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  • The friendship of two men is tested when things go wrong in their blood theft business.


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  • Laal Rang is the story of Rajesh and Shankar, who are bound by blood. The two become friends at college. Rajesh wants a respectable job unlike his father who worked as a peon. At college, he meets Shankar - a stalwart who commands respect, he has Rajesh's dream bike and dream life. Their friendship is touching as the elusive Shankar would do anything for his friend. Shankar insists on getting duty at blood bank and he bribes his way into it. Rajesh takes a while to realize that the game of blood theft is huge. The big bucks lute doe eyed Rajesh into it and he has it, the money, the bike, new girlfriend.

    But Shankar wants to up the game. He has a blood supplier from Delhi who gets arrested by the police. The racket intensifies when one of the regular donors die due to weakness. In smaller towns, selling blood is the easiest way to make money. Rajesh and Shankar go underground to avoid the police's attention.

    When the business of dengue hits them, there business begins to boom again. They make a lot of money and Rajesh begins to feel he hasn't been given his rightful share. At an inopportune moment, in a fit of rage, he tells this to Shankar. Being the egoistic man who prides being everyone's messiah, he throws open his locker. Rajesh takes his share and moves on to work alone.

    Rajesh begins independently. He supplies blood without testing, the repercussions are immense. His donor was HIV positive and the case becomes a point if talk in town and a clue for the police to bust the racket. Rajesh takes a spiritual trip with his parents and when he returns, there is a warrant against him. The police nabs him and he almost becomes a witness against Shankar. But one morning he wakes up to find, Shankar has surrendered to the cops.

    They meet five years later when Rajesh has become a father and Shankar runs a NGO that supplies blood to banks.

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