world as ours? And that I think, is why I loved this finale so much, because it shows us that no matter how righteous our path is, the consequences of our acts will always find us. Aside from that, I also loved how we got Frank's redemption as he lay walking in the dessert to an inescapable death, how we got a final and heartfelt moment between Ray and his (legitimate) son.

On the negative side (and that's why I gave it a 9), the producers should have found a more shocking way of presenting us who the man in the raven mask was, not just by looking at a photo and recognizing some guy. And finally, whose was that baby, anyway? We know it wasn't Leonors, but was it Bezzeride's or Woodrough's own son?

These were my only concerns for this awesome and unforgettable episode. One can only hope that next year, season 3 will surpass all our expectations.
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Excellent finale!
newpapyrus-550-80611910 August 2015
The IMDb ratings for the second season of True Detective ranged from as low as 7.9 to as high as 9.4 for the eight episodes. Compiled, the second season of TD has an average rating of 8.6 which is very high and very well deserved, IMO.

Those who criticize the fact that Rey Velcoro compromised his life by going to see his son for one last time simply don't understand who he was. Rationally, he should have gone off with his potential new love to Venezuela and possibly never see his son again. But love is not rational! His love for his son cost Velcoro his life-- because his love for his son was everything! (Guess you could call Velcoro the Rick Grimes of True Detective:-)
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Genius season! exceptional from the traditional storytelling pattern
younestft11 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
No matter what they say in the reviews ,This Season is better than the first one the way i see it

True Detective is one of the greatest TV Series ever made . Probably the best Cop Series ever, 1st season was great in all aspects ,It had more black mystery and darker crime HAIL THE YELLOW KING , lt had a less complicated storyline & characters...aaand it had the same repetitive story telling pattern "HEROES GO THROUGH HELL TRYING TO GET THE BAD GUYS , THEY SUCCEED,THEY SURVIVE.THE END" a solid pattern that worked for centuries. but we want something new.

That's where 2nd season comes, it has a more exceptional pattern ,an outstanding approach to real life like nothing I've ever seen ,The story and each Character are a representation of how real life works. they're complicated yes but hell! real life is even more complicated and most of its endings are sad.

and FRAANK! why didn't you take off the suit man ?! is that worth your life ? apparently not , it wasn't about the suit it was about the diamonds in his pockets remember ? (oh! yeah right its all coming back) he could have give the diamonds and saved his life but MONEEY was more important to him . his wife kept telling him to take whats left and start e new life but you know frank "NO REST , NEVER STOP MOVING". I liked it in the end when the ghost of his wife told him "You stopped moving way back there" like if it was way back when he lost his money and that's where he should've walked out

***MORAL : Contentment is an eternal treasure (arabic proverb)

The scene where The rail project and the catalast group continued its Corrupt work and the scene where Toni Chessani made his oath and became mayor makes you open your eyes to this truth : Even If they cut off one head, more shall take it's place (Hail Hydra! wait that's captain America) anyway the Creators took great care of showing how corrupt the government systems are ,its all the same in real life.."if you know where to look"

So that's it , that is Life ,it will remain corrupt no matter what we do as long as there are humans , giving you the common sense of the series "MAN IS THE CRUELST ANIMAL".

Though, unlike all the tragic endings this one gives you a bit of something that makes it up to you , like when you see that Volkoro & Ani had a Child , and Frank's wife as she always wanted kids holding him , also the way Badass Ani wears her hidden knifes & pistols like nothing ever changed

Aaaand the music maaan!!! it fits perfectly! , this Series & Season are genius , but not everyone understands genius , it is only for high standards & great minds.

