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Things to learn
go_titans14 August 2016
There is only one other review on this page currently (dated 7 Aug 2016) but I think it sums things up nicely, and I find myself almost completely in agreement with it. There are, however, a few things I would like to add.

I don't feel like I have wasted my time if the film has managed to maintain a smile on my face, and I can learn a few things along the way. In this case, the film definitely informs the viewer of several interesting things regarding the modern sex industry, while at the same time making a study of the struggling middle class and its increasing crossover into taking more desperate measures in order to get by.

If I had to point out faults it would be that there are a few issues/sub plots the director raises but then doesn't fully address, and in fact just completely brushes them aside in order to provide the film with the desired ending.

But to sum up, as long as you watch this film in a situation where sex topics are not going to cause embarrassment, I regard it as worth watching and a bit of fun.

Oh, and I'll disagree with the other reviewer and say that Ashley Tisdale would by my pick. ;)
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It was very mediocre, but I like it.
subxerogravity7 August 2016
Not a bad movie at all but nothing to get excited over. It's very bland in it's implantation of the plot.

I've seen this before. The economy is bad and Jason Biggs plays a highly college educated man who can't get a job in his field. He can't wait any longer, because his out of work wife is having a baby, and they have no insurance for it, so he takes the first job that's offered to him: A job as a driver for a group of strippers.

Jason Biggs was right for the role as the main protagonist. He brings a sweetness to the whole movie. His innocence is believable without being too melodramatic.

I thought it was interesting that they did not bring up the strippers dark side to why they became strippers. Early on the movie explains it's about the money and it's good money and it's a job and nothing else, which is pretty much the prime basis of the movie is that everyone needs a job. It's not that the dark side of stripper would have added anything to the light comedy, it's just one cliché they seem to have left out.

I did like how the strippers were portrayed in the film. It's very new era, showing just how in control they are of the situation, which is how it should be and hope that the film statement of being semi-true is getting that accurate.

Plus all the girls were sexy, especially Bria Murphy. can't help to cross my mind what Papa Eddie thinks of the film.

Anyway, the story has the potential to leave a mark, but it's not a decent enough comedy. You'll watch it, have fun, and a minute later forget all about it.
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Perfectly forgettable film
spmact17 August 2016
This film wasn't terrible. Not at all. But it wasn't anything special either. I had a decent enough story (apparently based on a true one), and was executed well enough (though I really don't think a smart guy like Guy would have made the bad decision he did at the end).

Jason Biggs was the only reason I watched this movie, and he was the best part of it, playing basically the same character as American Pie. The only parts that made me laugh (2 or 3 times) were from him. Otherwise, the film was basically forgettable. I didn't regret watching it, but I could just as well have watched something else and not regretted missing this either.

This doesn't have a rating listed, but for those wondering it would pretty much be rated R because of language and sexual content (though I don't really remember anything above PG-13 nudity).
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BartholomewRoberts15 October 2017
If this movie was made in the early 2000 when you didn't have internet anywhere but your desktop and didn't it will be a hit, or at least it will go better with the critics and the box office, but it didn't. It has "sparks" or "glimpses" of the first American Pie humor, mostly because some sort of remembrance gets into your head when you see Jason Biggs as a lead, but it fails in deliver what is supposed, believing that a young American professional (architect) adult, married, expecting his firstborn knows NOTHING of bondage, prostitutes, bachelor parties and it's in a general picture an absurdly naive "whiteboy" in an internet era doesn't fall for it at all. The whole movie runs on the premises that people don't "google" everything they don't know. Is not the worst movie if you pretend this was made right after the American Pie (original) movie and not in 2016.
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some minor laughs
SnoopyStyle7 December 2016
Guy Carter (Jason Biggs) doesn't get his needed architecture job. His pregnant wife Anne (Jenny Mollen) had quit her job and they are close to losing their health insurance. Anne finds a driver job for Guy on Craigslist. Instead of delivering pizzas, it turns out to be driving around hooker Nikki (Janet Montgomery). On the first stop, he mistakes the S&M with Dr. Kurtz (Steven Weber) as actual abuse. That night, he has to act as a pimp for a bachelor strip show for Nikki, Fallon (Ashley Tisdale), and Jaxi.

