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Zaffy-13 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A Comedy? with two completely abusing parents torturing their children to feed their sick egos? No, this is not comedy. This should be a drama ending with both parents in prison where they belong.

There is nothing funny in harming your children, physically and mentally for your personal issues. What genius had the idea of making a "slapstick" comedy on children abuse by their parents? Real people are not cartoons. This is not a topic for laughs.

I watched the movie expected the children to be finally separated from those unfit to be parents, but no, the film ends with them expecting a 4th child..

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Comedy off
kosmasp1 March 2016
Not as in "not there" or shut off, but as in not your usual simple style. Some would call it inconsistent or lacking focus and flow. Also some might miss this going completely the slapstick route. But the rhythm this sets for itself does work. Set in the real world, with two people still sort of loving each other going off the rails, because of what society expects/pressures people into.

So the basis is fundamental and the movie has something to say. That it does with some over the top situations is either funny or boring to some. I still think it does a good job staying on the right side of funny. Which is a great attribute to the actors as well. They have to sell the being in love, but still fighting against each other. The chemistry is phenomenal
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Divorce made side-splittingly funny!
anxiousgayhorseonketamine7 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
... and that says it all ... not a part of human life people usually associate with mirth; here in "Papa ou Maman" there is nothing but; of course it is fiction but the premise of a hard-working professional forty-something couple deciding on a divorce and then reluctantly telling the 3 kids and then clearly fighting to make sure the other one is lumbered with them puts a new slant on the "normal" struggle to keep custody ...the plot is an inversion on accepted social codes and all sorts of mayhem ensues both parents do their utmost to make the kids decide to stay with the other parent.

The main quality of this fast-paced social comedy is its impeccable rhythm; it plays like a piece of fluid music; with all the instruments doing their bit flawlessly; both main adult actors have true comedic feel for this piece and I surely cannot be the only person who has noticed Marina Foïs is a quasi dead-ringer for Jennifer Aniston . Highly highly recommended if you want 85 minutes of fun ..
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Quite funny despite the lack of rhythm/shy slapstick
vostf1 September 2015
Since most comedies are dumb and dumber I wait for positive word of mouth (from reliable viewers) to watch one. Papa ou Maman did quite well at the box-office and someone told me it was funny so I eventually checked it, my expectations set very low since comedy is seen by producers as a safe bet (to sell the project) rather than a fine challenge (to make a fine movie, discover talent, start a franchise...).

Papa ou Maman sports an enjoyable dose of slapstick, yet it doesn't go all the way to slapstick. That is its big flaw: many situations are just plain crazy but in between the main characters just seems ordinary, too ordinary, bordering boring. Be it a writing or producing defect, the result is a movie lacking rhythm and just stretched to fill the compulsory 85min.

So I'd say it was a fine surprise for someone expecting nothing, but it is basically just an interesting blueprint for remake. An English remake that would dare to go slapstick, with 2 furious parents, 2 spoilt brats and 1 fine kid.
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A divorcing parents desperate fight to NOT get the custody.
miemiliofantasma28 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
A perfect couple of perfect successful professionals consider themselves "modern enough" to agree a friendly divorce because, in their own words, their passion has became a good friendship. They have it all perfectly planned: dad, a doctor, will fulfill his dream of spending half a year in Haiti as volunteer. They would get apartments not far from each other so their children (a six years old boy and two teenagers, boy and girl) are never far from both of them. The only thing to do is they have not the guts to tell the children about their divorce. But of course, things are not going to be as easy as ghat. Mom, construction manager, is offered a dream project abroad. In a forts moment, she is willing to reject it and stick to the plan. Until her husband starts a relationship with a young nurse and she finds out. From that point, a war starts between them to NOT get the custody of their kids, so they can pursue their career wishes. They will do anything to make the kids to choose to live with the other, or a judge to decide so, from mom sneaking in her teenage daughter friends party to drink, smoke weed and dance sexy for the girl's absolute shame, dad explaining their six years old "you know... when somebody separate female wolves from their cubs they kill themselves. You don't want mommy to suicide don't you". Those being just two of the less politically incorrect methods used. Each one's friend's advises to help them to get the custody are not in vain: they immediately do the opposite.

This movie, because of its budget and facture, parted with kind of low expectations on my part, but it was entertaining, and I laughed. I think precisely because it is so non-PC.
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parents to divorce all kinds of child abuse
yoggwork19 February 2019
Although the whole film is very relaxed and interesting, the plot and performance are also amusing, but not very like his settings, parents to divorce all kinds of child abuse.
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Its garbage
venczelzoltan-558768 August 2019
This is the worst "movie" I ever saw. Its heartless, pointless and its not even funny they are killing kids like Hitler yolo
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