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Completely captivated!
chickenlickinggood22 September 2016
"Ok **** the rules this is science, hit it Larry!" - This line was used in the initial trailer and I can't think of a better way of summarizing the show.

I have been a Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter fan boy, however I have been cautious of new products since the underwhelming release of Lazer Team, however this is brilliant.

The first episode is slightly wooden with some slightly cringy moments, but this is only a "set-up" episode, that is slightly shorter than the rest and still leaves you wanting more. From the second episode onward the show has been exceptional, the premise although not unique has been done with confidence and with enough quirks and genuine comedy elements that it feels completely different.

The characters are brilliant, the soundtrack is superb and helps with the "Weird Science" style that comes across instantly (and that is meant as a huge compliment).

Bar a couple of moments in the first episode, i have loved every other second and I cannot wait to watch more!
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It's like some students made a Youtube video...
Dr_Sagan27 September 2016
OK, this TV mini series has a cool opening credits sequence, although it is a copycat blue version of "Halt and Catch Fire".

After that, the quality of what you see diminishes really quick.

This is a sci-fi-ish comedy about a "rich" young man who sponsors another "genius" young man to get into the brain and mind of ...dogs. His girlfriend wants to dump him, so he blackmails (by cutting his fund) the genius kid to use his dog-machine to hack into the brain of his girlfriend and to change her feelings towards him.

So, this is basically college-grade humor and not too efficient, unless you find funny ...panic attacks. The production values are a let down too.

I watched 2 episodes (the 2nd episode to see if is it improves in any way) but I'll stop watching. These Youtube-ish clips, they sure crunched 42 minutes of my time...
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