"iZombie" Cape Town (TV Episode 2015) Poster

(TV Series)


Brooke Lyons: Natalie


  • [Major makes a joke with the zombie Natalie about killing herself] 

    Major Lilywhite : [sitting next to her Christmas tree with her]  How badly could you want to die if you spent an hour untangling Christmas lights?

    Natalie : I was setting a mood.

  • [Major meets the zombie Natalie] 

    Natalie : I was a call girl. The normal, human kind... upscale clientele. Then this mystery man contacts me. We have our date. And the next morning I wake up, and guess what sounds tasty to me?

    Major Lilywhite : Brains.

    Natalie : Exactly. Then this John drops back by, welcomes me to 'Team Z.' And explains that I was a zombie now and in exchange for the brains I needed to survive, I would have to service his zombie clients.

    Major Lilywhite : That's horrible.

  • [the zombie Natalie tells Major she was screwed into becoming a zombie] 

    Natalie : I literally got screwed into becoming a zombie hooker.

  • [the zombie Natalie tells Major that being a zombie hooker is horrible] 

    Natalie : Being a zombie hooker is horrible. Being a zombie hooker when you've eaten the brain of a Benedictine nun? Or a man with dementia? That is an extra level of devastating.

    Natalie : [Natalie chuckles in sadness]  A few weeks ago, I shot a deer. I started being a vegan when I was 16 and hunter-brain made me kill Bambi.

  • [the zombie Natalie tells Major that she's either controlled by a pimp or a brain] 

    Natalie : [Natalie tears up]  I'm either being controlled by a pimp or I'm being controlled by a brain.

  • [the zombie Natalie tells Major that he's a quality boyfriend] 

    Natalie : [Natalie smiles]  You sound like the sort of quality boyfriend I've only heard about.

    Major Lilywhite : Yeah, I wouldn't be too sure about that.

    Natalie : You're doing all of this to keep your girlfriend safe. She's got to appreciate that.

    Major Lilywhite : Ah, she doesn't know. I can't tell her. Liv would try to stop Vaughn. I'd end up getting her killed, and I can't risk that. I won't risk that. You know, it's like a cult over there, and he is their messiah offering up immortality in a can. I'm working on a plan, but in the meantime, I have to keep abducting zombies, taking them away from their families, and proving I'm a good soldier, and I'm pretty sure that Liv would find that... reprehensible. I know I do.

  • [the zombie Natalie tells Major to not bring her back if there's no cure] 

    Natalie : If this doesn't work... if the cure doesn't happen...

    Major Lilywhite : It's going to.

    Natalie : But if it doesn't... I don't want to come back as a zombie. Not like this. And definitely not like one of those mindless, drooling monsters you see in the movies.

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