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This documentary may indeed stir outrage and encourage victims to report such crimes. But it’s still a song we’ve heard before.
The movie offers hope in the form of a survivors’ network started by another maligned victim who attempted suicide.
[A] powerful, well-crafted documentary.
Wrenching to watch, but told with clarity and guts.
Audrie & Daisy could’ve done more to connect up the way the internet looms over both cases.... What the documentary does well, though, is critique a culture that allows young men to disregard other people’s humanity.
The entire documentary is unnerving. Focusing on four separate rape cases with eerie similarities, Audrie & Daisy is a stark portrait of a problem which is not in any way local, aberrant, or random. The problem is systemic.
Audrie & Daisy is strongest when it investigates what it regards as shortcomings of justice, for reasons technical and implied.
Make no mistake: Pott and Coleman’s stories are unquestionably worth sharing. But presenting them in a routine march of interviews spiced up solely with occasional animated reenactments does not do those stories justice.

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