This may have some real experiences. It doesn't automatically make it funny. There are some minor laughs but it's never sustained. Biggs is not always likable. Montgomery has the better role as the hard-nosed hooker. Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse are able to bring out some interesting moments but it needs a comic writer to pump up the script.
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cekadah22 August 2016
Here's the plot - Unemployeed architect's wife finds a job for her husband online as a delivery driver, but the product to deliver turns out to be three exotic female sex performers. Oops! That wasn't explained in the ad online.

Surely something funny is about to happen. Jason Biggs plays the sweet innocent husband that just wants his 9 to 5 job. He stumbles into a job in which he is 'on call' all night for the sexy hard nosed girls. There's horny students having a party, thugs, car chases, lots of action that is suppose to be funny. But funny never arrives here in this flick! Biggs looks like he's doing this role for the money and everybody else looks unrehearsed.

It's too bad Directors: Lisa Addario, Joe Syracuse couldn't pull it together because I'm sure 'on paper' this story looked fun and funny. This flick is more funny to talk about with your friends than it is to watch; but you have to watch it to talk about it.

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It's called Amaetur Night, not Blockbuster Night
Jazzy3113329 November 2016
Is the movie a great film that you will remember? Of course not. It is a raunchy, late night comedy with some laughs and tries to incorporate some heart felt scenes.

However, the movie delivers on its promise of a popcorn, low budget comedy. So the 1 and 2 star ratings are not deserved. A great movie to put on when you are trying to fall asleep, wants something on while working from home or just want to pass the time on a rainy day.

One thing that came to my mind was how the quick sword to fame can be a double edge for some actors. Leo crushed it in Gilbert Grape and Basketball Diaries and is now an A-lister. Jason Biggs rocketed to fame in American Pie and as never been able to shake the lovable loser character.
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More akin to a male fetish submission porno than a comedy.
dim251720 August 2016
I don't normally write reviews on IMDb but this movie was so painfully awful that I wanted to spare others from wasting their time and money.

The characters are 2 dimensional, the plot is almost non existent and 90% of the movie consists of 3 women treating a desperate guy like he is nothing, which i'm sure would delight most feminists and a few men that are into that sort of thing, but any normal human being would be bored to death.

I walked out of the movie half way in because there is nothing there to hold your interest either than some vague, poorly written plot. The movie really had no point or reason to exist.
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Kinda Remember
michaeltrivedi28 December 2019
Watched this a long time ago. I remember it wasn't that good, but was reasonably made.

Don't remember too much, but it might be worth a watch on a lazy day. It's definitely not up to par with most other comedies. It's lower, much lower.

I would skip it

3 stars
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Funny Good Movie
juzerjk29 June 2019
This was actually good. One of those funny movies. I really enjoyed this.
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MIssed the fundamental point of a comedy
lardy-dar17 August 2016
The whole point of a comedy is to make you laugh. This film doesn't. Instead they have created a nasty, cynical timid teenage boy's wet dream of movie.

A distinct lack of charm, warmth or likability in the characters. Lazy, sloppy writing acted out by people who really should know better, even if they do have less than stellar careers, awful direction, desperate editing. God knows what those responsible thought they were making, although my guess is they didn't care.

One of the few films I couldn't sit the whole way through and gave up around after about an hour.

The one star goes to the editor of the trailer btw
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Nothing to remember but a decent time.
destroyerwod21 June 2017
I was really interested in this movie because i really like Jason Biggs, i think the guy is genuinely funny and Sean William Scott is not the only main star of the American Pie Franchise. So yes his name meant something for me. Also i happen to know a bit about this "industry" showed in the movie i tough it would be funny to see what the writer and director had in store for the movie, especially considering the label "based on a true story".

I would say based on what i saw in reality some points of the movie are really stretched from reality but some other points are actually truthful.

Some of the exaggeration are meant as jokes and some hit it while others really missed the point. I think the movie is full of good ideas, some nicely done while others completely miss there target.

This had the potential to be another of those "awesome crazy nights" movies i like so much in the vein of "Superbad, Take me Home Tonight, 21 and Over etc", but in the end it lacked the juice to pull it off.

