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Its Adam Sandler at his best.
killferd8 July 2016
Adam sandler....... you either love his work or hate it.

For me it is a relief like on mid summers afternoon; which is provided by a cool beer. Life in itself is too short, and this movie delivers that message with a punch. you looking for shakes'perian drama, or Quentin Tarantino's mystical direction, you are missing the message. It's Adam Sandler at his best after the Growns up's.

It's classic in terms of his way of doing movies. i will not spoil it with details but only a suggestion watch when you are burned out and have some time with a cold one.

Its the most irrational, fun, adult entertainment to bring your spirits up.

Peace out brothers.
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Pleasantly Surprised
heidi-717-70630029 May 2016
I am a fan of older Adam Sandler movies (Billy Maddison, Happy Gilmore, and old SNL with Farley). Everyone knows Sandler has done some terrible stuff in the past while, but this one wasn't the worst.

He wasn't terribly over the top or in your face like he is in roles for films like Zohan, That's my Boy, Jack & Jill. This film had genuinely laugh-out-loud moments; the cast really helps (Kathryn Hahn, Matt Walsh) - even David Spade is funny!

The movie isn't a classic. It isn't going to be one you're quoting. The film is enjoyable! If you're looking for a laugh, it's a good film to watch.
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Sandler back?
earnyandberney27 May 2016
This movie I was expecting to be as bad if not worse than The Ridiculous 6 which I couldn't even finish, but I was pleasantly surprised with The Do Over. The movie has a good amount of laughs, and at some points kept me on the edge of my seat. I think that this is one of Sandler's best movies within the past 6 years. I was also very happy with David Spade's performance. I was expecting him to be just like he was in Grown Ups, as a stupid immature old man, but he surprised me as well. He kept the movie funny as well as maintained great acting the entire movie, as well as the whole cast. Overall, the movie was great. Great acting, great laughs, great action(which still surprised me), and one of Sandler's best in the past few years.
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Best Sandler movie in years!
fxdx422 June 2016
20 years ago, a movie starring Adam Sandler, Catherine Bell and David Spade would be plastered all over billboards and the trailer would be shown 50 times during an episode of Saturday Night Live. Well, fast forward 2 decades and it is basically the same movie – a movie from a decade where Adam Sander made funny movies and David Spade was a star (Catherine Bell, maybe the best actor of the cast really only has a cameo, so we can ignore her). However I was only told about this film from a friend, and I had no interest in it until he said it was good.

So the story has Spade (I won't use the character names because Sandler for all intents and purposes is Sandler and Spade is Spade, so why bother) living a unfulfilling life working at a bank and in a loveless marriage only to meet up with Sandler during a school reunion. Very soon Sandler fakes their deaths and hilarity ensues.

So it's Sandler doing Sandler, but it is good Sandler, so if you are 40 and remember his glory days of Happy Gilmore, this is a good reminisce. If you only remember Little Nicky, well here is a reminder of why he is a big Hollywood star. Spade has always been a very strong strait man, and the 2 actors do have chemistry. There are the obligatory cast of crazy side characters, who although maybe not classic, are definitely funny. The main villain should get s special nod here.

The movie has the Sandler style of dick and fart jokes, but they are more funny and less tasteless than I have seen in recently. The plot is silly, but of course it is supposed to be. However unlike some of his more recent movies such as Grown-ups which forgo plot for what amounts to set pieces of 'comedy', the movie does keep the viewer interested in what is going on.

To say that Sander is 'back' might be taking it too far, to say he has made a very respectable, funny movie that reminds me why he was a bright star of comedy for almost a decade is about right.

I enjoyed the film, and ultimately, that is what is important!
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Reborn to face even bigger troubles.
Reno-Rangan14 March 2017
It's true that Sandler had lost his Midas touch, but last few films suggest he's back. Still, he's not the same old what he used to be. The time has changed, so he has to adapt to it and I think he's doing okay. Only haters/film critics keep hating him. This is a Netflix production and Sandler in a mysterious role. He teams up with his old school friend and they fake their deaths to begin a new life. But the identities they have borrowed ones are even in the bigger troubles which begins to haunt them as well. So coming out of it is the remaining film to tell.

The storyline seems just okay. Since it is not fresh enough, they did not even overuse the concept to build plot with clichés. Kind of guessable twists, but it will work for most of the people. Better stunt sequences for such a comedy flick. Good performances and it was a smooth sail according to the film's pace. The director and Sandler had given a few good comedies back then, and this fresh collaboration was decent. So don't believe the film critics (Rotten Tomatoes & Metacritic), elsewhere it is rated much better, but still somewhat underrated. If you are seeking a decent action-comedy, this is worth a try.

