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Season 1

6 Mar. 2016
Nixon Vs: JFK
Not only did the 1960 election see the first televised debate, it also redefined how image as well as substance could win you the White House as young and inexperienced candidate John F Kennedy battled across America to win his party's nomination.
13 Mar. 2016
Lincoln Vs: Douglas
From prairie lawyer to President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln's journey may have seemed impossible, but his strong public speaking and ruthless tactics helped him beat Stephen Douglas.
20 Mar. 2016
Bush vs. Dukakis
Vice President Bush fights off the Iran Contra scandal in his campaign against Democrat Michael Dukakis, attacking him in a series of devastating TV attack ads that sunk Dukakis's campaign.
10 Apr. 2016
Clinton vs Bush
Branded an adulterer and a draft dodger, Bill Clinton finds himself at the bottom of the polls until he and his team devise one the of most effective campaigns in the history of US Presidential campaigns.

 Season 1 

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