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7 Apr. 2017
Piggy 500
It's the day of the Piggy 500, and Starla is teaming up with her prize pig, Zippy, to race. But when her competitor Crusher and his rude pig, Slop, cheat and send Zippy far away, it's up to Blaze, AJ, and Starla to find him and get back to the race in time.
14 Apr. 2017
Pickle Power
Crusher builds a super-powered vacuum to clean up his big mess - but the machine goes haywire, sucking up Crusher and everything in its path! Now Pickle must team up with Blaze and AJ to stop the vacuum and save Crusher.
6 Jan. 2017
Light Riders
A light thief is on the loose, leaving all of Axle City in the dark. Gabby outfits Blaze with special lights to help him track down the light thief and restore the missing lights.
28 Mar. 2017
Catch That Cake!
It's Darington's birthday. Crusher uses a robot plate to try and steal the birthday cake, but his plan goes awry and the cake goes rocketing away. Will Blaze catch the runaway cake before Crusher and save the party?
30 Mar. 2017
The Bouncing Bull Racetrack
Blaze and Starla discover a map that leads to a track of legend - the Bouncing Bull Racetrack. The friends set out on a Wild West quest to find the track and take the ride of their lives.
21 Apr. 2017
Mega Mud Robot
Gasquatch is back. He's been saving up his money to buy the ultimate toy - a Mega Mud Robot. But when his coins go missing, it's up to Blaze to help his mud-loving friend recover them before the toy store closes.
28 Apr. 2017
Knighty Knights
In the kingdom of knight-trucks, Blaze discovers a machine his medieval pals use to recharge. But when a dragon snatches the charging station, Blaze leads a quest to recover the machine before everyone in the kingdom runs out of energy and falls asleep.
29 May 2017
Animal Island
Blaze and Stripes are sailing the open sea when they discover Animal Island - an incredible place where everyone is a talking monster truck animal. Ashore they make lots of new friends and marvel at the animals' amazing powers. But meanwhile a greedy lizard wants those powers all for himself - and steals them using a special machine. Blaze and Stripes set off to track down the lizard and his machine. Along the way, the heroes will transform into awesome animals to beat the bad guy and get the powers back where they belong.
31 May 2017
Toucan Do It!
Blaze, Starla, and Darington can't wait to play every animal's favorite sport: Jungle Ball! But when their teammate Tooks the Toucan gets launched from the stadium, it's up to the friends to get her back in the game.
26 Sep. 2017
Falcon Quest
In the sky above Animal Island, a remarkable race is about to begin. But before Blaze can join, he must spread his wings. Challenged by a tough-talking falcon (Darius Rucker), Blaze takes off on an aerial journey to earn his place with the fastest fliers.
28 Sep. 2017
The Big Ant-Venture
Blaze and Zeg discover the teeny tiniest creatures on all of Animal Island - the insects. The pals shrink down to size, transforming into a super-strong ant and a bouncy grasshopper to enter a miniature insect city. Inside they meet a firefly couple and their baby egg. When a sudden gust of wind sends the egg rolling away in its stroller, Blaze and Zeg volunteer to chase the runaway egg through the underground world and get it back before it hatches.
24 Oct. 2017
Ready, Set, Roar!
Blaze and Stripes transform into ferociously fast jungle cats to race in the Animal Island Championship. But to win, they'll have to beat Crusher disguised as a cheating cheetah. Can they claw their way to victory?
26 Oct. 2017
The Great Animal Crown
When the Great Animal Crown is lost at the bottom of the ocean, Blaze transforms into a super-fast shark to retrieve it for his Animal Island friends. But he'll have to swim fast - or Crusher may get to the crown first.
22 Nov. 2017
Tow Truck Tough
Blaze transforms into a tow-truck - and, with the help of AJ and Gabby, sets off on a tow-tally awesome adventure to save Stripes.

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