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Good news...
duckboy-941715 September 2018
Season 3 has been confirmed from rooster teeth productions, I don't know about everyone else but I can't wait for season 3 it's a fun show with good caracter development and a fast paced storyline.
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Its a post apocalyptic nightmare, without the nightmare?
helle-jr13 July 2016
So, Day 5. What could be said about this quite unknown show, I for one stumbled over it on YouTube by mistake. I then proceeded to see the first episode, and after that I was addicted.

The plot, without spoiling to much is basically "Dont sleep". That's it, simply don't sleep. As long as you stay awake, you stay alive. Our group of misfits go on a journey to find what started this plague, and perhaps find out how to stop/cure it, while themselves getting drained by the crude state of not sleeping. Since most of human kind has died, there's a very post apocalyptic feel to the whole thing. And as the days pass, those who don't sleep get even more insane and violent.

It's really a great jewel of a show.
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Starts Slow, Leaves A Lot of Loose Ends, But Intriguing As Hell...
meddlecore19 September 2016
"Day 5" is an intriguing little apocalyptic horror/sci-fi/thriller/dark comedy, that must have been released onto some online platform, because I'm not exactly sure where it first aired (I downloaded it).

Though, it seems to have been shot, and take place, in Texas.

It's basic premise centers around the sudden onset of an apocalyptic phenomenon, whereby- for some unknown reason- every living and breathing thing on Earth, ends up fully and completely dead...if it happens to fall asleep.

We follow a number of survivors, as they wander through the streets of Texas, warding off sleep by any means necessary. They are struggling to figure out what the hell just happened...while trying to retain their sleep-deprived sanity...and not die.

This main group of survivors includes a pilot; a drug addict and his young friend; a radiologist and one of the members of her crew; an insomniac and the woman he adores; a couple who received a "warning call" prior to the onset of the phenomenon; that woman's brother; and one of his D&D playing friends- along with a few other groups, and individuals they happen to cross paths with along their way.

Not only are they each, individually, battling the onset of sleep; they are collectively working together to try and figure out what, in fact, is really going on. Eventually, they manage to deduce Dallas to be ground zero- based on the location of the "warning call" and how the phenomenon spread.

Now, they must navigate a world inhabited by a bunch of insane, sleep deprived, self mutilating psychopaths- who are hellbent on killing everyone they come into contact with.

Not everyone is bad though, and those who have survived thus far, are starting to look like the "chosen ones"- whose purpose is to repopulate the Earth....granted they can survive the psychopaths, and make it to the 5th day, that is...

The introductory season of this series is only 6 episodes long.

The first couple episodes start off a bit slow, but it picks up as things move along, and by the end, you are right into it... trying to figure out what is going on for yourself!?

However, by the end of the 6th episode, you aren't any closer to piecing things together or understanding the truth behind the mystery.

In fact, it ends so abruptly, with a whole lot of loose ends: like what happens to the insomniac guy who can't fall asleep?; who the sniper woman actually is- and what her role in these events truly are?; what happens to the pilot, radiologist, and drug addict dude; what becomes of those they meet along the way, as they seek out an answer or cure to whatever the hell is going on...or whatever the hell is ailing them...

This is all a bit frustrating, but f*ck if I'm not anxious as hell for the next season to begin already- so I can become privy to what is happening in this topsy turvy world of the pre-to-post apocalypse.

Overall, I really enjoy the concept of this series, and there is just enough gore to keep the horror buff in me satisfied. I'm fully stoked for the next season to begin so that we can all learn more and see where it's going to lead.

Fans of shows (that slowly reveal elements of their plot lines over multiple seasons) like The Returned (FRA/US-remake) or The Kettering Incident (AUS), will surely enjoy this series. Definitely recommended!

7.5 out of 10 (a rating that will surely go up, as loose ends are tied up in future seasons).
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Cool Show
TexasTempest19 January 2019
I was surprised by this series. It was so much better than I'd expected because, in my experience, straight-to-YouTube programming is often indicative that a TV show sucks. So, although I expected a low budget disappointment, I found that "Day 5" is just as good as any big studio produced sci-fi series on TV. In fact, my primary criticism of this show is that it's not available on a cable channel like Syfy. It would reach so many more people if it were.