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Adam Sandler & David Spade
richlorigan28 May 2019
Well they do it again one of the best Sandler movies yet very funny. Dont listen to the haters watch it you'll love it.
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Entertaining movie
MsGoreXale372319 June 2017
I'm not a critic, so I won't pretend to be one. I just wanted to add a good review to this site because I didn't think it was a bad movie. Was is Sandler's best, no. But was it good, yes. The acting was good, had a decent plot, and what I felt was a decent ending. It kept my interest and made me laugh. I watch a movie to be entertained and escape from the real world for a couple of hours. It did that and that's what made it good for me. If you're watching for Sandler in hopes of seeing another Billy Madison, The Waterboy, or even The Longest Yard (3 of my favs), look to re-watching those movies because this isn't it. I started watching the movie not to see old Sandler comedy, but just to see Sandler, and Spade, and I wasn't disappointed. The comedy is a bit raunchy, but funny. So, without spoiling, be prepared. Just watch it and have fun like I did.
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It's actually (probably) the most plot driven Adam Sandler movie ever made.
Hellmant8 June 2016
'THE DO-OVER': Three Stars (Out of Five)

Action-comedy flick, about two old high school buddies; that reunite at their 25-year reunion, and decide to fake their own deaths (in order to start new lives). Their new identities end up getting them in even more trouble. The movie stars Adam Sandler and David Spade, as the two leads; and it costars Paula Patton, Kathryn Hahn, Nick Swardson, Natasha Leggero, Torsten Voges, Luis Guzman, Matt Walsh and Sean Astin. It was directed by Steven Brill (who also directed Sandler in the movies 'MR. DEEDS' and 'LITTLE NICKY'), and it was written by Kevin Barnett and Chris Pappas. The film is the second movie, in a four- film deal, between Sandler and Netflix. Like nearly all of Sandler's movies, the film is pretty bad; but this one isn't as bad, as most.

Spade plays Charlie McMillan, a bank manager (attached to a grocery store); who's used and abused by his wife, Nikki (Leggero), and her two children. He attends his 25-year high school reunion, with Nikki (who's the former prom queen), and she cheats on him, with her ex-husband (Astin). He reunites with his old friend, Max Kessler (Sandler), who tells him he works for the FBI. Later the two go on a yacht trip, while Nikki is on a spa vacation, and Max (unexpectedly) fakes their deaths; so the two can start new lives together.

The movie gets a lot more complicated than that; it's actually (probably) the most plot driven Adam Sandler movie ever made (with a ton of twists). That's pretty much where the film's qualities end though. It's still full of a lot of bad dick and fart jokes (that aren't funny), and Sandler once again plays an unlikable asshole; who's much tougher than Sandler could ever possibly be (in real life). Spade is actually good in the movie though. It's interesting, for a change (from the usual bad Sandler movies), but nothing more.

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No Need to Do-Over this film
It's no secret that I have hated almost every Adam Sandler film in the last few years. They have consistently been terrible. So when I decided to watch The Do-Over, I did not have high hopes. I really expected the worst. I can say I was pleasantly surprised. Adam Sandler and David Spade actually delivered a decent and fun comedy.

Two guys down on their luck fake their own deaths to escape their terrible lives. They take on the identities of two dead guys who apparently had a lot of money and something to hide, and stumble into a world of action they never asked for. Now, being chased by assassins, the two middle aged average Joes must find out why they are being targeted.

A simple premise, yes, but it delivers. The story actually has a good plot and some decent, if sometimes sloppy, character development. Some of the jokes are still riddled with that adolescent humor that plagues Happy Madison films, but it also lands quite a few funny moments. This movie will never be considered a classic, or one of my favorites. But I am still glad I checked it out.

The acting in this movie is okay. The 2 leads portray their parts convincingly enough. Though it can feel a little lazy at times. The rest of the actors get the job done. Nothing spectacular. But also not bad.

The soundtrack has a fun vibe, full of country hits, and some mediocre, generic action film music. It feels okay within the film.

The script was good. It definitely had some twists. And it delivered a story with more emotion and depth than the usual Happy Madison productions. It is very predictable to a fault, but it still feels nice to follow the story as it progresses.

So, in the end, this is not a masterpiece. It is not Sandler's best work. But it is a lot better than most of the stuff he's put out lately, and I can say I enjoyed watching it. It's a Netflix Original movie, so check it out if you have a chance.

