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Keegan-Michael Key: Alpha Wolf



  • Alpha Wolf : [as the baby escapes]  Wolf Pack, form of broken heart!

  • [Junior, Tulip and Diamond get across a bridge and cut it so that the Wolf Pack can't get across] 

    Junior : Suck it, wolves!

    Alpha Wolf : Wolf Pack, form of wolf bridge!

    [the wolves start climbing on each other] 

    Junior : What is happening?

    Tulip : The wolves are forming a suspension bridge.

    Junior : How is that possible?

    Tulip : I don't know.

  • Alpha Wolf : I'm gonna devour this thing!

    [wolves start licking the baby's face lovingly; the baby giggles with delight] 

  • Alpha Wolf : Wolf Pack, form of wolf plane!

    [the pack makes a plane... which falls apart in the air] 

  • Beta Wolf : Are you in love?

    Alpha Wolf : I am in love. Are you in love?

    Beta Wolf : I am in love too.

    Alpha Wolf : I agree, I agree, I agree, I agree.

  • Alpha Wolf : Wolf Pack, form of wolf submarine!

    [the pack make themselves into a submarine... then come up for air] 

  • Alpha Wolf : If you don't give us that baby, we're gonna eat you!

    Beta Wolf : We're gonna eat you anyway!

    Alpha Wolf : You don't say it, you make the deal and then you eat them anyway!

    Beta Wolf : Got it. We're not gonna eat you!

    Alpha Wolf : Well now it's too late, you don't see that?

  • Alpha Wolf : Wolf Pack, form of Wolf Minivan!

    [the pack forms a minivan] 

    Beta Wolf : We need to take this slowly for the baby!

  • Alpha Wolf : First, we are going to take this baby and we are going to raise her to be a strong independent woman! Then, we're going to eat you!

  • Alpha Wolf : Wolf Pack, form of wolf boat!

    Tulip : Are you kidding me?

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