So whoever wants to see the same repetitive stuff of : "HEROES GO THROUGH HELL TRYING TO GET THE BAD GUYS ,THEY SUCCEED,THEY SURVIVE.THE END" you have a lot of series out there.

we hope to see a third season that is all different from both seasons in all aspects , not because the two seasons weren't good , they were great! , but because renovation is always a good thing especially from gifted creators like Nic Pizzolatto.
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Last days at Vinci before departing
quincytheodore9 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The last episode takes the characters through a tour of the corrupt city as they try to wrap things up and hopefully escape unscathed. It's a more action packed showing, somewhat reminder of 24 from the flying bullets or chases. Both Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell deliver stellar performance, they maneuver through chaos and conspiracy, but more importantly they give deserved personal conclusions for their characters.

Visually, the final act looks clean despite running its course through dusty town. Credit to cinematography as it portrays the scenery with suave atmosphere. It still gives the gritty noir flair, but for most dramatic parts the series ends strongly with cinematic treatment.

The case itself is pretty jumbled, there are many subplots and they can be messy. Granted, it could work intentionally, but it'd be nice to see more subplots or other characters given more attention. All things revolve back to the leads, and thankfully the writing and acting for these tired men are effective.

Frank and Ray eventually try what last resorts they can play. The show works with prospect that they might just pull it off. Both of lead actors perform admirably, equally giving emotional and personal scenes. Be it may desperation or acceptance, the characters almost seem as though they are going through cathartic motions even though redemption appears awfully far. Audience would most likely respond well as they reach their journeys' end.

Season 2 is different than the first, but ultimately, and probably ironically, it all comes down to the two anti-heroes. In this regard it concludes with a grand closure.
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Best cop drama ever. (Sorry "The Wire")
jwfreeman-6258310 August 2015
My only reason for writing this review, which I never have for any show before, is because it is simply being trashed by incredibly pompous critics whose head it must've gone wayyyyyyy over. Maybe not quite as good as the first season... maybe. Season two had without a doubt though, had the BEST season finale I have ever seen in my entire life. It was... flawless. Pizzolatto captures atmosphere and pure grit better then anyone else in the game. Point. Blank. Period. DO NOT let dumb*** critics dissuade you from watching, there is something within their cynical little brains that keeps them from being able to enjoy the amazing art of true detective. And ALL the actors were amazing, I don't know what got up their ass about Vince Vaughn as they've trashed him the most, but he played the part beautifully, and his performance was completely unique. Never have I seen a portrayal of a wounded gangster done in this fashion and it was awesome! Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, well, they were born to play these parts, I'm not sure it isn't really who they are in real life. Farrell had me in tears in the final episode, he absolutely killed it, and if McAdams' Bezzeride wasn't the most badass portrayal of a strong woman in television then I don't know what in the world is. Of course the critics found problems with it, blah blah blah, big surprise. They'll find problems with everything until all of TV is comprised of nothing but gay minority characters... only then will they be truly happy. ANNNND one more thing: Taylor Kitsch. I was surprised at this one, having never seen anything he was in before I didn't know what to expect, but his portrayal of a closeted gay cop was so frickin' good I felt like I could understand his pain and rooted for him the entire time. Overall Pizzolatto did it again, this guy has created the darkest, most fun cop show of all time. Sorry "The Wire", although I love you, you still are not 8 hour long movie material. Nothing is. Except "True Detective". Thanks Nic P, hope you do it again next year. Oh yeah,and critics, f*** you.
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Horrible Writing
wildmoe3110 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, I get that and applaud the fact that they wanted to go for the realistic "unhappy" ending unlike season 1 where the "good guys" win over the "bad guys", but the way they did it was just horribly written: After killing the Russians and taking all the money Frank and Ray set off. Frank was driving happily away and suddenly Le Wild Mexicans appear out of no where. Ray is supposed to be a cop, he's supposed to know very simple truths. Leaving aside the fact that he has lots of money in his car and he's heading out on a boat, he is still a wanted fugitive, and he should know that the first thing the cops will do is keep an eye on his son in case he tries to contact him. While I do get why they wanted Frank and Ray killed, the plot seemed so forced it's just unrealistic.
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Fantastic End to a Fantastic Season
rhymingvibes10 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I know there are many writers (and a few trolls) who see Season 2 as a mere distraction to the supposed greatness of Season 1. Don't get me wrong: Season 1 was good, great even, but the final episode was a let-down. The unwashed, illegitimate and slow villain somehow managed to kill perhaps a hundred people while they drove by him day-by-day and never suspected? Lector he ain't. But the painful and bittersweet ending to True Detective Season 2 was one of the most emotional moments I've ever had sitting in front of a screen. The music, cinematography and plot-writing combined not just to form a mood, but to stimulate your thinking process. It wasn't just "stimulation", either but balls against the walls action, gun battles, exposing conversation and even some good old-fashioned begging. Some of the more well-heeled reviewers have said that the season was like a run-on stream of action and pointless dialogue. The truth is that the season was more down-to-earth and believable than TDS1. I don't understand the psychology of bashing a new version of something you like but some of these reviewers need to examine their motives.
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A good 2nd outing in the series
mike_brunton14 November 2015
I binged watched the second series over 2 days, which I think was the best way to enjoy this series. All the facts and characters were fresh in my mind. I agree with other reviews, this wasn't as mind blowing as the first season, but I still enjoyed it. I thought the acting was great, even Vince Vaughn out of his comfort zone doing comedies did a great job, and I really felt for him at the end. Same for Colin, the ending came as quite a shock to me. Like other reviewers, I hope the 3rd season improves on this one, but boy did season one set the bar impossibly high. Overall I liked the story of corruption going all the way to the top of society and mankind's depravity and lust and greed. We get the world we deserve, a great line and very true, if you look around you, at the state of the world today. I am totally convinced the only way to improve human society is to end capitalism and introduce a money free world. That of course might never happen. Another descent into the dark side, and I enjoyed the ride.
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Let's just move on to Season 3
alwaysdewright9 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Praise the Yellow King, Season 2 is over. After a laborious eight weeks of television viewing, we can finally move on. Jordan (Kelly Reilly) summed up Season 2 in one concise sentence: "You can't act worth sh*t." Of course she was talking to Frank (Vince Vaughn) who deserves the criticism more than anyone in True Detective history. But let's be honest, this finale, season, writer, inconsistency of directors, direction and story wasn't worth sh*t. This season was an utter waste of time (which now I unfortunately view as a flat, boring, cliché circle).