My other criticism of "Day 5" is in regard to gore. At times the gore just seems silly and gratuitous, and I find myself rolling my eyes, ready to disengage and turn my attention elsewhere. But the program still keeps me intrigued, and I want to see what happens next, so I continue to tune in.

Overall "Day 5" is entertaining and fun, and has a fresh, kinda hipster feel to it. My favorite actor from the series is Katie Folger. She's a standout from the cast. Clearly she's a talented young artist and I love her wickedly cool delivery and performance as Meredith. If a futuristic thriller is a film genre you'd enjoy, then "Day 5" is definitely worth checking out. Glad to see there'll be a Season 3.
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Keeps you thinking
rickirozai9 April 2019
I only watched the first episode and half of the 2nd, so I am not ready to rate this, but so far, its promising. I did not expect much coming in, and at times the lines and acting seem corny, but the ideas are worthy to keep you interested. So far the characters did pretty much what I would do, except I know about a couple of devices that are meant to keep you from falling asleep, some you connect to your ear lobes and they give you small electric shocks. I did some night driving and falling asleep behind the wheel was my biggest fear, and let me tell you, pulling a nose hair out does more then 2 cans of red bull and half a pack of cigs.

I find it weird that there are basically no insomniacs left, they have a pretty good chance of "breezing" past the first 5 days given that they were well rested when this thing started.

Hmm.. will keep you guys updated.

--- Finished season 2: Pretty munch binged it, plot does not advance as quickly as you would wish (or expect considering the premise that they only have days if not hours left), some things are still not explained, like at all, I can say the junkie guy seems more real and other characters begin to actually bring something, but I feel it did not capitalize on that potential I saw in the beginning. Charters die, time passes, we are left just as clueless as before. Who did this? Why? How? These questions are left completely unanswered as the director goes on wacky road trip through laughable physios breakdowns (why did we need ponoko?), parody level encounters (braindead sergeant bullet surgery, really?), and goofy couple looking for cup cake valhalla. Yeah, it gets slow and pretty tiring and if you nod off IRL you might miss random crap they seemingly just threw in for shock value (last episode in season 2 with its choice of 3 paths, one literally covered in chunks of gore after chainsaw massacre incident, that leads to a couple of of characters so unbelievable I thought the group finally started having hallucinations, but no, they were real, and completely pointless to the overall plot and merely used as a C4 and drone dispenser.

Solid 6, maybe a 7 on a good day.
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Funnier and better than Walking Dead.
andrejsristic11 November 2016
Think Walking Dead back in the time when WD wasn't just a torture show (Neegan). That level of engaging, both characters and story. A really funny show (on a quest for cure for sleep sickness, a dungeons&dragons enthusiast declares, "this is precisely how one feels saving the Earth, I've experienced this emotion three times already"). Just with smaller budget than WD it relies on humour to succeed.

I read in the reviews that it is badly acted. It is acted better than almost any sitcom I've ever seen. And I assume that these guys were paid much, much less. There is enough twists and turns to keep you off your seat. There is the same concept as in W D that major characters die off, same type of worldbuilding and character development.
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up to S2E8:good low budget apocalyptic
surfisfun25 September 2017
worth 6.8 +.

acceptable low budget.

interesting story.

some scenes are so so cheap or not that well thought But the overall show compensate for those moments.

recommended, I enjoyed this better then the last season of The walking dead.

it like the little brother of Z nation :)
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A little gem of a show
Rob_Taylor30 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Day 5 is a post-apocalyptic TV series with the simple premise that if you fall asleep, you die. Hence the title which is a reference to the time people can stay awake without dying.

The characters in the show resort to all kinds of ways to keep themselves awake including drug abuse, self-harm and so on. That, in itself, may put some people off, but the increasingly desperate nature of the characters makes the show as interesting and dynamic as it is.

