The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019) Poster

Kevin Hart: Snowball



  • Snowball : [Snowball puts on his superhero costume]  It's Snow-time, baby!

    Daisy : [hears Snowball shouting]  Uh, is he okay?

    Chloe : Not in any way, no.

  • Daisy : Excuse me, do any of you know Captain Snowball?

    Snowball : Uh, yes. Yes, we do.

    Chloe : And here we go.

    Daisy : My name is Daisy, and I really got to talk to him. I don't mean to sound dramatic, but a poor defenseless animal needs saving. I need Captain Snowball for a top secret mission...

    Snowball : Well, I got to go. But nice meeting you, uh, what was it again?

    Daisy : Okay, you don't listen. It's Daisy.

    Snowball : [he starts hopping off]  Whatever. Okay, I got the dude that gets stuff to do things. Bye-bye.

    Daisy : Mmm-hmm. That was weird.

    Chloe : Oh, sister. It's about to get way weirder.

  • Snowball : [Snowball is dressed in his superhero outfit]  Good morning, New York City!

    [starts singing his superhero theme as he's posing for a flight off] 

    Max : Snowball, what are you doing?

    Snowball : What's it look like I'm doing? I'm doing superhero stuff.

  • Snowball : I just freed a tiger. That's not bragging, I'm just saying what happened. When you're awesome, everything you say sounds like bragging.

  • Snowball : I'm gonna be the first rabbit with washboard glutes.

  • Gidget : Snowball? What are you doing in Max's apartment?

    Snowball : What are you doing hanging out with every cat in the universe?

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