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Season 19

2 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.1
Charles Hanson and Christina Trevanion take an Italian sports car for a spin around the north west, beginning in Morecambe. Charles picks up a 250-year-old table while Christina takes a heavy horse to auction.
3 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.2
Christina and Charles continue their road trip on the Welsh border. In a horse-themed edition, Christina rides her way into a lesson about the English Civil War while Charles learns why horses are so important to Chester.
4 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.3
Charles and Christina are road tripping through Yorkshire to an auction at Bedale. Christina discovers Yorkshire terriers weren't always so cute and cuddly, while Charles hears a story of Victorian ear trumpets.
5 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.4
Christina takes a rare vase and Charles a Victorian skirt lifter to auction in Rotherham. Christina learns about a 1,000-year-old custom in the village of Ripon, Charles tries medieval archery and explores the ancient walls of York.
6 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.5
The final trip is in jeopardy when Charles fears he has set fire to the classic car. Christina learns why the shoe-making industry thrived in Northampton. Charles hears of a cavalry battalion on bicycles.
9 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.6
Catherine Southon and Tim Medhurst begin a new trip from the South Downs to Dorset. Plus, a visit to the Wealden Iron Man and the story of the Indian entrepreneur who introduced both curry and shampoo to Britain.
10 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.7
Catherine and Tim browse around Hampshire and West Sussex. They also learn about the ancient art of tide milling and a cobbler who helped the needy.
11 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.8
Catherine and Tim journey from St Albans to Bushey in their safari-style classic car. Will some antique biscuit tins prove to be profitable? Tim sends up a drone and Catherine learns about a man who pulled out all the stops.
12 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.9
The 4th leg of this trip sees our experts visit Shropshire, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. Tim and Catherine climb the farm track that doubles as a motorsport venue and drive a tractor backwards.
13 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.10
For the final leg of their trip Catherine and Tim explore The Cotswolds in their 1970s Land Rover. The pair encounter ancient artefacts, dry stone walls and lots and lots of sheep.
16 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.11
Veteran road tripper James Braxton tours the south-east of England with novice Izzie Balmer. James gets waylaid by a heady brew of beer and witchcraft while Izzie learns how tattooing became popular in the west.
17 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.12
There are sunshine and showers as upbeat Izzie continues her trip with self-confessed curmudgeon James. Izzie visits Bletchley Park while James takes on the cream of British badminton.
18 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.13
James and Izzie travel through the eastern counties of Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire in search of more bargains to sell at auction. Izzie has a go at the sport of bandy and James makes local delicacy clangers.
19 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.14
Izzie and James visit the most easterly town in the country. James is all fired up by a cannonball from a naval battle in 1672 and goes crabbing in Cromer. Izzie is charmed by a snake.
20 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.15
For the final leg of their trip Izzie and James are in Izzie's native Derbyshire where she tempts him with some local delicacies. James is carried away by the news from the 1780s while Izzie follows in the tracks of Churchill.
23 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.16
Antiques experts Angus Ashworth and Arusha Irvine commence their road trip in Northern Ireland in a Rolls-Royce. Along the way Roo has a go at Irish dancing and Angus trains like a US ranger.
24 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.17
Roo and Angus traverse south west Wales in style on land and on water. Angus takes to the water in a particularly Welsh boat, while Roo finds out exactly what the Welsh do with all those sheep.
25 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.18
Roo and Angus continue their road trip in south Wales. Away from the antiques shops Angus goes down to the beach in search of a Welsh delicacy while Roo ventures out to sea to discover the story of a boat that has saved thousands of lives.
26 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.19
Roo and Angus hit the shops of the West Country. Roo comes face-to-face with Exmoor's equine inhabitants while Angus bares all at an exclusive beach that can only be accessed via a tunnel.
27 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.20
Roo and Angus conclude their road trip in the West Country. Roo heads off to the funfair where she discovers how travelling fairs boosted morale during World War One. Angus learns the turbulent history of gin.
30 Sep. 2019
Episode #19.21
Philip Serrell and Stephanie Connell start their trip in Cockermouth, Cumbria, but struggle to make it to the auction when their classic car breaks down. Phil heads underground for a history lesson while Steph meets a relative of a lord.
1 Oct. 2019
Episode #19.22
Steph has a surprise in store for birthday boy Phil as they cross Caledonia on the second leg of their trip. Setting off from Dumfries and Galloway, they head to an auction showdown in Edinburgh
2 Oct. 2019
Episode #19.23
Phil and Steph cruise around Caledonia in their 1960s classic car. Steph becomes puppet master but Phil is distracted by the local cuisine. A chic French sign and an old potato chipper are among the items take to auction in Hamilton.
3 Oct. 2019
Episode #19.24
Phil and Steph return to Scotland for the penultimate leg of their trip. Phil goes sailing in the Firth of Clyde and Steph tries her hand at weaving tartan before the auction in Dunfermline.
4 Oct. 2019
Episode #19.25
Steph and Phil complete their road trip around the north-east. Steph tries her hand at playing the bagpipes in Hexham, Phil learns how coal mining led to the development of Britain's rail network. The auction takes place in Darlington.

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