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Sex & Nudity

  • There's some sexual dialogue throughout the series
  • Episode 1: Two females exit a hot tub, they are revealed to be completely naked, we see their breasts and butts.
  • Episode 2: During a rave, we see a female dancing with her breast exposed.
  • Episode 4: A man, woman, and teenage boy approach a facility in their underwear in order to appear non threatening to the guards. A woman couple kiss
  • Episode 5: In a flashback, we see a teenage boy watching pornagraphy, we see the actress in the porn take off her top, exposing her breasts. The boy turns it off when his dad comes home. When the dad turns the TV back on, we see the porn again, with the male actors butt exposed while he thrusts into the woman. We the actress again, with her breasts still exposed before the dad changes the channel.

Violence & Gore

  • Day 5 is a series in which anyone that falls asleep dies, so their is death non-stop in the show because many people fall asleep. We also see a lot of decomposing bodies of those who had died when the sleep plague hit throughout the series.
  • Episodes 1 & 2 have no other violence besides deaths of those who died from sleeping (completely bloodless)
  • Episode 3: A man going insane from sleep deprivation punches a mirror, a piece of glass from the mirror is stuck in between his fingers, which causes him to bleed. He pulls it out but then puts it back in so the pain will keep him awake. Soon, he starts mutilating himself in other ways in order to stay awake, including shooting nails in to his arm. We fast forward to the same man, who has completely gone insane, attack a woman, she dies from the attack, we see her bloody body.
  • A man jumps off a overpass and smashes into a car. The car crashes because of this, a woman gets a pretty bad concussion from the crash and a mild gash on her head.
  • A girl is attack by the insane man, he opens her arm up before he runs away. The girl is then taken to have surgery on the arm, blood gushes out a few times. Her blood gets on some people's clothes
  • The insane man stabs another man in the back and then stabs him multiple times off screen after getting him on the ground, killing him. No blood is seen for this attack.
  • The insane man is beaten to death by a man using a pipe.
  • Episode 4: A man is shot in the head by a sniper, we see blood and brains splatter.
  • Episode 5: A man burns a cigarette on his arm. We see other cigarette burns on the same arm
  • Two men fight, one is killed by the other by stabbing him in the neck and chocking him out with a mouse wire. Blood splatters on the wall and the man who killed the other man.
  • A man is shot in the head, blood splatters.
  • Episode 6: A man shoots up a hospital, we see two guards shot by him, some blood.
  • A man is forcibly injected with an experimental drug, it puts him to sleep which causes him to die.
  • Many guns are pointed at characters this episode


  • Constant use of harsh language including: fuck, shit, bitch, asshole, pussy, etc.
  • The more intense the situation, the more harsh language is said.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One of the characters was a drug addict before the sleep plague.
  • Characters use any drugs they can find (legal and illegal), to stay awake. This includes pills, cocaine, adrenaline, etc.
  • Because of the scenario, drug use is pretty much non-stop throughout this series.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • While there is a good amount of humor throughout the show, a lot of times the show is hopeless, suspenseful, and disturbing. Even compare to the darkest moments of Rooster Teeth's other shows (Red vs. Blue, RWBY), this is darker by a huge margin. This is Rooster Teeth's darkest show to date.
  • Hallucinations and insane survivors can get be very disturbing.
  • A lot of character deaths are very tragic.
  • Bodies of dead children are sometimes seen.

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