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Exactly what the fans wanted!
danielp-4704821 November 2019
One thing you will notice when reading reviews about Shenmue 3 is the occasional person complaining about the clunky controls or stiff movement. There is however a very good reason for this... To make it Shenmue! They've tried to make the game play like it did back on the Dreamcast and original Xbox because that's how true fans remember it!

There are far too many games out there that cram more and more utter rubbish into them as the sequels come out. Driving games that start introducing planes and boats, shooting games that start adding some weird out of body hallucination rubbish (Yes Far Cry I am looking at YOU!) - Shenmue 3 doesn't do any of this, it really does go back to its roots! There's no need to hold L1 and R1 whilst you are pressing X, no bloated HUD or user interface. It's just nice and simple gameplay which Shenmue has always been about!

If you are a true fan of the series then you won't even notice the clunky controls. Sure, it might feel different at first as you'll be playing with either a keyboard and mouse or a PlayStation 4 controller, but the controls do pretty much work exactly the same way as before.

Graphics wise? Well it's Kickstarter funded so don't go expecting Red Dead Redemption 2 graphics, but they've done an amazing job with the budget they had! It is definitely much better than the recent Shenmue 1 & 2 re-release and leagues better than the Dreamcast and OG Xbox counterparts.

The voice acting is brilliant, it was recorded in HD rather than on tape so it no longer sounds muffled or "hissy" whilst playing back. What's even better is not only did they stick to the original controls, but they also insisted that the voice actor for Ryo stuck to his classic one line answers for many situations.
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Seems like time stood still for 18 years.
matnchar23 November 2019
This game is so relaxing. I love shenmue 1+2 This game is perfect for me. Its exactly like a time capsule of a game with better controls. I love just being in these worlds and how slow they are. Its not for everyone, but it is for me. Lovely great game. Impressive on the low budget they had too.
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Kyri7919 November 2019
I am disappointed with the latest Shenmue waiting for so long. The controls feel clunky and robotic and the repetitive voice acting is annoying.

I have only played it for an hour and already found myself yawning.

I'm gutted as the first 2 were great on the dreamcast even the ps4 re-release.

I expected more from the controls and mechanics and the game it just feels like theres no improvement and will be surprised if they continue the story.

Should have followed in the footsteps of a yakuza style control would have been awsome.
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