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The Do-Over has Adam Sandler back to his best.
Thatmoviesguy27 May 2016
One of the best movies Adam Sandler has done in years, truly back to his best. Co-staring along side David Spade, play two guys who fake there own deaths to escape there awful lives, only to find out the guys who's identity they have taken are in a lot of trouble.

This Netflix original movie is hilarious and a return to form for Sandler, who last played a character similar to this way back in the nighties in a movie called Bulletproof. I think this movie could have benefited from a cinema release. Funny and crude but it also tackles a sensitive theme in a humorous way.

This fast paced action comedy is far from Sandler's usual family friendly tone. It's rated R for a reason! Not everyone will find this movie as funny as i did but this is a must watch even for non-Sandler fans. Review 7/10
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THBrad8918 January 2018
Didn't have great expectations - but they were exceeded. Thought Sandler struck a good balance between his earlier goofy comedies that catapulted his career and what would make sense for someone in their 50s.

Spade was solid - primarily because he stayed in his narrow range and its always fun to see Matt Walsh. The Gymnast was fabulous and probably the best character - well except for Catherine Bell who just refuses to age.

I watched the movie over 3 treadmill/stationary bike sessions and have to say it made the workouts actually enjoyable. A comedy is effective if it leaves you in a good mood and this one accomplished that goal.
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I Like It
alezey-2751629 January 2017
I have to say that after watching many unfunny movies in 2016, I actually enjoyed this one. There were some moments where I LOL. Ones I remember right now are: - The 3 Sum seen with David Spade - The parts where Nick Swardson gets hit with the car - The part where the Biker guy flirts with Adam Sandler.

and many other scenes.

I've always been a fan of Adam's movies. Some of them were not as good as I expected, but most of them are well made and funny. As far as i remember, my favorite Adam Sandler's movies are when Rob Schneider is co-starring in them. Those two have chemistry.

I give this one 8/10.
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Fun and Entertaining, Enough anyways.
k_tomb31 May 2016
It was quite fun and entertaining, and the first half hour was close to fantastic. Then it kinda went down a few notches, started relying on crude humor and vulgar stuff too much. Then it became not even believable at all. Some humor from silly stuff is okay, but this became just a bit too silly. If Sandler would stick to a bit of drama and comedy that seemed more realistic he could hit one out of the park.

As it is, there are glimpses of great, but then equaled out by silly vulgar stuff, that seems more for 13 year old's. Maybe he is not able to make great movies. Well, not great, not horrible, funny at times at least
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Calling this a Comedy is Really Stretching the Definition
leftbanker-129 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The only logical excuse for this movie is that the two writers are 12 years old. They threw in every pre-teen attempt at risqué humor they could find. I can't believe that the two stars, who used to be comedians, don't know any funny people who can write a script for them. I will admit that I have never liked Sandler but I came into this with an open mind and I really wanted to like it. They made that all but impossible. The story is really too stupid to even comment on but you can forgive that in a comedy. What you can't forgive in a comedy is a lack of jokes. Gross doesn't equal funny (unless you are 12).

Things up people's butts, Alzheimer's, sweaty testicles, old lady boobs, are just a few of the subjects mined in this film in the search for the elusive laugh. They never really got there.
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This was plain awful
Nickfalzone1327 May 2016
I'll keep this short and sweet. This is just plain awful. I usually enjoy Adam Sandler movies, but this was plain horrible. Considering Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison are two of my favorite movies I expected more. The only chuckle I got was David Spade's threesome scene. The rest of it was either predictable and just not funny at all. How Nick Swardson keeps making his way into Sandler's movies is beyond me. He is quite possibly the most unfunny person on the planet. As I write this I am an hour and twenty minutes into it and I doubt I can suck it up and watch the last 25. Don't waste your time. This was 80 minutes of my life I wish I had back.
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If you like Sandler, you will love this, if you don't, you may like it anyway !
destroyerwod17 March 2017
I got a Netflix subscription not that long ago and so far i am very pleased by there original content. I always liked Adam Sandler personally even tough i have no problem recognizing his movies have teenage sex humour for the most part. So it was a given i was gonna give this movie a look and honestly, i really liked it !! Not only it has what i like in a Sandler flick but there is also deeper stuff in character development i won't go into to keep this review 100% spoiler free.

The story was compelling and you could tell the actors had fun making this movie. They have great chemistry together as well. There is only one character i tough was way over the top, you will recognize him as soon as you see him, but otherwise i liked all the other characters.

