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18 Apr. 2011
Is Chrono Trigger's Time Travel Accurate?
This inaugural episode looks at what, if anything, the RPG masterpiece Chrono Trigger can teach us about the science of time travel.
25 Apr. 2011
Super Mario Pipe Dreams
Take the plunge into the sewers with Mario as we cover everything from alligators under New York to albino pot in this second episode of Game Theory.
8 May 2011
Illusion of Gaia, World Wonders
We're looking at ancient cultures, mysterious landmarks, and beautiful women as we save the world in ILLUSION OF GAIA.
12 May 2011
Mortal Kombat, Fatalities IRL
Can you rip out a human heart? Be poisoned with a kiss? Frozen and shattered? Find out as we explore the cute and cuddly world of MORTAL KOMBAT.
23 May 2011
The Science of Sonic the Hedgehog
Matpat finds the real life equivalents of Sonic the Hedgehog characters.
6 Jun. 2011
Frogger, Australian for Games
Fry it, stuff it, put it on your wall--I'm on a cross-country trip thinking about roadkill and Frogger. But what secrets could this Atari and arcade classic hold? Find out on Game Theory.
14 Jun. 2011
Batman: Arkham Asylum, Diagnosing Arkham
We're putting Joker, Poison Ivy, and the rest of Arkham's criminals on the Freudian couch to diagnose their mental disorders. But are they really crazy or better off in jail? Find out this week on Game Theory.
20 Jun. 2011
Kirby's Epic Yarn, Yarn Bombing
This week we unravel the truth about Kirby's Epic Yarn and its role in an up-and-coming counterculture war.
28 Jun. 2011
Duke Nukem, 80S Action Star
Pull out your AK-47 and rip off your shirt 'cause we're diving headfirst into 80s action flicks to discover the roots of Duke Nukem and the reasons why the character "doesn't really work in 2011."
6 Jul. 2011
Viewers' Choice, Cyborgs, Fatalities, and the Riddler
Your voices have been heard. As thanks for supporting the show, we're looking at topics you've requested and submitted from the first nine episodes.
12 Jul. 2011
Adventure Island, a Philippines Vacation
Deadly octopi, spitting snakes, bizarre fruit, and a war America has kept buried in its past all factor in this week as we pinpoint Hudson's ADVENTURE ISLAND.
28 Jul. 2011
Halo, Power Armor in Real Life
Now you're playing with power...armor. Science isn't too far behind Master Chief's tech, but it'll cost you a couple thousand bucks. Find out all about it this week on Game Theory.
4 Aug. 2011
Earthbound, the Dark Side of Mother
Terrorist cults, police violence, and sexual crimes are dark themes hidden under Earthbound's happy-go-lucky tone and quirky humor. Explore the game's mature content and what it means this week on Game Theory.
17 Aug. 2011
BioShock, Andrew Ryan's Underwater City
Is it scientifically possible to build an underwater city like Rapture? The realism of the game and how it's inspired modern-day Andrew Ryans may Bioshock you.
31 Aug. 2011
Final Fantasy VII, Who Killed Aerith?
This week, we're looking at the anatomy of a murder that has rocked the gaming world since 1997. Should Aerith have died based on her wounds? Did she die at all?
7 Sep. 2011
Dues Ex: Human Revolution, Cyborg Technology
A man who controls electronics with his mind. A camera that fits in your eye socket. A USB your finger? How close are we to our own Human Revolution? Find out this week as we check out real-world cyborgs.
21 Sep. 2011
Can Dig Dug Pop a Human?
Human balloons? Explosive decompression? Inflating body parts? In defense of the helpless tomato-like Pookas, we're turning the tables on Dig Dug's Taizo Hori to see if you can inflate a human until they pop.
5 Oct. 2011
Pokemon vs. Creationists (Pokemon, Part 1)
This week starts a Pokemon trilogy where we look at the complaints made against Pikachu and the gang. Is this game pro-science propaganda or have creationists been skipping their biology lessons?
19 Oct. 2011
Pokemon, PETA, and Plasma (Pokemon, Part 2)
Are Pokemon battles gaming's equivalent of a blood sport? Does the series teach neglect towards animals? And is Team Plasma, the self-proclaimed Pokemon Liberators, the true heroes of the Poke-verse?

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