As far as finales go, this one tried it's hardest to tie a tidy bow around every minuscule side story and character it could while restraining itself just enough from literally holding up cue cards with, "CLUE" or "THIS IS A BAD GUY" written on it. Again we watch the painful dialogue of Vaughn… who takes… his time… to get through… a… sentence… and tries… his hardest… to sound… like a believable... tough guy. And again, he falls flat on his face. But he's not the only one. The crunch for time forces dialogue out of our actors at an unnatural pace. In a season where everyone has been narrating every single aspect of their thought process during every single second of every episode so the audience understands every single detail of what is happening in the story, we're suddenly stuck on the receiving end of a fire hose of ideas and self-discoveries that consistently try to resolve this ongoing drivel. Which makes me wonder, WHY did we sit through this terrible boring story for weeks only to be hit over the head with a frying pan in the end?? Why didn't I just watch the last two episodes? Oh, please explain it to me Mr. Farrell.

This is so present as the finale begins to rev up its engine. Ray and Ani have just found out that Paul is dead, and likely killed by a corrupt cop. Any normal human being would be devastated by the loss of a friend/colleague (even knife-wielding Ani shrugs out a few forced tears for Paul. Sweet, innocent Paul). But just as we begin to see the possibility of a tender moment the season has been lacking, our characters (and story) switches gears to push the tedious narrative. Suddenly Ray solves the whole mystery! "Wait a minute…" he says in his gravelliest of gravelly voices (Ani stops crying/forgets about Paul). "That kid, the one from the movie set. He's the killer!" Whoa! Collin Farell reads Reddit too?! Give. Me. A. Break.