It isn't, of course, a big budget show. However, that works in its favour in so much as a lack of effects and big stars means the focus is more on the story and the characters, which is something that is often lacking from TV shows these days.

The characters are diverse not so much in gender or ethnicity, but in morals and behaviour. What is more is that these characters are forced together by the circumstances they find themselves in, leading to some interesting dynamics and some great character moments.

Of course, it isn't just about the characters trying to stay awake. There is a meta-plot hanging over the show involving the cause of the sleep epidemic and the characters eventually search for a cure (or at least just somewhere they can sleep safely).

Given the title, I wondered how long it would be before the show introduced a macguffin to allow the characters to sleep and I wasn't disappointed. However, it was done in a far better way than most such plot devices and didn't in any way lessen the threat of falling asleep inadvertently.

All in all, I'm favourably impressed with the show. Now, at the end of season 2, we have seen quite a bit of the characters backstories and the plot has moved along rather nicely - not too slow, not too fast. It has had its humorous moments as well as its grimmer, darker times. For those interested, it is no where near as grim as The Walking Dead, for example, but it is far more enjoyable than that show has recently become and much better paced.

I would recommend it to fans of the post-apocalyptic, survivor genre. The mix of darker and lighter moments, along with the character development make it a breath of fresh air compared to some of the stale old crap we get thrown at us.

SUMMARY: Enjoyable, off-the-wall post-apocalyse tale. Good character writing and a focus on the characters rather than the plot make it a worthwhile watch for fans of this genre.
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Fresh take on an established genre
Griever_211221 February 2018
We have all seen some kind of "End of days" movie or TV show or even a video game. With the causes range from nuclear fallout to zombies to global war to a worldwide pandemic, the list goes on... but what would happen if out of nowhere, sleep... yes, sleep just became lethal... I've been a fan of Rooster Teeth for years, and while they are more known for comedy, this is by far one of the best things they have ever produced. The mystery at start has you questioning what is going on, then the jump to Day 5 of the... whatever you want to call this and seeing what people will do to stay awake is quite interesting. If you like this type of genre, or just curious as to how is this different. I strongly recommend this.
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A Thriller Done Right...
bdragon-322376 August 2017
Day 5, a rare success story of a work stuck in 'development hell' for years, not because the production studio couldn't get their act together, but because they wanted to be sure everything was done perfectly before putting it out, is Rooster Teeth's (RvB, Lazer Team) first step into the horror/thriller live action scene; and what a step!

Hands down, for me, better than The Walking Dead, because the show retains a focus beyond trying to top itself with mere gore and cheap 'tension'.

Nothing is handed to the viewer, leaving them forced to try and connect all of the various little tidbits together as both the viewer and the characters try to solve the mystery that the entire premise is built around. Characters are fleshed out wonderfully, piece by piece so as not to overwhelm with backstory, allowing for glimpses into how they came to arrive at where they are in the story, and what it is that keeps them going when so many others have given up.

If you're in the market for a new thriller that will keep you guessing with every episode, track this beauty down and enjoy the ride. Just be sure that you Don't Fall Asleep...
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Great cure for insomnia
alfredsmith13 August 2018
It's ironic that the premise of this show is that suddenly people are dying everywhere when they sleep. So basically stay awake to stay alive. Biggest problem is the show is so bad you will have trouble staying awake whilst watching it. Boring story line, bad acting and a cheap overall feel to the production all add up to make this series one to avoid.
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Second Season
johnelfrik18 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I found this show here when i was looking for shows to watch and i was very surprised at how good it was. First off it is a Film about the End of everything with a nice twist. When i read the reviews i was a bit skeptical because everyone was saying about the end of Humand kind but it's all living things which makes it different on it's own. Then the problem of trying to find a solution while not Sleeping and getting more and more tired. The only thing that bothered me was the talk of how to stop the Virus, seriously any idiot should know that there is no way it could be a Virus as it happened all over the Planet at the exact same time and it would be impossible to create a Time activated Virus it has to be some kind of signal or Pulse. If you want to watch a Show where the Acting is actually quite good and the story is well written then this is the one it is one of the best Shows i have watched in the last few Months.
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a quiet sleeper(get it???)
hollyho-1343412 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I like many happened to stumble on to this show.. Looking for something to binge watch. I was hooked by the end of the first episode. Day 5 has the potential to become a very good addiction if it were easier to actually find. Until today i had not even found the listing for it in IMDb, let alone wiki or TV guide. That's the only reason i've rated it a 9 out of 10 stars..

