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  • A group of independent historians stumble upon a conspiracy about the creation of man, putting their lives and the lives of those around them in great danger.

  • While tracing the true identity of a young boy a group of historic conspirators find themselves in a net of lies and become the target of a powerful group known as the Illuminati. During their attempt to uncover the riddles of ancient monuments in connection with extraterrestrial life they cross dimensions and witness their own assassinations. As unofficial government agents close in, the young boy reveals his identity to the Illuminati and sets off an extraterrestrial war way beyond human comprehension.


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  • SPHINX: Genesis is the journey of young historians that spent their lives decoding riddles that were left behind hundreds and thousands of years ago in monuments or ancient drawings in the old Mesopotamia. It is a story about power and reign and the fact that mankind, that earth and everything that man knows is nothing but a tiny unnoticeable corner piece of a huge puzzle we call creation.

    Joshua Warrencroft, 10 years old, appears like any other boy. But his life is anything but normal. Through the years a group of independent conspirators have traveled the world trying to find proof of extraterrestrial life on earth, examining unexplainable monuments such as the ancient pyramids in Egypt, Machu Picchu, the Nazca lines in Peru and the obelisks all over the planet. They repeatedly ran into the same 10 year old boy Joshua, in distant war torn countries, in remote locations with indigenous people and became witnesses to his nearly godly abilities.

    As those very conspirators dug deeper into our recent history, they found photographic evidence displaying Joshua next to Marie Curie as she worked on discovering radioactivity, next to Gandhi in the 50s, next to JFK in the late 50s, next to Albert Einstein or even next to Adolf Hitler. Who is Joshua? Why is the exact same boy displayed in historic images from our past... is he immortal... is he able to travel through time... and why is he under surveillance by the federal government...

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