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Search for the devil

Morgan meets a Vatican exorcist, goes to the Judean desert where monks battle Satan, and visits a Buddhist temple in Nepal filled with evil spirits.

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Holy Laws

Morgan visits Pompeii to learn how Vesuvius was seen as divine retribution, and travels to Jerusalem to see the oldest copy of the Ten Commandments.

Season 1

3 Apr. 2016
Beyond Death
Host Morgan Freeman explores how different religions of past and present answer the question: What happens when we die?
10 Apr. 2016
Host Morgan Freeman examines both the past and the future to determine what various faith traditions predict about the End of Days.
17 Apr. 2016
Who Is God?
Who is God? Morgan begins a quest to discover who God is - and how he, she or they have evolved over human history.
24 Apr. 2016
Morgan Freeman travels the globe to ask: Where did we come from? What happened "in the beginning"?a
1 May 2016
Why Does Evil Exist?
Where does evil come from? Morgan sets out to understand the root of evil and how our ideas of it have evolved over the millennia.
8 May 2016
The Power of Miracles
Morgan sets out to discover why we believe in miracles and how they shape our understanding of God. Many believe God does intervene in our world.

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