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Too complete
firefalcoln26 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Overall the finale was very enjoyable and left the viewer very pleased. My only real complaint was that everything almost ended too happily and firmly.

After the previous episode I was unsure if there would be time to funny wrap up enough for the finale. I was therefore rather surprised to see that the show if anything concluded too much. I wasn't hoping or expecting there to be any tragedy at the end of any character's arch. But I was expecting Thomas to end up as Butler or for Mrs. Patmore and Daisy to both have promising love interest for the future. Denker and, to a smaller extent, Carson might have been the only characters to not be completely happy at the end of the series. And Denker isn't too likable in the first place.

All the conclusions individually seemed pretty plausibly. It just seemed too fortunate that virtually everything turned out great for everyone at one moment.

I think Isabell's new husband didn't have to end up recovering from his disease, and Thomas didn't have to take over for Carson. Thomas was already given a very nice and poignant send off when he left the Abbey. I would have preferred him get along at the new position and have Carson keep his health and Butler status. I also thought the hints of Mrs. Patmore and Branson finding love interest for the future was too much to cram into one final episode. Patmore was supposed to have her B and B. And it was kind of ignored in the finale. I also would have preferred a scene of Baxter telling off the criminal of her past instead of just hiding from him.

Still, overall the finale was very enjoyable and a success. It's difficult to end a show in a way which pleases everyone in the perfect way. Overall they did a great job. I already miss Downton.
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And They Lived Happily Ever After...
jp28199511 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I hope so. But of course in real life, there's no such thing as a fairytale ending. But I'm happy that the characters all got what they want. Lady Edith is finally happy, not only did she marry the man she loves but she is also a marchioness now, a rank higher than her parents. Mary is also happy with Henry, who becomes best friends with Tom as they start a new business. The two sisters also reconcile.

It's New Year's Eve, Edith's wedding party, and Anna gives birth in Mary's room...indeed, probably the happiest day in their lives. Mr. Carson also resigns, but Robert and Mary offer him to have the cottage as his and Mrs. Hughes' home. Very touching. And guess who the new butler is? Thomas Barrow of course. Because of surviving his suicide attempt, Barrow is now a changed man, and he truly realizes what kindness means. Hopefully he will stay that way.

A magical ending indeed. This is how you end a great series.
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TV Perfection!!!
ohlabtechguy11 March 2016
Already have watched the finale 4 times this week as PBS keeps airing all week here in the States. The show never gets boring and you notice more and more upon each reviewing.

The absolute BEST thing about this series is that it shows the best side of human nature. All of its many primary characters are likable. The scripts are wonderful and the acting is superb. There's always charming comic relief.

The ending is filled with lots of grateful, heartfelt moments and a teary eyed parting by Thomas Barrow. There are lots of happy closures, happening at break neck speed and all at once. But it's obvious that it won't be "happily ever after" since the future brings change and is unknowable. Still, Julian was trying to end on a happy note in case we never see these characters again.
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Happy endings all round, but should they have been?
jglillis-129 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
All sorts of happy endings for everyone, almost too many. Denker deserved far worse than she got, as did Barrow. He created too much pain for so many people over the years for him to come out smelling like a rose and be rewarded by succeeding Carson as butler.

For me, Mary was always a tiresome character - petty and self-centered, languid, and oh so superior. My wife said she's beautiful. I didn't think so, either her person or her character (her soul, if you will). She didn't deserve a happy marriage and another kid - after all, she ignored the first one from the time she had him! I also must admit that Cora's simper got a little tiresome over six years, as did her annoying habit of turning her face 30 degrees to the left of the person she was speaking to. But she "manned up" at the right time several times.

The series displayed considerable courage in two respects: 1. The only gay character (Thomas Barrow) was absolutely despicable until near the very end, and 2. the head aristocrat (Robert) was a decent sort. Not politically correct at all, and the show's to be congratulated.
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