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Big Sister Motsuki/PJ Party Crasher

Motsuki steals Captain Smartypants' baby ray gun, and uses it to turn Luna Girl, Captain Smartypants, and the PJ Masks mentally into infants. Connor and Greg are putting up a slumber party, and Luna Girl wants to be ...


8 Jan. 2016
Speak UP, Gekko!/Catboy and Master Fang's Sword
When Romeo steals Gekko�۪s voice, Gekko has to get over his stage fright and get his voice back! / Unlike his favourite Kung-Fu Master, Catboy sometimes has trouble staying calm. Can he keep his cool to get Master Fang's sword back?
3 Jan. 2016
Gekko Saves Christmas/Gekko's Nice Ice Plan
Night Ninja steals the school bus to make his very own super-vehicle! Can our heros save the day and learn that asking for help doesn�۪t make you weak? / When a teeny Ninjalino is discovered in HQ, Catboy worries that he�۪s up to no good! Can Catboy learn to trust the Ninjalino in time to save the day together?
14 Jan. 2016
Catboy's Flying Fiasco/Catboy's Two-Wheeled Wonder
When Catboy receives a scooter as a gift from an unknown aunt, something smells fishy. But it�۪s too good to leave at home. Too bad that it�۪s really a ���gift�۝ from . . . Luna Girl! / When Despite having the sneezes, Gekko leaves HQ allowing the moths to sneak in and let Luna Girl in. Can Gekko still save the day?
6 Jan. 2016
Gekko Has The Stay-At-Home Sneezes/Catboy Takes Control
Can Catboy listen to the others in time to stop Romeo's super remote allowing him to control everyone at the same time? / When Night Ninja breaks Owlette�۪s Flossy Flash statue, Owlette tries to get back at him. Will she learns two wrongs don�۪t make a right and save the museum?
4 Jan. 2016
Catboy, Gekko & the Robot Rampage/Owlette & the Battling Headquarters
When Robette decides to take over the world, Catboy and Gekko are ready to stop her but forget to include Owlette in their fun. / Owlette finds a bird in HQ and decides she�۪ll be the perfect pet owner. But, when fun takes priority can Luna Girl use the bird for herself?
15 Jan. 2016
Owlette's Two Wrongs/Gekko & the Mighty Moon Problem
With a space laser, Romeo, his robot, Luna Girl and the moths all causing problems, will Gekko feel too overwhelmed to save the day? / When agile Catboy is the first to be ���clumsified�۝ by Romeo's newest invention, he can�۪t admit it and tries to save the day without any help.
17 Jan. 2016
Owlette of a Kind/Gekko's Special Rock
With Catboy's stolen parade drum, Night Ninja plans to turn the daytime parade into the Night Ninja Parade Spectacular. It's up to Catboy, the real parade leader to save the day. / When Romeo duplicates Owlette's powers and turns not only himself but Catboy and Gekko into fliers, Owlette feels she's lost what makes her special.
18 Jan. 2016
Owlette & The Owletteenies/Gekko & the Mayhem at the Museum
Night Ninja creates a fortress of school buses planning to take down PJ Mask HQ. Amazed by what his fortress can do, Owlette forgets all of the things her own HQ is capable of. / When Romeo unleashes his Big Box of Bad, Gekko has to learn that there�۪s more than one way to solve a problem if he�۪s going to save the day.
8 Jan. 2016
Catboy & the Sticky Splat Slingshot/Gekko Floats
When Romeo discovers HQs super-secret rocket ship ability, Owlette�۪s reliance on her computer tablet to save the day instead of her own skills gets them into trouble. / When Night Ninja plans a big bad guy move, can Catboy learn that it's not about how cool you look saving the day, just that you save it?

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