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Great Family Show
wayyrheart-5956923 October 2017
I love this show. Wholesome family values have return to television with DATE MY DAD. Barry Watson is superb as the single dad raising three daughters on his own after the death of his wife. Well. he wasn't totally alone , he had help from his mother in law Rosa played by Beauty Icon Raquel Welch. There is also Robert Wagner who recently joined the cast. Wagner is a valuable asset I think, plus he has great chemistry with Ms. Welch. I would love to see more of Welch and Wagner in the forefront in the next season and the many more to come. I can't express how great casting is in this show . Everyone is superb, not only the seasoned actors but the new up and coming ones as well .
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Heartwarming family series with a talented cast
trevordecker8631 May 2018
This show has a lot of heart and a genuine goal to bring the concept of family television back to the forefront. In a society where content is more designed to cater to niche audiences 'Date My Dad' reminds us what family TV is all about. Each episode deals with a relevant topic but does so in a way that doesn't 'talk down' to the younger viewer while at the same time displaying respect for the parent figures. In one particular episode the topic of bullying is addressed from two different aspects.

'Date My Dad' is easy to follow and focuses more on the overall message of each episode instead of forced laughs. The show has funny moments for sure but the best part of the show is its simplicity in delivery and the warmth and heart which shines through so brilliantly.
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This is my favorite show in a long time! Please keep new episodes coming!
wendylbearden24 February 2018
I am not sure why some reviews consider Date My Dad a boring and predictable sitcom. I completely disagree, as I feel like this show is a breath of fresh air! It is not only adorable and funny, but it isn't afraid to confront issues that are current and relevant in ways that makes you think, and more importantly, feel. The actors are fantastic across the board, and it would break my heart to see this show cancelled. I adore Date My Dad! Bravo!
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No point whatsoever...
Dr_Sagan7 June 2017
This is basically one of the oldest recipes in the world of SitComs. The single parent with know-it-all kids who tries to balance his not-so-complicate life.

The title "Date My Dad" it is literally materialized in the pilot episode when his daughters are creating some sort of a one man dating service for him.

But is a blunt show. Lukewarm. No jokes or laughs of any kind.

No drama either, since the main problem of the protagonist is that he became ...40! But don't feel sorry for him. He is a actually a famous former athlete, healthy, fit, handsome, rich man with his own business and a nice house, lots of friends, a supporting brother, a helping mother-in-law and 3 happy daughters.

Barry Watson gives a totally uninspiring performance. And despite some grimaces from him in front of the mirror, he is basically emotionless. Same tone and same face for happy, sad, surprised, angry, calm. I don't think he was a good actor to begin with.

And what would it be a sitcom without a sexy grandma, played by an unrecognizable from the plastic surgeries Raquel Welch.

Surprisingly enough the pilot was 42 minutes long! Not the usual 21 for that kind of show. Surprisingly, because this show has nothing to offer. It is totally meaningless. Not fun to watch. Not a statement or a morale. Too mild to be interesting... A pointless show.

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Love this show!
Being a Barry Watson fan since 7th Heaven I was really excited when I found out he was starring in a new series.

This show is all about family, in this case a widower with 3 young girls to raise. Ricky Cooper is very lucky to have a great support network including his mother-in-law played by Raquel Welch.

UPtv Channel does get family and this show is an excellent example of their 'feel good' lineup. These days we really need more of this type of programming.

All the episodes are enjoyable however the 7th episode is especially meaningful.
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Episode 7 - Bullying
barry-naber8 July 2017
This show isn't a sitcom in the truest sense, so the comments about a 21 minute sitcom isn't really fair. Each episode has a message in it and episode 7 had messages about school and cyber bullying.

As the actors mature in their roles the acting has improved and this show is in the same vein as 7th Heaven, Gilmore Girls not truly a "sitcom".

This show won't be for everyone, but if you want a clean show the whole family can watch, with a message, this is a pretty good start.
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Great family show, Plus helpful to watch after loss of a parent
carriej-3606119 August 2018
I started watching this show because of the great actors and I love family dramodies, and then this one surprised me. It has been very educational and helpful to watch for advise for friends and families who have lost a loved one. A very dear friend of mine past away last month and this show has helped me be a better friend of the family, so I can be a better friend in need to her young daughter and entire family. It is lighthearted, full of love and joy, but also very honest and real. Great show! I wish there was another season - I can use all the help and enjoyment I can get - this show was all that.
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Almost there
jeannettetramm24 July 2017
Admittedly Berry was the draw for me. I'm currently binge watching after it initially stalled out for me. But now I must admit each new episode is getting better. It still needs some bunching up. I feel it needs to be a bit quicker, script wise. But the additional guest stars are amazing. I mean Robert Wagner! Brilliant. But above that the content is now hitting home. Each episode includes a real life lesson whether your a single parent or not. Some bring me to tears.

Just a bit more speed in the script and I believe you'll have a winner on your hands.
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Great show with an awesome cast
dodecatheon29 July 2017
Date My Dad is a fun show with great actors. I feel there have been a lot of series with snarky and cynical comments. "Date My Dad" is a refreshing break. The supporting cast is awesome including Cindy Busby and Robert Wagner. The daughters, Barry Watson, and Raquel Welch also provide depth to the characters which they portray. The show explores a lot of feelings and transitions that occur after the death of their wife/mother in a way that is very supportive of each family member. Its a great example of navigating through the intensity of grief and keeping a positive approach in life. Thanks screenwriters, producers and staff.
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mssdm4330 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Love this show! Love, love, love the series. I have adored Barry Watson since 7th Heaven. Finally they may have found the right vehicle for him. The show has heart! When the girls miss their mother I cry with them. When his dates fall apart I laugh with him. I do get aggravated with the oldest daughter but small price to pay for a great show. Now that the season finale has brought him together with his assistant I am thrilled! Had my fingers crossed for them from the beginning. Don't know how they can continue to call it Date My Dad when he is in a permanent relationship but I will let the writers figure that out. Cant wait for new season to begin.
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orangenanna4 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I think the show is good, and good idea.. But I can't get over the fact that the older girl looks about 35 years old and the younger girl is total Annoying. Can these shows not have a story that don't involve mouthy kids and just be normal like the girl in the middle the casting in this show is totally off.. You can be funny without having kids being sarcastic....
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Forced sitcom with stereotypical plot
twist-bite16 June 2017
This comedy has been done so many times before, with the same formula of a single parent raising his/her kids. In this scenario, the three children of the family want to find the Dad a person to live with in order to improve his life (or better said get his own life), exactly as the title suggests.

The emotions feel extremely forced, at least in the first two episodes (couldn't get further than that). The actors seem to be beginners or lack experience with sitcom/ TV shows and do not have any good material to work with. And to top it all, the minutes are 42 minutes long which I don't remember to have seen in any of today's sitcoms, most of them are around 20 minutes, enough to catch a meal while watching them.

All in all, I do not recommend this show. It's a time waster, doesn't have any morale to it and no character to root for.
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