The plot of the story is the end of the world seemingly caused by everyone dying in their sleep. You sleep you die would be a perfect tag-line for it... Those who have managed to stay away now race to find a cure before their bodies and minds give out.. was this a premeditated global annihilation or a crazy act of god? So far no one knows. Looking forward to a second season and having major plot questions revealed.. Spread the word to all to see this show so we don't lose it before finding out WHY did the world end.
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Great One! Please dont fall asleep!
enjozsef28 April 2019
Please continue this serial. i cant go to sleep without i know whats the end of the story.
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Is there season 3 ? i'm waiting for it
persiantigerbf30 July 2019
Its really good series , but i don't know why there isn't good news about it ? i hope there will be season 3 for it because its really have new idea If you just watch one or max two episodes you get addicated to it .
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Nicely done show
floodyaf6 October 2018
Great show portrays the delirium of my youth very well.
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Bottom-of-the-barrel Apocalyptic Garbage
ah-284716 September 2018
This is the stuff of desperation.

It starts like one of Uncle Stevie's worst novels - you know, the ones like Cell where he's simply looking for a new angle on well worn material, and has to crowbar his single interesting idea into a bunch of stuff other people have done before, and in a much better way.

This program is screaming, 'Hey, you guys, you'll all love this,' to the brainless masses who no longer have any interest in quality or original storytelling, but simply want to sit at the conveyor belt of crap that comes from their small-screens.

It wants to be the guy at the apocalypse party who makes people laugh, makes them think he's intelligent, that he has something interesting and unique to say, but really it's his talentless friend who creeps outside to ogle the naked hotties in the tub that were paraded shamelessly in episode one.


I gave episode two a go, but all I wanted to do was leave the party as quickly as possible. It wasn't intelligent, it wasn't dramatic, it wasn't funny. I hated everyone in it, and all I could hope for was that everyone died and left the world in peace.

If 'Dude, where's my apocalypse?' sounds like comedy gold to you, then I'd recommend it. If, however, you have an IQ, then don't. Just don't.
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Hoping for improvement
hsw812 September 2016
As soon as i start getting in to the story and enjoying the show, Davi Jay opens his mouth. He is insincere and flat, and his bad guy image is laughable. I am going to keep watching and hope he falls asleep. So far, he has been the reason i have almost stopped watching several times. There is a great story somewhere in here. The first episode was a little hard to watch, but it appears that the cast is settling in to their roles. All but Davi Jay I am afraid. The reality is I am going to continue to watch in the hopes that the story line will proceed quickly and the mystery will be revealed soon. If Davi Jay doesn't get any better, his poor performance will be enough for me to delete the show from my pvr.
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The show keeps you barely awake.....
matthijsalexander15 September 2016
After 5 episodes I am still undecided. Think it's going to be a thumbs down. Great shows you feel the desire to see the next episode, this one..... not so much. Couldn't care less. I sincerely doubt a second season will be produced. How freaking long can people stay awake right? I guess you either love or hate this show. Watching a bunch of people trying to stay awake, trying to figure out how to beat the 'virus'. Nice concept, but overall a mediocre production.

The acting is OK, the storyline OK, the characters OK but not captivating. Surely, you'd expect people to go into psychosis when sleep deprived. This show had more potential if the writers were just a bit more creative, it's a rather flat story and looking at people who look tired and sick all the time..... no wonder this show isn't that popular.

I don't think this show will become very popular, and if do you decide to watch this.....

Don't fall asleep!
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Hands down the best TV show ever !
duckboy-9417126 September 2019
I can't say enough good things about this program , the actors are top notch along with the writers and sets. I just hope that this show has many more seasons in the future.
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