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  • Bobby Davis, a wealthy football star, goes to bed one night secure in his wealth of almost one hundred million dollars and awakens the next morning almost broke. It appears that his business manager lost almost all of Bobby's money. The business manager also lost every dollar invested by Bobby's relatives. Every last penny lost in a Ponzi scheme. As if things couldn't be worse Bobby finds out out that three women are pregnant...each with his baby. Things can always get worse. Like a straw in the wind, sponsors, their money and luck can go in any direction. Bobby is forced to retire from football after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. It was inevitable that authorities would show up and show up they did. Convinced that fun loving Bobby was knowingly involved in a Ponzi scheme, FBI agents were knocking at his mansion's door in short order. Just in case Bobby didn't understand the scope of the charges and investigation his lawyers inform him that he is completely broke and that the three pregnant women must move in with him. In typical Bobby Davis fashion, the one and only option remaining is to try to pull off a mad caper and get his money back in his hands and the women out of his house.


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  • How could the greatest kicker of all time go to bed one night with almost forty million dollars and awaken the next morning almost broke? Some would say that the recently retired football player was getting what he deserved and others would say it was bad luck.

    After winning the championship game, Bobby (Shannon Brown) and his fun-loving best friend Charlie Brazi did nothing but party for a month but that ends as soon as he goes on a date with Cassandra Carter (Juliette Bennett), the love of his life. Cassandra is a famous sports reporter and she is also his coach's daughter. Coach Carter (Robert Craighead) pays him a visit and informs him that he tested positive for performance enhancing steroids. He is given the option to immediately retire. Test results would be sealed and kept away from the public. The alternative was to face severe punishment and public humiliation. To save his legacy, the greatest field goal kicker of all time agrees to retire from football.

    Bobby Davis has no worries because his long time agent, Shawn O'Grady (Ken Weichert), has been investing his income for the last ten years. O'Grady has done so well that Bobby convinced his sister to mortgage her house and place all her funds with O'Grady, too.

    Right after Bobby retires he no longer feels like the world-class kicker he once was but more like a clumsy juggler when he finds out two women, Pixie (Marilyn Bass) and Roxanne (Whitney Kimball Long), that he had a one-night stand with seven months earlier are carrying his babies. Shawn O'Grady and Lenny the lawyer negotiate a large settlement of hush money with Pixie and Roxanne's attorney. Pixie and Roxanne's attorney complains to Bobby that their support checks did not clear the bank. Bobby decides to pay a visit to O'Grady's office and finds what appears to be a suicide note confessing to a Ponzi scheme of unparalleled proportions.

    Lenny Roberts (Will Haze), Bobby's attorney handling his mess suggests that Bobby file for bankruptcy and take advantage of Florida's Homestead Law which protects a persons home from seizure or foreclosure.

    Ignoring the obvious he asked himself what was he going to do with all these women while this mess is being sorted out? These were women who needed to be taken care of. Pixie and Roxanne's attorney convinces Bobby to let all of the women to stay at his house, albeit a very large house, but not large enough for all of the pregnant women and himself.

    Bobby finds out that his fiancé, Cassandra is also pregnant with his child. To add insult to injury Bobbys annoying pregnant sister Annie (Heather Matarazzo) moves in because O'Grady stole all of her money, too.

    Shawn O'Grady eventually comes out of hiding and secretly contacts Shawn with an ultimatum: help him or they would never get any of their money back. O'Grady explains that he got in over his head secretly laundering money for a South American drug cartel and the Mafia.

    Bobby and Charlie (Chuck Ardezzone) decide to help Shawn with his plan to steal money from bank accounts that he set up for the drug cartel and frame the Mafia boss for stealing the money. Separately, O'Grady has made a deal with the FBI to help bring down the head of the Mafia in exchange for a reduced sentence.

    O'Grady is a narcissist who believes he can pull off this plan without a hitch and make everything right. Things don't go as planned for O'Grady and his bad luck ends up getting him kidnapped leaving Bobby with an even bigger mess than before.

    After O'Gradys tragic demise, Bobby announces a comeback to football. Lenny the lawyer successfully gets the failed drug test thrown out for faulty handling. Bobby eventually lands a large signing bonus. Lenny the lawyer informs everybody that the IRS is keeping the signing bonus for unpaid taxes on referral fees he received from Shawn O'Grady leaving him broke for another year. Bobby is trapped with everybody living in his house and he's left wondering if he will ever find his stolen money and never be smothered by mothers again.

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