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It now feels like a three hour long "Intro"
medina-4324728 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start by saying this show had one of the best first episodes of all time, so far music, cinematography and some of the cast have been superb.

Still by chapter 3 there have not really been any new developments, no clues about if he really did it or rather no compelling evidence to show he didn't. The acting has not been that good but probably because no big emotional situations have occurred.

I hope this show picks up and really develops faster since it has become rather tedious and at times it feels like "Feet Dermatitis: The Series" we are putting so much focus on Jack Stone's feet that they better find scabs in the crime scene to prove he did it as a plot twist. Overall by the pace this has been taking I feel like this series could have been a movie instead.
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Dumb kid gets framed for murder
jedly28 August 2016
THE NIGHT OF, Episode 3: A DARK CRATE has the plot thickening. John Stone lays his legal fee down; $50,000. It's negotiated down from $75,000 The Khan's can't afford it. Meanwhile, Naz is fully processed at Rikers Island, and the audience is introduced to influential (even among the guards) inmate Freddie Knight (Michael Kenneth Williams) who likes schtupping an attractive female prison guard in exchange for drugs. And, then there's the DA Helen Weiss (Jeannie Berlin) who, with all the evidence mounting against Khan, is going to have a cakewalk of a trial.

On top of all this, Naz's father, Salim, and the taxi's two other co-owners, Tariq (Mohammad Bakri) and Yusuf (Nabil Elouahabi) can't get back to work, because the taxi is still impounded. The only option to get it out would be to file Grand Theft charges against his son.

The plot thickens when another attorney-- a powerhouse attorney, Alison Crowe (Glenne Headley) is very intrigued by all of the media attention of the case, offers to take it pro bono. Crowe uses an employee, Chandra Kapoor (Amara Karan) and discredits John Stone to attract the Khan's interest, and it works. This leaves Stone out in the cold.

Aside from the basic, sort of standard plot line, it's the compelling characters that make this story work. The two things this show has going for it; well acted, believable characters and the cinematography is eerie, and yet beatifically shot. The camera gives the audience's eyes time to take in every shot. It isn't just rapid fire scene change--- shot, shot, shot, shot--scene change-- done. I really like that it doesn't rush.

Likewise, the each episode builds the character development; backgrounds, quirks, likes/dislikes, and humor. None of these characters are paper thin, especially character actor John Turturro. He's, at least so far, the stand out.

Also, the Islamophobia, which becomes increasingly more prevalent as the story goes on, adds to the somewhat annoying realism of the world they live in. After all of the BS in the 2016 Presidential Election it's a little tasking to see in a TV show, but it does aide the realistic story line. This is also why Freddie Knight takes a liking to Naz. The other "Muslim" inmates aren't real. They're opportunistic. Naz is natural born, which according to Knight makes Naz a celebrity. As a result Knight offers him protection. Refusal, which Naz does, brings complications.

I really liked this episode. The show doesn't rush. It doesn't throw drama, intrigue, and action at you rapid fire. It just lets it flow like a stream. It's definitely worth the time.
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Amazing show so far
8512221 November 2016
Greetings from Lithuania.

"A Dark Crate", third episode of "The Night Of" continuous to give good in every scene, in every sentence. This show is definitely the most addictive and the best i've seen in many moons, and i do watch a lot of shows.

Writing is simply perfect as well as directing of each scene - everything is simply perfect, do so good that this is the only show at the moment which i do not want to end. Big two thumbs up to Steven Zaillian - the creator, writer and director of this truly unique show.

Can't wait to see next chapters. Amazing show in every sense.
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The Slow Wheels of Justice
lavatch2 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The major turn of events in this episode is that appears as though Naz will lose his attorney, John "Johnny Red" Stone. A high profile, Alison Crowe, attorney proposes to Naz's parents that she will take the case pro bono. Stone makes an emotional appeal to Anne's assistant, Chandra Kapoor, but it appears as though Stone is out. Clearly, Ms. Crowe has a personal agenda that may not be in the best interest of the client.

Stone's reputation of a "precinct crawler" precedes him everywhere. One of the more amusing sidebars of the program is that the associates of Salim Khan, who are partners in the ownership of the taxi, may approach Stone as the attorney who will sue young Naz for the loss of revenue with the impounded vehicle! Most of the episode is set in the Rikers Island prison, where Naz is befriended by prison kingpin Freddie Knight. While his life may be in danger as a "celebrity" of the prison, Naz's first instinct is to reject Freddie's offer of support.

Meanwhile, the wheels of justice turn slowly. Stone has paid a visit to the crime scene where he has taken photographs and helped out with the cat of Andrea Cornish. But it is still not clear whether he has any evidence that points away from Naz as the killer.
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