I'd like to say that the finale had a few redeeming points for the season, but I really can't. Everything from Ani's terrible wig, Frank's happenstance kidnapping, his standoff with the over- the-top-cliché-we're-loco-mang-Mexican-gangbangers, his delirious walk of shame confronting demons in the desert before death (yeah we get it, your dad was a dick), Farrell's 'noble' attempt to connect with his son outside of cell service, then his best Swiss cheese impression. But especially the quasi-Feminist final moment of the season that I'm sure Pizzolatto wrote specially to respond to last season's naysayers who poo-poo'd his overt chauvinistic tropes writing single-dimension women. I thought the Dexter finale was bad. Slow clap to snooze.

OK, OK, OK. On a positive note, even I can admit that this was the best episode of the season. EVERY episode should have had the momentum and drive that this one had, and it would have made the season worth watching. I would also like to give kudos to whoever served as the director this episode (it doesn't seem to be credited anywhere, which makes me wonder if Cary Fukunaga suspiciously got dragged back into the mess. And if so, please PLEASE come back and save this thing in Season 3).

Nonetheless, let's just chalk this season up to a mistake. A mild snafu. Nick Pizzolatto, you tried your best at the California noir scene and it didn't work. It ended the way we all knew it would, quite predictably and unfulfilled, and nothing really happened from episode one until the end except for hours and hours of meaningless dialogue. The good news is you have the success of season 1 to fall back on and learn from. So if I have any advice for you, Mr. Pizzolatto, it would be for next season to go back to what works. Go back to being dark. Not Vince Vaughn desperately pretending to be a gangster from 'The Mask' dark, but serious backwoods messed up Sh*t. Go back to being weird, and wild, and unfamiliarly crazy and different. Go create another cult, find a bizarre land that nobody wants to think about but deep down we all secretly want to see for ourselves. And take us there, force us to watch all the scary sh*t that goes on, and freak us the fu*k out so we can't turn away. That is your yellow king, not whatever California fool's gold Season 2 tried to be.
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Someone tell Nic
shesetsail10 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is just a really dull story with complexity taking the place of plot. Here's what TD (currently standing for Te Dium) needs to change:

1)Someone tell Nic when the basic idea is just pants.

2)Someone tell Nic when the dialogue is embarrassing.

3)Someone tell Nic that more characters do not make up for less plot.

4)Someone tell Nic that complexity does not conceal a weak storyline.

5)Someone tell Nic that the actors, however gifted, cannot hide any of the above.

6)Someone tell Nic never to make a crime plot about a lesser crime than the one posited. People wanted a grand creepy story about the eyeless corpse and the bird man. The diamonds, the money and the corruption were secondary, and should have stayed that way.

7)Someone tell Nic to let characters unfold through what they do in relation to the story. This is called 'Plot'.

8)Someone tell Nic not to waste time or opportunities. Once the viewers catch on, they won't let you get away with it again.

9)Someone tell Nic to avoid using lots of directors. Stick with one great one. For a crime story this means pace and tension as well as evoking atmosphere.

10)Someone tell Nic that hubris is a crime in any form of artistic endeavour.

What a waste.
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What a Bummer of a Final Episode!
lavatch27 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
After a strong build-up in episode seven, this finale was an enormous letdown for one reason: it was too depressing!

The program begins with a pair of confessionals. Antigone relates her childhood episode in the woods with her bearded abductor. Ray conveys his guilt over having killed an innocent man. These tortured characters appear to experience a catharsis in opening up about their past.

The program then moves into a series of action sequences with Ray, Ani, and Frank moving against the plotters of the California "corridor" scam. But the problem is that too many of the police are involved for their plan to be successful. Ani makes her escape to Venezuela by boat. But Ray and Frank are not as lucky, both consumed by the vultures, one figuratively (Ray) and one literally (Frank).

