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Field of Vision Founder Aj Schnack’s Powerful Short Visits Sites of Mass Shootings – Watch

Field of Vision Founder Aj Schnack’s Powerful Short Visits Sites of Mass Shootings – Watch
Last fall, following the mass shooting in which 10 people were killed at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College, Field of Vision co-founders Aj Schnack and Laura Poitras had a conversation about how they could make an artistic and cinematic film about the tragedy.

“I had this idea of not just talking about Oregon, but the fact that it seemed in the way that we responded to these events that they were constantly echoes of each other and that we were having these conversations on social media that were cyclical,” Schnack told IndieWire in a recent interview.

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In the hope of capturing the cyclical nature of these events, Schnack sent 18 local cinematographers to visit 25 different sites of mass shootings to capture what life was like at those sites now. What he quickly realized
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2016 True/False Film Festival: Jordan M. Smith’s Postscript

It might be missing the industry saturated Park City fervor, but the smaller, shorter, and more intimate Columbia, Missouri based True/False Film Festival is the Rolls-Royce (by way of John Deere) of doc focused cinema. Filmmaker Laura Poitras is not alone in stating that her “love for True/False runs deep – from the smart programming, passionate audiences, inspired buskers, and fabulous venues.” Time and time again, selected filmmakers throughout this year’s edition expressed their love of the fest, while plenty of filmmaker personalities from prior editions could be spotted milling around town as casual filmgoers happy to pay to relive the experience.

With a highly curated program just shy of 50 films shown on 9 different screens (each of which are walkable in just 5-10 minutes of one another) over just 4 days, True/False centers its attention on quality and community, both locally and cinematically. For a city with a
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