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18 Jan. 2018
Ring Me Maybe Part 1
The group throws a going away party for Green Lantern as he decides to leave Earth to train at the Green Lantern Corp.
25 Jan. 2018
Ring Me Maybe Part 2
Sinestro kidnaps the supers of Super Hero High.
1 Feb. 2018
Ring Me Maybe Part 3
A Green Lantern Ring has chosen Jessica Cruz as its champion. But she is reluctant to take it.
8 Feb. 2018
Ring Me Maybe Part 4
Jessica faces her fears as she takes on Sinestro.
15 Feb. 2018
Fish Out of Water Part 1
Mera has a rough first day at Super Hero High.
22 Feb. 2018
Fish Out of Water Part 2
Mera tries to save Miss Martian from Firefly.
1 Mar. 2018
Gone to the Dogs Part 1
Krypto tries to befriend Batgirl's new dog, Ace, who would much rather be doing work than play.
8 Mar. 2018
Gone to the Dogs Part 2
Krypto and Ace chase after Catwoman's cat, Roz, to recover the jewels that she stole.
15 Mar. 2018
Pets Peeved Part 1
Even though pets are now allowed at Super Hero High, several of them have a hard time understanding teamwork.
22 Mar. 2018
Pets Peeved Part 2
The pets of Super Hero High work together to rescue their masters.
29 Mar. 2018
Ha-Ha Horticulture
Ivy's new experiment accidentally causes everyone at Super Hero High to fall asleep.
5 Apr. 2018
Truth of the Lasso Part 1
Cheetah tries to steal Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth.
12 Apr. 2018
Truth of the Lasso Part 2
Wonder Woman thinks back to the day when she first got the Lasso.
19 Apr. 2018
Truth of the Lasso Part 3
The group goes on a field trip when Giganta starts attacking the city.
26 Apr. 2018
Truth of the Lasso Part 4
Cheetah uses the Lasso of Truth on Wonder Woman to try and make her confess something humiliating.
3 May 2018
Nevermore Part 1
Trigon tries to teach his daughter, Raven, magic spells. Unknowingly their lesson is disrupting Metropolis, above.
10 May 2018
Nevermore Part 2
Supergirl shows Raven what it means to be a hero.
17 May 2018
Nevermore Part 3
Trigon attacks Super Hero High.
24 May 2018
Nevermore Part 4
Raven, Supergirl, and Batgirl work together to stop Trigon from destroying Super Hero High.
31 May 2018
Drive Me Crazy
The students try to teach Big Barda how to drive.
7 Jun. 2018
Tamaranean Dance Club Part 1
When Starfire gets homesick, the girls decide to throw a dance party to cheer her up.
14 Jun. 2018
Tamaranean Dance Club Part 2
The girls realize that a Tamaranean dance is not what they expected it to be.
21 Jun. 2018
Fly By Night
It's past curfew but Wonder Woman and Bumblebee sneak through the hallways to recover their school project from the cafeteria.
28 Jun. 2018
By the Yearbook
Wonder Woman and Harley work together on the Super Hero High Yearbook. However, they both have different opinions on what to put in.
2 Aug. 2018
Spell-Shocked Part 1
Raven receives a vision of the future but has it wiped from her memory before she can warn the others. The students turn to the Book of Legends for help.
9 Aug. 2018
Spell-Shocked Part 2
The girls try to stop the Book of Legends from attacking the school.
16 Aug. 2018
Kid Napped
A pair of Shadow Creatures kidnap Robin while Batgirl is babysitting him. Batgirl races to the rescue.
23 Aug. 2018
Bottle Episode
Supergirl's cousin Kal entrusts her to look after the bottled city of Kandor for a while.
30 Aug. 2018
Career Day
Wonder Woman is selected to shadow the Janitorial Department for Career Day.
6 Sep. 2018
Mood Ring
After Star Sapphire's ring breaks, the different moods inside the ring begin infecting the other students of the school.
13 Sep. 2018
Stage Fright
After a sudden accident messes up her stage play, Miss Martian must fill in for all the actors.
20 Sep. 2018
Batgirl makes some new modifications to Hawkgirl's mace.
27 Sep. 2018
My New Best Friend
Catwoman takes advantage of Batgirl after Batgirl loses her memory.
4 Oct. 2018
Anti-Hall Monitor Part 1
Batgirl invents a new phone app that allows the students to avoid Hawkgirl when she's on hall monitor duty.
11 Oct. 2018
Anti-Hall Monitor Part 2
The Anti-Hall Monitor Beast has captured all of the students of Super Hero High. All except for Hawkgirl.
18 Oct. 2018
Haunted Harley
Bumblebee's suit malfunctions after she steps on Harley's joy buzzer, causing her to remain small. As she tries to get Harley's attention, Harley thinks she's seeing ghosts.
25 Oct. 2018
All Pets Are Off
Someone is stealing the pets of Super Hero High. Beast Boy goes undercover to find out who.
1 Nov. 2018
The Wobble
Bleez attacks the gymnastics competition after the judges gave her a poor score.
8 Nov. 2018
Rolling Blunder
Big Barda joins Wonder Woman and Batgirl's roller derby team as they take on the Furies.
15 Nov. 2018
Target Practice
While learning an Earth game, Starfire accidentally sets the Kryptomites free.
22 Nov. 2018
Miss Martian and Raven try to wake Bumblebee up from a sleeping spell.
6 Dec. 2018
Missing Martian
Miss Martian eavesdrops on a group of heroes planning something evil.
13 Dec. 2018
Water Water Nowhere
After missing the bus for a field trip, Mera discovers Killer Croc trying to break into the school.
20 Dec. 2018
Fortress of Solidarity: Part 1
Homesick for the holidays, Supergirl journeys to the North Pole where she runs into Captain Cold.
20 Dec. 2018
Fortress of Solidarity Part 2
Reinforcements arrive to help Supergirl before Captain Cold can snatch her special crystal.
22 Dec. 2018
Super Gift Swap
The girls take part in the traditional Super Hero High gift exchange.
27 Dec. 2018
My So-Called Anti-Life Part 1
Harley decides to take a special math test from Dr. Seid with the rest of the girls. But there is more to the test than they all think.
27 Dec. 2018
My So-Called Anti-Life Part 2
Darkseid spreads his power, turning all of the students into copies of himself.
27 Dec. 2018
My So-Called Anti-Life Part 3
The remaining survivors attempt to change everyone else back to normal and take down Darkseid for good.

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