Like the series as a whole, this final episode gets bogged down in too many insignificant plot details and characters. Tony and Betty Pitlor, the children of the wacko psychiatrist, are mentioned as important eyewitnesses, yet never appear in the program. Another weakness was in the dialogue. The first season was enormously entertaining with the banter of Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. By contrast, script for season 2 was a variation of the Oedipal complex and filled with morose musings that remained on a single, static level.

On the other hand, the strength of the second season of "True Detective" was in the development of three characters: Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell), Antigone Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams), and Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn). It was especially Semyon's character that had some complexity, due to his inherent decency behind the mask of ruthlessness and vaulting ambition.

The ambivalent and depressing ending includes a nearly comical tribute to Paul Woodrugh, for whom a California highway is named in his honor. But the irony is that by the close of the series, the award is given with the public believing erroneously that Woodrugh was murdered by Ray Velcoro. It is not even clear if the L.A. Times reporter will be capable of assembling the evidence provided him by Antigone in Venezuela. The best word to describe this final episode is: inconclusive.

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Never Lay Down
Marlo_Spencer10 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I've often found the best endings for any film or series are the ones which hunker heavily on the mind once it's over; True Detective's "Omega Station" season finale achieved this with great heights.

I have no objections to the writing, as the acting, symbolism and tone can communicate more than just mere words. We got to see what drove Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn) to not "Lay down" despite the grim circumstances (being alone in the desert with the "Mexicans"). The ghosts of his abusive father and neighborhood bullies as he limped through the blazing sun in the middle of nowhere shed light (no pun intended) on his strengths and weaknesses, both of which simultaneously led to his demise. I truly thought he would make it out alive, at least I hoped he would. If it's any consolation (and it is), he did get what he set out to do - take vengeance on those who screwed him out of his millions and the ultimate business deal, plus recovered his losses. Vince Vaughn was a top notch choice for this role, indeed.

I believe in the end, Detective Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell) atoned for his bad choices and that Detective Ani Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams) got her form of justice from not only Woodrugh's (Taylor Kitsch) & Velcro's death or the set up they were all placed into, but her own (the molestation, the sexual debauchery at the party). Bezzerides was/is a strong female character in every sense of the word. It was refreshing to experience this kind of woman in such a chaotic world. I hope Rachel McAdams is nominated for an Emmy and/or Golden Globe.

To sum it up with a quote from Velcoro, "We deserve the world we live in." ...and in that world are very few happy endings.
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The Elephant In the Room
A_Different_Drummer3 September 2015
The good news about this season? The performances. Whether I want them to or not, I believe the performances of Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams, both significantly outside their comfort zones, will stay with me. They are amazing. Also interesting cinematography, so dark you might think your $4000 plasma screen blew a rectifier. And ... well, to be honest .. we have just run out of good news.

Which brings us to the elephant in the room. The first season was not merely brilliant in every sense but exhilarating. Tens of thousands of fans joined 12-step programs just to quell their addiction. Hoping that the second season would be the fix they needed to deal with their withdrawal.

Wrong. The first season is as different from the second as chalk and cheese. What is also distressing -- and I have done a few reviews in my day -- is that I can sense the suppressed desperation even in the positive reviews. It is like the members are saying, I can't believe I watched the whole thing, the problem must be me, the second season must have been brilliant and I am the one who just didn't get it.

Nope, not your fault. The production team green-lighted a script that should have come with its own suicide hotline. The story is not only incomprehensible but completely lacking in fun, wit, audience connection, clever dialog, and plot reversals. It is the script equivalent of a forced march over the River Quai.

To those in denial -- which includes all the positive reviewers and possibly the producers themselves -- here is a heads-up. This is an entertainment medium. If viewers want grief, they can simply turn on the nightly news.
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Great ending for a great story, it's a lot different than the previous but in a good way
Holt3445 February 2019
This season finale wraps everything up in unique and unexpected ways. John Crowley did an excellent job at the directing the episode. This episode being one of my favorite of this season, showing all the organizations and ending it with a bang. Just excellent television.