This is not a perfect movie obviously, and only a fool would hope for such thing when watching an Adam Sandler movie, but if you are a fan of the guy's work and like most of his movies except the worst one, you will definitely enjoy this one. If you are not a fan of Sandler, i would still recommend to check it out, as long as you like comedies and don't mind a bit of trash humour.
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The title sounds a lot like how Netflix are now feeling......
FlashCallahan3 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not a Sandler hater by any means. Up until this, I've pretty much defended all of his films. There are a few that are questionable (Jack and Jill, 8 Crazy Nights) but at least they have one scene that is just so bizarre, it borderline saves the film.

And now we have the aptly titled The Do Over.

Max is a smooth-talking guy who runs into old friend Charlie at a high school reunion. Charlie's life is a mess. His wife Nikki is sleeping with Sean Astin, his step kids hate him, and he's just generally miserable.

Reuniting with Max makes him feel like a teenager again, having fun and avoiding his reality.

When Max decides to fake their deaths so they can start over in Puerto Rico, Charlie doesn't object for long, until their new identities pasts catch up,with them.......

It sounded like a good idea, Adam Sandler in an identity swap crisis, only to find out that his new identity causes more trouble than ever before, but to make it as adult and as vulgar as possible, he's made something that just doesn't sit well with (I know many will chortle) his body of work.

It's doesn't have the brightness of a normal Happy Madison vehicle, and it appears that this has been rushed, because I'm guessing that Sandler thought he was going to hit big with Pixels, and then come back with Pixels 2 after this contract was for filled, but alas, we all know how the story went with that.

He's probably already been paid for his contract, The Ridiculous six was universally panned, but one of the most watched things on Netflix, so in theory, do either party really care about the quality? Because whether or not the quality is good or bad, it's win win for them.

I'm not saying that Sandler doesn't put in a decent performance, he's ways watchable in that favourite second cousin type of way, but he looks like he has dead eyes in some of the scenes. Spade is okay, but seeing as the majority of films he's been in haven't been very good, it's not saying much.

It isn't funny in the slightest, the sarcastic element to his comedy formula is sorely missed, and I'm really concerned about what is coming next, because this is such a wasted effort.

I'm sure if it wasn't going straight to Netflix, Sandler would have put in a lot more effort into it.

But to be fair, it does contain the best use of the Madonna son 'Crazy For You'.

But I'm not crazy for this.

I feel like I've been done over....
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You Hurt Me, Netflix. I Thought We Were Mates?
Refrigerator222 June 2016
Two down, two to go in Netflix's four-movie deal with Adam Sandler *sigh* *while looking out the bedroom window pondering the demise of the human species*.

Other people have described this film as "blergh" and "mehhh" and yes, if they were words in the English dictionary, I'd probably say they are spot-on descriptions. However, my best effort is: it's a cold piece of buttered toast.

You're just so used to this basic, bland piece of sh*t thing that you've been force fed from an early age, that you just vague out and consume it with that "it's getting the job done" mentality without a second thought.

Upon reflection though, Sandler and Spade just don't seem to care. Apart from the obvious answer of 'money', why would someone put their name to this movie? It's mediocre, there's no love in trying to make the viewer laugh and the five star rating Netflix give it on their platform is deceptive conduct at its finest.

Toast - watch Casino on Netflix instead next time.
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Proof Sandler can make great movies
lusciousmuffins29 May 2016
Not sure what happened to Adam Sandler recently because his movies when from really funny to painfully bad. Consequently, I clicked on "The Do-Over" with more than a bit of trepidation. Still, it had a decent number of stars and the best part about Netflix is being able to stop watching as you see fit. Well, surprise! surprise! I ended up being very glad I took a chance on this flick.

No, this is not the next Citizen Kane, but if you are looking for a feel good comedy, then you owe it to yourself to watch it. I confess that the inclusion of David Spade also was a huge plus for me, but even if you're not a Spade fan, there's a good chance you're going to enjoy "The Do-Over". Yes, there are still of few jokes that rely on juvenile and gross themes for laughs; however, overall this is a delightful movie with a lot of heart. Put another way, it actually has a plot that keeps you engaged, instead of a string of crass jokes with very little story and/or a story that's so dumb you simply cannot get into it, as has been the case with many of Sandler's recent films.

Another aspect of this movie you are likely to enjoy is the scenery. It appears they filmed mostly in Puerto Rico and Georgia, the peach state, which made for some nice backdrops. The other thing I enjoyed was the action. The story included a fair amount of gunfire and car chases, so if that's a selling point for you when it comes to movies, you'll have even more to love.