Yet its still entertaining and worth a watch, just not gonna become a classic...
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blacksoupmusic17 June 2018
Do not understand the bad reviews, this is a really funny and feel good film.
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Nothing here
cgdawe21 March 2020
Bad story, bad acting. Kinda like a train wreck that you can't look away from, but wish I had turned it off way sooner. Don't waste your time.
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Surprisingly entertaining
ahalfasandwich14 February 2020
Wasnt expecting much from this movie especially since I'd never heard of it until I was browsing through Amazon prime but I was surprised at how entertaining it was, its not gonna be up there with comedies like super bad or the hangover but it has its moments. Jason biggs is funny if course he will always be jim from American pie especially when making movies like these but all in all a good way to spend a few hours
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A quirky, feel-good gem
FloridaFilmLover10 February 2020
As someone who graduated from law school during an economic downturn and then waited tables for a while before finding a good job, I could relate to this out of work architect who suddenly finds himself working as a driver just to get by. However, beyond that the movie was full of surprises, including some cringeworthy scenes of the main character washing the "hardware" (sex toys) before a bachelor party.

This movie is as much a comment on the gig economy as it is funny and sexy. There is also an oddly sweet honesty about some of the interpersonal relationships depicted in the story.

I recommend this film for something to make you laugh and to put things in perspective at the end of a long day. (But I definitely do not recommend watching it with your parents or with young children.)
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Not a Blockbuster, but worth a watch
MaxHaydon199413 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Amateur Night delivers on the basics you'd expect from a comedy film. Jason Biggs as he has in the past provides the laughs with his awkward comic delivery. The plot isn't the most complex or thrilling, but short bursts of action carry the story through and what the film lacks in thrills it pretty much makes up for in toilet humour. the characters are believable and any depth to the story or characterisation hasn't been lost in silly attempts at humour as it seems is a trend among modern comedy films. Having said that the film doesn't lack in juvenile and crass humour that shouldn't make you laugh, but does. I give this film 6/10
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Jason Biggs is back! AMATEUR NIGHT is hilarious
Ramascreen13 August 2016
I'm really diggin' this new little film, #AmateurNight starring #JasonBiggs, it's like the "Risky Business" for our generation. It's sexy, it's wild. I don't want to say that Biggs completely brings back his Jim persona from "American Pie" for his AMATEUR NIGHT character, Guy Carter, but there's definitely traces of Jim in that Guy Carter also has to confront certain sexual objects or sexual references and acts that he may not be familiar with and so that gives grounds for many of this comedy's hilarious moments.

Guy Carter is an unemployed architecture graduate, he and his wife are expecting a baby and Guy is freakin' out because he has no means in which to provide and support his family. His wife, Anne, then finds him a job as a driver on Craigslist. Guy thinks it's some kind of pizza delivery job, turns out, it's a job where he has to drive sex workers around town from one clientele to another. That's where he meets the unapologetic Nikki (Janet Montgomery) and her two equally foul-mouthed cohorts, Jaxi (Ashley Tisdale) and Fallon (Bria Murphy). Guy's job is initially just their driver but as the night progresses, Guy also becomes sort of like their faux pimp, at the end, he proves to the girls and to himself that he has what it takes to be a responsible father.

AMATEUR NIGHT essentially is a party movie, much of the pivotal moments in terms of the characters' growth takes place in this long wild bachelor's party scene and I have to give mad props to Janet Montgomery, Bria Murphy and Ashley Tisdale for their courage to wear those risqué costumes. They even nailed down the physically-demanding dances too. Which is why I have a lot of respect for the girls out there who are actually in this profession, I know the public often see them through judgmental eyes, but let's face it, this is not the kind of job anybody can just do.

The dynamics between the three actresses and Jason Biggs is so fluid, they get each other's timing. And you see their characters' relationship evolve from them teaching this rookie, so to speak, to them sympathizing and wanting to help him. Biggs' character, Guy Carter, also goes from being reluctant to being glad that he doesn't miss out on this one crazy night. Obviously this is a very very low budget indie film, it doesn't hide it, it doesn't deny it, every shot of it shows, but it's so well done where at the end it, you feel for the characters, you care about them and you want them to be OK. Those who come in to watch this film with some kind of preconceived judgement, I think they'll come out of the theaters realizing that all of us, one way or another, are just doing what we can, whatever work we can get, in order to survive each day, to get by and to provide for ourselves and our families.

-- Rama's Screen --
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