The overall second season was good but lacked what we knew True Detective is about, instead of making a similar season they made something unique, capturing the underworld of crime with a different case that is a mystery for us viewers and the mystery part of it is what made it interesting. The ensemble cast is chosen widely and all the four actors that plays the main characters does an incredible job at portraying them in a believable way, not over dramatic, realistic. It's my favorite performance of Colin Farrell. Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch and Vince Vaughn was all great. With the help of the performances and Nic Pizzolatto in the writing chair, the second season became a great season with great drama and action sequences. The only thing that was lacking was the overall case, felt more like a sub plot than the whole plot.
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Good but not as good as season 1
jmarzka6 January 2019
I liked season 2 a lot but it left me wanting as it pales to season 1. Still very character driven, which is good; but it's lacking the depth of season 1. It's very dark start to finish and I'm more of "Scooby-Doo ending" kind of guy; and this was no where near Scooby-Doo.
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This Season is an insult to every True Detective fan out there..
energyzeezo10 August 2015
Before I start I'm not going to give this a 1/10 because the finale was a thrilling experience, but it isn't enough to save the season from being an utter disaster.

For such an over complicated story 8 episodes aren't enough to cover 10% of it.. especially when most of the content is mere family issues, broken relationships, people talking about their history with no background stories & bad blood. All the events of this season are happening in such an inconsistent and unorganized way that you lose track of what's really going on.. Nothing gets explained they just throw random statements in your face and expect you to analyze and understand the plot yourself.

And why do you name this "True Detective" when there's no actual detective work.. The only shots we witnessed that might relate to any real police work we expected were just a couple of minutes of the main characters reading out some documents, and as you expect NOTHING GETS EXPLAINED, they discover something.. throw a statement.. then back to the boring "talking about my problems" sequel.

And what's with the terrible screen writing and awful nerve-wrecking quotes that have absolutely no meaningful resemblance!

I can write for hours and not cover up all the points that make this season the biggest disappointment in TV history since Lost.
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who cares???
kobiovadia10 August 2015
after epic first season, a season that made me think that the creator is one of the greatest genius in the history of American TV, came that season and proof me i was wrong. i was stayed tuned all season long with my mouth sealed: for sure there is something i missing, and soon ill understand the masterpiece i watching while trying hard not to fall asleep. but after the finale, i can say it out loud: who fu**** cares??? who cares about the mystery? who care about that boring victim casper? who cares about the bad guys? who are the bad guys? who cares about Vince Vaughn character? he was supposed to be the candy of the plot- well, he was nothing. who cares about that stupid pompous dialog writing? no yellow king this time. no carcosa. no magic pizzolato. just some poor wannabe David lynch. the only thing I'm gonna take from this season is Colin Farrell who gave his deepest act so far. his scenes with his kid was unforgettable. the creepy plastic surgery guy was pretty intense also. all the rest? nada. empty. don't waste your time about that one- its one of the biggest disappointments of the year. boring boring nothing.
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Disgusted by ending
ryanbreski9 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I'm going to be honest, this is the first review I have ever written and it may very well be my last I was just so disappointed with the ending of this season that I had to get it off my chest. Don't get me wrong frank and woodrugh were on downward spirals and I thought that their fates were a fine conclusion. But ray and McAdams were lost broken characters from the get go and as soon as they start doing the right thing and it seems like they might finally get a second chance and a reason for living these fool writers just decide to kill everybody. And yes I did finish the episode and know that McAdams is still alive but she's in a foreign country with no money and no plan whatsoever. And she's still packing the knives which says to me that she still doesn't trust anyone (except for ray maybe oh yeah he's dead). If there was an episode 9 it would just be her sitting in a rundown Venezuelan apartment contemplating blowing her brains out. Thanks for wasting 8.5 hours of my time
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Review of season 2: Episodes 7-8
85122223 August 2015
Greetings from Lithuania.

"True Detective" season's 2 episode 7 was 10/10 in my opinion. Music, pacing, acting, overall feel of upcoming events it all just felt great, dark and powerful - in comparison to other episodes of disappointing season 2.

