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  • Awaiting his formal arraignment at Rikers Island, Naz realizes that his survival, or perhaps his demise, rests with an inmate named Freddy Knight, while Stone is double crossed.


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  • At Riker's Island, cop fills out a form with Naz. She asks if he is gay, on drugs, suicidal or a gang member. No to all, she wishes him luck.

    Box grills the arresting cops, Wiggins and Maldonado, already prepping them for trial. Nasir Khan is a clean cut college kid, the jury may sympathize.

    Stone talks to an ADA in the men's washroom, fishing for how strong the case is. The ADA says it will be a quick trial.

    Stone briefs the Khans and warns them the trial may be a long one and Naz is facing life imprisonment. They begin to discuss fees, Stone says he will charge a flat fee of $75,000 if the case goes to trial. The Khans don't have that kind of cash, even with a $60,000 offer they say they can't afford him. Stone warns them about Legal Aid (lawyers like himself), then they agree on $55,000 , Stone leaves a template retainer for them to read and sign.

    A man is taken from his jail cell, a clipping refers to him as the 'King of Queens'

    Naz undergoes further processing in the jail. He watches a female guard take a prisoner away, they go to have sex in a utility room, after, as she counts some cash, she says it will be too risky to continue. Another cop reads Naz and his group the riot act. Naz is led to a cot in a large open area.

    The DA discusses the case with a superior, he tells her to act quickly. She dismisses Stone as a precinct trawler. Stone meets with DA and compares the case to Jody Arias. They chat and Stone proposes manslaughter. She tells him to buy a new suit, not brown.

    Salim meets his friends in a cafe, They ask about the shared cab as they are losing money now. Outside, Salim is covertly photographed.

    A man in the bunk next to Naz warns him to keep his head down and shut up. The King of Queens watches them.

    Det. Box looks at childhood photos of Naz. A doctor looks at Stone's feet, they are worse because Stone has applied Paco Rabanne cologne and is having an allergic reaction. The doctor says to wrap his feet in Crisco and Saran Wrap.

    A slick female lawyer has a press conference, she is representing a flight attendant in an unlawful dismissal lawsuit.

    The Khans go to visit Nasir at Riker's. Only one ticket per person is allowed. A female cop physically searches Safar even inside her bra. Now, Naz tells his parents what happened that night, but says he never killed Andrea. Salim tries to reassure Naz.

    At a televised press conference a media rep explains the case to a crowd of reporters. The prisoners in jail watch. The slick lawyer watches, the Pakistanis watch. Stone gets a moment to rebut and tells the TV audience Naz is as American as baseball.

    In jail a group of men approach Naz and ask if he raped the girl. A guard approaches and gives him black sneakers, a gift from 'Freddy'. Naz showers with the shoes on, then is all alone with his thoughts.

    The Pakistanis try to get their cab but the impound cop tells them to get a lawyer, that the state will sue them to keep the car, and he suggests they have Naz charged with Grand Theft Auto in order to get the car back. Salim is stunned. The cop gives them a John Stone business card.

    Stone covers his feet with the Crisco. He goes to the murder house and is let in, he photos the bloody bedroom. He sees the cat outside and lets it in. Stone pours the cat some milk, then the animal curls up at his feet.

    The Muslim call to prayer sounds out in the jail. The slick lawyer finds an Indian junior lawyer and goes to the Khans. She puts down Stone as inexperienced and asks if they signed a retainer, they haven't yet. She offers to take the case for nothing.

    At a help group other men with foot problems share their stories. One announces he has started dating. John jokes around with the others.

    The prisoners watch TV, Naz notices the King of Queens offer him a cell phone, Naz shakes his head, no.

    Stone buys clothes and socks at a street vendor.

    Naz and his father talk on a landline, the elder says they are switching lawyers. Naz is puzzled as he likes Mr. Stone. John goes to visit Naz and gives him the clothes. He updates Naz who stops him, saying they have a new lawyer Alison Crowe (Glenne Headley). Stone pretends to understand, leaves his card, then Naz is taken back to the cells.

    Naz goes to Crowe's office and meets Chandra Kapoor (Amara Karan). He accuses them of stealing his client and insults Chandra for being used as a prop. Sadly he walks down a street and looks wistfully at new shoes in a shop window. Walking by the murder house he sees the informal candle shrine for Andrea and apologizes to the mewing cat for ot being able to look after it - he is also allergic.

    A guard takes Naz to see Freddy (Michael Kenneth Williams). A gang leader, the King of Queens, has a private cell with many amenities. He tells a puzzled Naz an elliptical story about family and the 'hood. Freddy warns Naz the other prison Muslims hate him, and the others dislike him as a rapist. He has Naz close his eyes and touch a piece of raw veal, joking it was a heart. Freddy offers his protection. The guard takes Naz back to his bed. The other prisoner asks what Freddy wanted, Naz says he refused the offer.

    Stone brings the cat to an animal shelter, if not taken by someone it will be put down in 10 days.

    At night Naz goes for a pee, back in the sleeping area he sees his bed in flames, the other prisoners glare at him and make threatening gestures.

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