Now, I'm not saying this is a family film. While it is uplifting, this is definitely not a movie for the kids. There is a lot of sex and violence, some of which was super R-rated, so if you have kids maybe wait until they're at gram-gram's for the weekend before checking this one out. And if your children ask to see it, unless they are in college, just say no.

No Sandler's somewhat sophomoric humor might not be for everyone, but if you aren't one of those people who take everything too seriously and believes only highbrow comedy is worthy of your attention, then this movie will make you laugh out loud.

I only hope this movie is a beginning of Sandler's return to form. He obviously has the potential to produce good films and shows when he doesn't go overboard on cheap laughs at the expense of storytelling, so here's hoping he remembers that in the future. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing more movies like "The Do-Over".
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Good movie
Hopstimop31 May 2016
I like Adam Sandler movies. They are fun and feel good movies just to relax for 90 minutes.

They don't want to be more nor less. They deliver that.

This was not Sandler's best movie, but it was in the top ranking.

Good story, good jokes, good plot twists, nice girls, what else could you ask for?

If you are a German crossfitting vegan who vapes, and hates Sandler, just because your Barista at your Starbucks hate it too, then don't watch it!

If you like fun movies to relax, then it's absolutely for you.
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The first 20 minutes were OK...
trans_mauro29 May 2016
...after that, oh boy, my eyes started to wander off.

The premise of two guys down on their luck, the slutty wife, the obnoxious stepsons the dead end job were captivating enough, even though this a theme that has been explored ad infinitum by film makers.

But then, the spy or whatever part of the story begins and everything goes south pretty quickly.

I guess Sandler lost the ability or the desire to make comedies. I had the impression he was just reading his lines with no connection to the story at all. Spade was OK as the straight man but that was no enough.

Too bad they messed this one up.
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Finally he did not go overboard
CoolKid2327 May 2016
This felt like more a movie Adam Sandler got a little bit more serious about. Him and David Spade stay in character and don't try to be silly for no reason. I like the story line although Paula Patton is a terrible actor but she is cute so they will give her roles. The only thing I could find wrong was I wanted to hear more jokes. I think Sandler held back a little in that are but overall a fun movie to watch.Not his best film by far by for sure better than the last 4 he made. You should enjoy this movie if you don't expect too much. Adam's movie are really never drop dead funny but he somehow amazes every now and then. David is really a champ for still be able to hold the big screen at his age.
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Typical Adam Sandler Movie
jonrossararat27 May 2016
Friday night and I'm broke so I thought I'd watch this. I enjoy most Happy Maddison movies pre- 2005, and after the Ridiculous Six, I honestly thought I'd turn this off after 30 mins and watch Will and Grace reruns.

Anyway the first 50 minutes I didn't even Crack a smile (except for David Spades 3 way scene). But I got a few laughs throughout the movie. Like I said typical Adam Sandler.

Very predictable but it was fun. Plus it was free. This movie will get trashed by critics and people who hate Adam Sandler, but I think it's once of those comedies you can just turn off your brain and watch and play on facebook at the same time without missing much.
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This could have been funny, If it wasn't so filthy
xgives29 May 2016
The parental guidance said a few things, but not how many f bombs there would be. I don't understand why people think comedies have to be riddled with swear words and obscene jokes. Have writers already ran out of ideas for clean humor?

There were a few parts that where funny, but many of the jokes were so repulsive, that my wife decided that she was done watching it and went to bed. I, on the other hand find it very difficult to watch a movie and not see the ending. I would certain suggest that if you are offended, or are like me and simply do not find humor in obscene jokes, that you might want to skip this Adam Sandler movie.
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Not a return to form for Sandler
weemonk28 May 2016
The quality of Adam Sandler films has steadily declined since his early days where his comedic style was a box office draw and his name was associated to a good film (Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer). I've always liked his films, as silly as some can be and so when a new Adam Sandler film is released I will watch it - knowing that it may not be good.

Whilst The Ridiculous 6 was nowhere near classic Sandler, it was entertaining enough to watch whilst being borderline silly. Going into the 2nd film of his Netflix deal I had high hopes after reading the reviews here saying that Adam Sandler was back to form. Whilst I agree this performance was a little more restrained/serious the film was let down by poor direction and shoddy production values.

I know Netflix aren't a major studio but you really get the sense of watching something limited. The line delivery of the comedy didn't quite hit home with most gags falling flat. Lack of cohesion to setting up scenes and characters by the director did not help and after 30 minutes I had decided that watching the remainder of the film would be a waste of time.

I suppose Adam Sandler made the right move because I really can't see this or his previous film doing well theatrically. Netflix made a bad investment.
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