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Do I Vote for Mads or the Overall Vid?
johnwiltshireauthor21 September 2015
Ack, I'm going for ten because it's Mads and it makes me laugh that Americans seem to always refer to him as the actor who plays iconic baddies, usually with a bad eye and get amazed when he does something like this. Errr...have you actually seen any of his movies? Probably not because they have sub titles. Mads has specialised in roles that are a bit wacky. He plays weirdos (The Green Butchers) suspected paedophiles (The Hunt), greasy losers (Flickering Lights), psychotic thugs (Pusher), gay cheaters (Shake It)... He clearly likes to do stuff just for fun (I'm thinking BoConcept here and the girl stashed under the bed), and this vid of Rihanna apparently amused him. I'd watch Mads Mikkelsen watching paint dry, so some ghastly semi-naked singer strutting her (frankly embarrassing) stuff isn't going to put me off. Definitely worth watching if you're a Mads fan.
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Complete failure
Horst_In_Translation11 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Bitch Better Have My Money" is a recent release by singer Rihanna and this is the music video to the song. The main reason why I decided to watch this is Mads Mikkelsen of who I am a great fan. He has a couple scenes near the end and not just one like Eric Roberts, which is okay. Still, there is some priceless irony that Rihanna is the director here and was in charge of Mikkelsen's performance. And even more irony that she is also playing a character in these 7 minutes who is in charge of Mikkelsen's character. The most hilarious thing ever given Mikkelsen is 3372867128 times the actor that Rihanna could only dream of being. So yeah, another major problem with this music video is the story in the first half. Apparently Rihanna and her gang kidnap a (white, of course) girl and hang her head over heels on a rope. Maybe the white girl drowns even? I am not sure about that. In any case they tried to be so dramatic and controversial and wanted everybody to talk about this music video and yet they completely failed in terms of artistic value. Oh yes lets just include bare boots and violent thugs and kidnapping and stuff, that's enough. Who needs artistry? Obviously Rihanna does not. I have seen some of her older music videos and songs and most of these are way superior to this piece of rubbish here. Yep the song sucks completely as well. Highly not recommended and I kinda feel sorry for Mikkelsen to be a part of it.
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Mad for Mads
dragonlady_87215 August 2016
I'm not gonna lie. I watched this only because I knew Mads would be in it. I had no idea he would be the "Bitch". I'm laughing right now at the thought of anyone, even Rihanna, calling him a bitch. But when I saw him Seran wrapped to the chair I thought,OK, new angle and it made me smile hard. (the thought of anyone tying up the guy who plays Hannibal Lecter is a tasty one. I'm strange like that) But what Mads loving woman doesn't have the idea of "having fun" with this tasty bit of Danish goodness? My vote for this is an 8 just for Mads.

Hell if I'm way honest I'd give it a 10, I'd love to have my Danish and eat it too. Pun very much intended.
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