The finale was good, but nothing great or memorable. It was good finale for season 2, but in my opinion the whole season was much more weaker then season 1, so if you consider this, it was kinda good ending. The scene in the desert was a standout, and i loved the overall pacing of this episode, with every minute just closing on our heroes. But then, when something did happen to our main characters, i just didn't care. It looked good, but there were no feelings for them, when for example at the end of season 1 i was shouting my voice out for our main character not to go into that damn labyrinth at the end and i was at the edge of my seat and rooting for them to succeed badly - there were no feeling like that in season 2, although Colin Farrell did a great job in the series overall, he could get some nomination.

Overall, season 2 is very disappointing one if you compare it to brilliant season 1. There were some miscast actors here, who did their best with material they had. The script was the biggest letdown. It kinda had this noir feeling, but there were no tension, and the ending felt forced. All in all i enjoyed for what it was, but i wouldn't recommend it to anyone who loved season 1.
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Disappointing does not even begin to describe this season
rossaxiotis23 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Everything that I LOVED about the first season simply does not exist even in the slightest in all of the second season. The simple fact is that the creators of this show, while brilliant in the first season, seem to have fallen into the disillusion trap that they could not go wrong in the second season. While the performance of the protagonists in the second season was adequate and at times even better than adequate, however the story line, direction and even editing falls way short. Here is a question for you IMDb, why in your search results when someone types in "True Detective" the result is a fusion of both seasons? The actors listed are a long list of both but the "Storyline" description is of the first season only. Even the first comment from users like myself is a stellar one giving it 10 stars (about the first season naturally) which I could not agree with more. I know that the name is the same for both seasons but can anyone say apples and rotten oranges? There needs to be a separation of the two seasons in every way.

I know I checked the box that says May contain spoilers but the reason was probably because I have nothing good to say about season 2 and I think that's spoiler enough. I just have to apologize to all the people I talked into watching season 2 before I watched it just because I was so impressed with season one, in that sense season 2 succeeded, greatest bluff ever.
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Another Masterpiece of Storytelling Complete
jericw162 September 2018
This is a late review, but necessary to add. To all those who don't like this season, get over it. You are a minority, and spewing hate and unintelligible reviews isn't doing anything but embarrassing yourself.
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The World Didn't Deserve TD S2.
oogway22-428-71453010 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Holy bad.

Let us begin with a quote...

Brevity is the soul of wit - Shakespeare

This story was so insanely over complicated, with hilariously over complicated protagonists... I don't even know where to begin. But I will try. And do not mistake complicated or overly complex as intelligent writing.

How am I supposed to juggle all these emotions??? Slowly digest how insanely hilarious these 4 main characters are... An alcoholic, emotionally distant, abusive father, with x-wife issues, who doesn't know if he is really a father or not... a gangster who is trying to have kids, can't stay happy in his marriage, and can't find his missing fortune... a sexually abused, hyper sexual detective with daddy issues, who's mom committed suicide in a cult... and a closet homosexual, x-military bag man, with PTSD, who is getting married, and has a pregnant fiancé... LOL. I am literally gagging from laughing.

This is why 95% of audiences felt absolutely nothing each time 1 of the 3 main characters died. There were way to many main characters with insanely too much baggage to digest. COUPLED no less with the most over elaborate mix master of bad guy plots ever puked onto paper. There were so many names and so many divergent areas of the plot that there was 0 room to emotionally invest me in the story.

Complexity in characters like this can be achieved but in VERY small doses at a time with a slow revealing process.(GoT) Otherwise, the show just comes off at trying to be overly intelligent, and falls way short of rich. When acting giants like this have to overact to keep their characters alive, only so they can be killed by characters that were never explained ... RIP.

And yes. One of the main characters was killed because he punched a guy who wanted his suit. That actually happened.

Not even the worst of human beings deserve TD S2.
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