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Groundbreaking television; absolute gold!
ryanjmorris3 March 2015
Sitcoms are almost always bound by convention. This is why it's so refreshing when something comes along and shakes it up a bit. Modern Family already broke away from its own rules with the pretty stellar "The Day We Almost Died" earlier this season, but here it is, only five episodes later, delivering one of the most innovative, original and all round superb half hours of television in recent memory.

Taking its mockumentary style a step further, "Connection Lost" is told entirely through the screen of Claire's laptop as she tries to track down Haley's location after a big fight. What follows is a consistently entertaining, frequently hilarious story that intertwines every family member and finds something good for everyone to do. But amidst this high-wire concept, "Connection Lost" doesn't forget to be "Modern Family". We're still treated to great one liners, solid acting (particularly Julie Bowen, who is superb here) and a nice, heart warming final few minutes.

Modern Family may not be as funny as it once was, but you can never accuse it of being lazy.
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Connection Lost: Innovative TV episode utilizes current technology of skype = the best comedy show on television today!
Ed-Shullivan12 March 2015
The wife and I have watched every single episode of Modern Family since it first went on the air and the current episode (Feb 25, 2014 Season 06, Episode 16) was a first. The new concept for a television series had the entire episode being seen through a computer whilst Claire was forced to skype. Claire was in an airport terminal waiting for her flight back home when she accidentally dropped her cell phone in the toilet which limited her communication avenues. As a result of her little accident the entire episode required Claire to stay in touch with her family while she was in the airport via a computer whereby she skyped with various members of her family either individually and sometimes concurrently while talking and skyping with three or more family members at once.

Gradually the storyline evolves with the family coming to an (incorrect) conclusion that Haley must be pregnant and so she has run off with Andy to get married in Las Vegas without telling anyone. The entire family communicates with Claire through Skype and Claire's little secrets come out that are just hilarious. These secrets divulged by Jay remind Claire of her own self as a young and very pregnant women in which she was also reminded by Jay of the time she eloped with Phil.

We did watch this episode on our 60 inch TV, but maybe we should have just connected on our laptops so that we the audience could also feel that we were skyping along with Claire and the entire Pritchet clan. Kudos to the producers and the director for integrating technology with television that reflected the current times which allow high-speed internet, voice and visual technologies via Skype to set a new tone for television comedy in such a creative, unique and entertaining way. This episode should win an Emmy for its creativity and maybe we won't have to wait until the entire audience can vote on line (some day) for Modern Family to win their next round of Emmy's as this series so justly deserves once again.

Modern Family continues to rate a 10 out of 10. Best TV comedy on the air today!
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Why everyone should see this series and specially this episode
hyper-labor27 February 2015
I have been watching this series since it was released and I have enjoyed this episode most. It was the best one I think. The way it starts , go on and occur in the setting of technology and internet can picture the best definition of our lives today in the eye of the modernism. I love this series and although some episodes in the last season could not be as good as the last ones, I think this is one of the most important series of our time. It has considered the issues we are struggling with in a way they are, not in a dramatic artificial way. This episode is one of the best because it has one of the most powerful screenplays and one of the best natural way a camera can be present at the scene. I loved the story the climax and the sub stories happening in the background.
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This Episode Is Brilliant
jayburton123 March 2015
Absolute genius!!! This episode of MF rivals the "backwards" Seinfeld episode for bringing a fresh new concept to the fore & carrying it out flawlessly for a full 22 minutes. In my eyes this show, as a whole, is quite possibly the most perfect sitcom in television history, undoubtedly Top 5 All-Time for writing (my list: MF, Seinfeld, Barney Miller, Larry Sanders, Bob Newhart Show) ... wraps up all loose ends by the finish even better than Seinfeld did IMHO ... one of a handful of TV shows that makes me laugh out loud, almost always at least once per episode. And this is quite surprising to me, because when I first read the synopsis prior to the show's premiere, I made the decision not to use precious DVR space on it because I couldn't take seriously the idea of Al Bundy being married to Sofia Vergara. But people kept recommending it -- and it kept winning awards -- so when it went into syndication, I started recording it, and now I can't get enough!!! Kudos to the writers for creating a gem with fleshed-out characters who are perfectly cast. I truly look forward to each & every episode ...
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Really clever with lots of details
danielbo_rno19 July 2017
The actual characters really come out this time, especially Claire as having extensive controlling issues. Really interesting to have a look in some part of her MacBook content and browsing habits to see some deeper personality traits. Also seeing the rest of the family behaving when she is outer town and how she is even able to influence them when she is physically not there. Besides this deeper layer it is genuinely funny and witty as most of the times.

This is one of my favorite episodes and I have watched it several times, it is amazing how one is able to spot additional details each time. Greatly produced with lots of thought put into it.
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Brilliant episode!
chantalroxanne9 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I rarely rate a single episode, but this one was worth it. This episode is the most popular one for a reason! The entire episode takes place from Claire's laptop and I was happily surprised with how much I loved that concept. I honestly talked about this episode with every Modern Family fan I know and everyone thought it was creative, refreshing, unique and simply brilliant.
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Will miss them when they are done
pineville22 December 2019
This episode was funny quick and perfect for Gen X and beyond... You became focused watching this episode. For those who might consider benging Modern family.. This episode will give you an inside look into each member...If I could give it 11 Stars I would... Please watch and let it take you to a place of laughter and enjoyment... Thank you to Modern family
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born_naughty15 September 2015
I think it's pretty cool that Modern Family is trying something different. But watching 20 minutes of a woman multitasking on a mac is making me nauseous, luckily I have a strong stomach. Although I'm 27 I've never been one to follow the popular social media stuff. I don't have a facebook account, I don't have twitter and I've never done a video-call or skype or anything like that. This episode went way too fast for me and at times I couldn't see what was happening, especially when Claire was looking up stuff on google. Lastly, this episode felt like a 20 minute long commercial for Apple, Ralph Lauren and others. The episode wasn't funny either, I give it 3 points for originality.
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worst episode
jekbam15 June 2016
I am a Modern family tragic, love the show and all the cast, I think Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell make a great team and Ed and Sophia are an amazingly believable couple.

BUT this episode I have never watched to the end, I have watched only the first few minutes and then turned it off. It didn't have anything which would make me want to watch it.

Watching Clair using her device and flicking from one person to another was just irritating. Thankfully this was the low point of the season and the rest was the usual wonderful and funny entertainment.

If this had been the first episode of the show I probably would never have watched it again.
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