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Interesting Travelogue
bigverybadtom13 October 2017
A group of rather irresponsible people, some with small children, band together to take a rather random trip to Antarctica and then to Chile. Using an adventure boat its original builder never completed, they build it up and scrape up money to make the trip. But the crew cannot be too irresponsible-the journey requires great know-how and very hard work and will go into very dangerous waters indeed, where all sorts of possible dangers can await.

The movie concentrates mostly on the crew itself and how they have to work and know exactly what to do and when to do it. Those who are expecting a lot of nature photography are going to be disappointed. But the movie succeeds in making the point that being a gypsy is definitely not a life of ease.
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Amazing!!! Really really gd. You won't regret it
v-128825 September 2019
Absolutely brilliant. Very rarely levee reviews but I don't understand why this has soo few?! It's fantastic. Easy to watch. Really worth your time. Soo much better than the recent rock climbing documentaries etc... I get bored on those and think, hmmm maybe I should commit to a real film instead. I guarantee with this documentary type film, you will feel sucked in from 5 minutes until the very end.

Absolutely amazing, how this isn't trending I seriously don't know....

Please watch and thank me later.
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