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The iZombie episode that transcends
tedphx10 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
iZombie, a show that is brilliant in concept, brilliant in casting, and brilliant in execution, did the seemingly impossible with Cape Town - it went from brilliant to sheer, unbridled genius.

In this installment, we get up close and personal with a number of the members of its marvelous cast as it takes us on an hilarious and heart wrenching journey that leaves the viewer emotionally drained after its stunning conclusion.

Already the best show on TV, Cape Town launches iZombie into contention for the title: Best Show Ever. If you disagree, perhaps you haven't been following the story progression from the beginning, so you're missing the subtleties, the references, the deadpan humor, The complexities, and the shows greatest achievement - making fiction seem real - making a preposterous occurrence into an ultra-rare disease that causes its victims such shame and fear that they become both prisoners of the disease itself and pawns of any unscrupulous characters intent on exploiting them.

Only Liv has been somewhat in control of her environment, but in this episode, it all unravels. This despite our being presented with some of the biggest laughs to date.

And iZombie is so perfect that you not only appreciate the villains, you find yourself hoping that nothing too serious happens to them. Blaine and Vaughn have to be among the most delightful bad guys in history (that's right, I said "delightful"), but then along comes Mr. Boss who's so spectacular that we marvel at his ominous presence which belies his seemingly harmless physical appearance. And his portrayal of Santa Claus is the new standard for bad Santas.

There's so much more to be said about Cape Town because even the lesser characters have riveting stories, but I recommend you just do what I did and watch it a dozen times... and counting.

Clive: How can you not get this? It doesn't matter what you saw. You work for the police department. You can't storm into a place without a warrant.

Liv: That's why I wore a mask.

Oh, and did you catch the Star Trek reference?
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Just when you thought you had all the feels in check...
GraXXoR18 June 2018
No spoilers.

Possibly the most emotional episode of both seasons of the series so far. If you want an emotional rollercoaster, this episode delivers.

Humour, wit, uplifting positivity, and human spirit. This show delivers. Pretty much every single off-kilter character hands out a surprise. and one of the most heartbreaking, yet hopeful zombie takedowns of the series so far...

If you thought you had your head wrapped around the characters, it's time to reevaluate...

One of the highlights so far.

Say, is someone slicing an onion in here?
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